Why is arrogance important?

Posted by John Anumba

While we want to portray arrogance as being a negatives personality, it can play an important role in the life of a person that desires success.

It is also an effective tool for a person that known how to use it for a specific purpose.

There are positive aspects of being arrogant in certain situations in life one of which is the burning desire to be successful and to be a leader in your field.

There are certain actions that you might take because of your confidence and it will seem as if you are arrogant.

The truth remains that having a sense of self-worth and believing in your abilities it’s very important if you want to achieve something meaningful in your life.

Another importance of being arrogant that it can help you keep unwanted people away from you.

There are certain times in your life you want to be left alone or certain people you don’t want coming close to you because they do not add value to your life.

One good way of keeping them away is by being arrogant because it saves you both time and energy in dealing with such a person.

Arrogant people have a way of sending a message of not being messed with.

If you’re able to portray yourself to be that kind of person, you spend the bulk of the time minding your business and focusing on important things.

You see no need of explaining yourself to people or making them see reasons why they should respect you.

Another important aspect of arrogance is that it helps you to be more productive.

The combination of productivity and arrogance works in a way that you and constantly look for ways to keep you ahead and give you an edge over others.

Arrogance keeps you on your toes since you want to ensure that no one displaces you from your top position.

This way you become more productive and innovative just to stay ahead. 

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In the politics of power in almost all spheres of life, the man that is seen as arrogant is able to stay ahead of the opposition.

Though it is believed that leadership is all about positive personalities, but the reality of life is that remains that the game of power is not played on a fairground.

The politics of power is a dirty one that cannot be played by people that want to play by the books.

At this point in time in your life, arrogance becomes an important tool to retain power.

If you have a good sense of what it takes to become a great leader and have a dream of directing your followers to the promised land, arrogance comes in handy as a tool to keep off the opposition and allow you to focus on what you need to stare your group on the right path.

This way it enables you to become a great leader that is able to achieve results. Though there are many negative aspects of arrogance, it remains a powerful tool for those that know how to use it in order to achieve their primary goals.

Arrogant People are Known to be Successful

In this post, I will not try to portray arrogance as a positive personality. That said, I was part of the group of people that couldn’t shake off the fact that arrogant people are successful in their field.

You find them as the head of various departments in an organization, as celebrities, and as world leaders.

Then you begin to wonder, how come people like this have repulsive characters and yet find their way to the top of the food chain?

I took a while to observe some of the arrogant leaders I know and have come to discover some common traits they all possess.

We will take a look at five of them so you can see how important this negative attitude can be for some people

  1. Arrogant people are outspoken
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Arrogant people don’t know how to keep bitterness to themselves especially when it threatens their position. They deal with it immediately even if it is in a negative way.

Their ability to be proactive about issues that bother them enables them to stay ahead of their competitors.

  1. There are difficult to deal with

Because arrogant people are so difficult to deal with it, it sends a message to someone trying to test them that they are not to be messed with.

The fact that arrogant people are left alone and not bothered makes it easy for them to focus on what they want and their goals.

Their difficult personality minimizes that potential of competition or enmity.

If you don’t have what it takes to go after an arrogant person, you better stay put because they know how to form alliances that enable them fix their problems. 

You don’t want to make the list of people to get out of the way when you are not capable of withstanding their venom.

  1. Arrogant people are driven

If there is any set of people that have the hunger to remain successful, arrogant people happen to be part of that list. Be rest assured that the rule of success does not select if you have a positive or negative personality, if you pay the price, you will be successful.

Arrogant people might go about their successes in ways that are not palatable to people but the fact remains that they are willing to go about their mission the best way they know how.

  1. They are dominant

Arrogant people are dominant and love the power that comes with being able to have people under their control and power. This desire to retain this power drives them to do whatever it takes to remain a the top of the food chain.

If there is any personality that knows how to play the politics of power it is the arrogant person. Their ability to detect and identify threats to their position gives them the edge over these threats.

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This is why they are most times jealous of achievements that are greater than theirs and would want only their ideas to fly land no one else’s in their team.

  1. To them, success is the only option left

It doesn’t matter the field you find yourself in, if you are not hungry for something you are will not get it.

Arrogant people are aware that they are not liked and would do everything within their power not to fall into the hands of the people that hate them that much.

For a person like this failure is not an option that is why they go the extra mile to ensure that they are not taken off the top.

When you are driven to an extent that you see no other option but to succeed, you will succeed because determination is one of the rules of achieving any goal you set for yourself.

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