Why Women Are Choosing To Stay Single For Life (My Survey)

Posted by John Anumba
Why Women Are Choosing To Stay Single For Life (My Survey)

It was common knowledge for women to want to stay locked on to a man, get married, have kids, and raise a family.

Women are now choosing to stay single because to some of them, men are not needed anymore and neither is the need for marriage.

In the beginning, men were known to be hunters, providers, and protectors of the family while women had the role of childbearing and maintaining a home.

Right now, things are changing and we are currently going against our biological footprint.

I don’t know what to blame. Maybe this trend is on the rise due to the emancipation of feminism, modernization, or the fact that humans have come to realise that they are capable of anything.

I took the liberty of talking to 10 different women about their decision to remain single for life and I’ve decided to document their opinion.

Here is what they all had to say according to their view of a man and what marriage is.

  1. Worried about overpopulation

According to my survey, the first woman I talked to about her reason to remain single laid concern to the issue of population explosion.

To her, there are about 8 billion people on this planet Earth and she doesn’t think that this world needs another baby.

She believes she is doing the world a favour by not contributing to the overpopulation problem.

She also stressed that more than half of the world’s population is suffering from hunger and hardship.

It doesn’t make sense to bring another child into this world to add to the current problem.

  1. They are now more confident about their capabilities

In the past women used to rely on men to provide for them and take care of their needs.

Right now women are more confident about their capabilities.

They believe they are capable of achieving whatever men are proud of and even doing it better than they can.

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This is the belief of the second woman I talk to because she is quite successful in her field and doesn’t believe there is nothing she cannot achieve.

  1. Marriage is an outdated practice

The third woman I talked to is of the opinion that marriage is an outdated practice and is not necessary for a woman to feel fulfilled and happy in my life.

She is used to being free and being single grants her the freedom to do whatever she likes, go wherever she wants to, and hook up with whoever she fancies.

According to her opinion, marriage is like a bondage that stifles women’s creativity and freedom and she doesn’t want to be part of it.

  1. Men feel threatened by successful women

Some successful women would love to get married but choose to stay single because they have noticed that men feel threatened by their status and successes.

This continuous trend has shown that finding confident men that don’t feel threatened by successful women is becoming more difficult as years roll by.

For this reason, they give up and decide to stay single.

  1. It’s now easier than before to hook up

My fifth survey participant argued that marriage is not necessary since it is now easier to hook up than before.

Formerly, the generally accepted norm requires you to be married before you can get some legally and religiously.

The view of immorality or sleeping with someone that is not your husband was tough.

Now the bar has been lowered and modernization has changed a lot of views and perceptions of what it takes to hang out with someone you fancy.

Since it’s easier to satisfy your needs whenever you feel like it, it makes no sense to get hooked on one man alone.

  1. A shift in acceptable standards

There is now a shift in perception and standard of where women should be in a society.

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Women have continued to rise and proved many critics wrong.

The battle for equality is gaining ground by the day as they have continued to demand for their rights to have a career and live their life on their own terms.

Men actually have nothing to fight which is why they have continued to accept the desire of women to be more dominant.

The trend is likely to continue and this makes getting married less desirable for women.

  1. Emancipation of women

 In the past, if you are not educationally qualified for certain jobs and career, as a woman it is recommended that you get married to up your status.

This idea is slowly losing its value and with a low level of education and no degree, women are becoming more successful without actually getting married.

  1. They can be mothers without getting married

The area of adoption and becoming baby mamas and making it easy for successful women to stay single.

The fact that you can actually become a mother without getting married is a form of emancipation for some women which is a good reason for them not to get tied to a particular man but still have the same life that a married woman would or even better.

However, in this case, they are free to do much more without having to consider the wishes of a man in their life.

  1. Men are not trying to make themselves better

Women are the ones fighting for emancipation and their lives to be treated as equals.

Due to this fact, they are doing all they can to improve themselves and prove that they deserve a chance.

Men, on the other hand, have nothing to fight for thereby having no motivation to improve themselves.

This mentality is creating a window for women to rise above men and it continues to encourage them that it is possible for them to achieve whatever they want without having to get married.

  1. Women are now becoming the men they want to marry
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The 10th woman I surveyed made mention of what women see in men before desiring to get married to them.

She then said it wasn’t necessary anymore for her to get married to a man since he has become as successful as any man that she can desire to be with.

The fact that she is able to provide for herself, pay her bills and become a mother without actually getting hooked to a particular man proves that it is not necessary for her to get married for her to be happy and fulfilled.

Single life is just perfect for her.

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