Why does a married man flirt with the girls he meets?

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On a dating site or even in real life, you might be approached by men making advances on you. As you get to know them, you discover that they are in fact far from single. 

On the contrary, they are married! Why does a married man flirt? We will try to understand what can push a man in a relationship to look elsewhere.

Why a married man is dating: the reasons for his behavior

If a married man starts flirting, there’s bound to be a reason behind it. He is no longer interested in his marriage, he may even be going through a divorce without you knowing it!

Here are some reasons that could push him to act in this way, being in a relationship but attracted to another is not uncommon.

Why does a married man flirt with the girls he meets?

He no longer feels desire for his wife

In some relationships, it is possible that after a while the desire will go away. It can be for one person in the couple, or even for both. 

They don’t necessarily dare to admit it to themselves. This lack of desire can be explained by a daily routine that repeats itself and lacks fantasy. 

They know each other, there are no more surprises, and it can get boring when the feelings fade away.

Thus, a married man might experience the desire to flirt with another woman, if there is no longer desire in his marriage. He feels attracted to a woman he meets in the street, a colleague or a friend. 

His story no longer gives him what he expects or needs to be happy, and he looks for that in someone else.

Why a married man flirts: he was never sincere

In other cases, it just might be that this man was never sincere. It is in his “nature” if we can put it that way, he cannot be faithful. His wife may suspect it. 

He is a tomboy, he collects adventures despite his marriage, he cannot do without the frenzy of new encounters.

Sometimes it can even become a disease, if it is not able to stop. This man might also never have had feelings for his wife, for various reasons they ended up married. However, the couple has never been what they hoped for, and he consoles himself by flirting with the women he likes.

Her marriage is atypical

It may seem surprising to you, but it is also possible that it is a choice of the couple. Not all relationships work the same, and in some cases, loyalty isn’t the glue of marriage. 

The bride and groom could be clear on this, they live together, but they do what they want with their bodies. This implies that they are free to look elsewhere as they wish.

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While this kind of pairing is rare and can be difficult for most people to envision, it is nonetheless very possible. 

So, you might come across a man who loves his wife and doesn’t plan to leave her, while regularly cheating on her with other women.

This type of relationship is more and more common these days, and if you’re not ready for it, it might surprise you. It’s up to you to know if this situation bothers you!

Why does a married man flirt with the girls he meets-2

He is breaking up

Just because a man is married and wears his wedding ring when you meet him doesn’t mean he’s happy, and everything is going well in his marriage. The latter could be in the process of separating, or even divorcing his wife.

However, for reasons of his own, he might not wish to share this divorce. He may have children he wants to protect or who would not know, relatives or family. It is his business. So when you see a married man flirt with another woman, remember that you don’t know his story, and that he might just be breaking up.

He seeks revenge on his wife

Is he the one who flirts with since the beginning of the story? How do you know if he’s playing the wrong role in this relationship? 

Indeed, this man could also by this act try to take revenge on his wife. The latter could have been the first to cheat on him, and to get revenge, he decides to do the same, and starts to flirt with the girls he can meet.

This behavior of a jealous man is not the most suitable reaction to this kind of situation, however, it can be understandable. 

These two can have a complicated relationship, and somehow this man is trying to get revenge for his wife’s behavior by cheating on her. While it may not match your values, everyone works differently.

Why a married man flirts: he wants to get out of his daily life

In her marriage, all days are the same. They have had the same routine for years, and nothing seems to be getting better. 

Neither side of the couple makes an effort so that the relationship does not run out of steam. Each one makes his life on his side, without worrying about what the other could feel, and without moments of complicity.

By dint of living in such a relationship, this married man could get tired of his love affair. He no longer wants this life and these habits. He wants to discover something else, and the slightest exoticism seduces him. 

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Flirting with another woman allows him to get out of this routine, to see something else. In this way, he lets himself go, he changes his monotonous daily life.

He’s in a bad time

If this man starts flirting with other women, it may also be because he is going through a difficult time right now. Everything does not go as he would like in his life, his daily life weighs on him, he has a job that he no longer likes, he could even be in the midst of a depression.

As he no longer knows where he is, he might seek comfort elsewhere. It gives him hope, and he doesn’t realize what he’s doing. In a nutshell, he’s just not well right now. 

This bad phase could lead him down paths that he actually does not want to take.

Why does a married man flirt: we put pressure on him

A married man who flirts could be under daily pressure from his wife and those close to him. For her, he must be the perfect man. 

He always has to do what she expects, and if he doesn’t answer within half an hour, she points it out to him.

She wants children when he does not feel ready, she wants him to save money for a big house, that he put money aside to realize the least of his dreams… All his future is taken in hand . This pressure might be too much for this man, who prefers to let it go by turning to another woman.

He can’t hold back his feelings

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love with another person. 

Although when he got married he may have been madly in love with his wife, those feelings may have changed today, and this man may not have the same enthusiasm anymore, without realizing it.

So when he bumps into this beautiful and charming woman, he can’t hold back his feelings. He feels something different, which he perhaps had never felt for his own wife before. It’s unfortunate, but it can happen anyway.

Why a married man flirts with: a lack of self-confidence

If some married men start dating, the reason can also be hidden in a lack of self-confidence. These men have been with the same woman for years. They feel the need to feel that they can still please.

They don’t necessarily feel good about themselves. And they seek the eyes of other women to validate them. 

This allows them to be reassured, they know that they can still please and that all is not over for them if they ever find themselves alone. It simply expresses a lack of self-confidence.

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How to react to a married man who flirts with?

Are you chatting with a man and you feel that he is flirting with you, when you know that he is a married man? How should you react?

As you can see, there could be different reasons for its behavior. Depending on these reasons, your attitude with him might not be the same. If this man is sincere, and he tells you that he is parting ways with his wife and that he really likes you, you might want to give in to temptation by responding positively.

However, you will not really know if this man is sincere, and if you are not breaking his love story. In addition, you will need to take into account what you are getting yourself into. 

If your story continues over time, and he doesn’t want to leave his wife, you will have to live in someone else’s shadow.

And if he decides to divorce, you’ll probably have to get used to his way of life, and juggle the weeks he’s babysitting and the weeks he’s available to see you. 

All of this might not make every woman want it, and it might even be a band-aid relationship ! It’s up to you to see how you want to respond to this man.

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