Why being arrogant is bad?

Posted by John Anumba

There are many reasons why being arrogant is bad the first being that it will make you lose friends and family very fast.

Even as a leader of a team, arrogance will lead to disloyalty and cause your subordinates should pretend in your presence but sell you at the slightest chance they get.

Most arrogant people are unaware that they are annoying and people can’t stand them – they cannot wait to get rid of an arrogant person because they despise them to the end.

If you are an arrogant person, you don’t want to find yourself in such situations where people cannot stand being with you.

This is the reason why they find it difficult to keep romantic relationships and friends.

Another reason why arrogance is a bad thing is pride. An exaggerated feeling of self-worth causes you to lose focus on what is important.

Because you’ve been blinded by arrogance, you will refuse to accept constructive criticism and ideas that can help you grow personally and with your team.

Pride, they say, goes before a fall, and if you insist on being arrogant, you will not know what hit you the day you lose it all.

Arrogance can be a strong motivating factor for your subordinates to plot your downfall; probably not because you are the best man for the job, but because they detest you 

Arrogance can cause you to lie because of your desire to push others down when it suits your goal.

To rise to the top, you might see yourself engaging in so many negative acts like lies and cheating.

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Arrogance keeps you in constant fear of losing your center stage and this fear drives you to engage in negative activities one of which is diminishing and demeaning other people’s achievements.

You feel threatened by other people’s success and also work to take credit for your team’s efforts.

For an arrogant person, the world revolves around him and he is blinded by the fact that we need one another to be successful.

Arrogance can stop you from growing as a person the reason is being arrogant people hate taking responsibility for their mistakes.

If you refuse to learn from your mistakes you will never learn better ways to do things rather than accept responsibility for their errors, they usually pass it off to others and look for whom to blame.

This is not a good sign of leadership.

You’ll be less forgiving when you are arrogant, which will always keep you in fear and bitterness.  You will always be in enmity with people you feel are enemies and threats to your position.

The negatives of arrogance generally make you a bitter person even when you are not aware of it.

This bitterness in you makes you repulsive and drives most of your actions which makes people want to stay away from you.

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