What women like in bed to feel sexy and loved

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What women like in bed to feel sexy and loved

Want to transform your boyfriend and turn him on like never before? Understand what women like in bed with these tips and you will be able to do this and more!

Sex is everything in the mind, for men and for women.

It can be an activity where all the action is felt at the bottom.

But unless your mind isn’t coming, you’ll get bored eventually.

So when it comes to turning a woman on and making her like the things you do in bed, you need to make her feel the things you do for her in her head.

What women love in bed.

When you’re in a new relationship, being naked in front of each other is all it takes to get bodies hot and ready for action.

But if you want to have a wild, passionate sex party with a girl and make her love the things you do for her in bed, you need to do more than just drop your shorts.

You have to keep her needs in mind.

And you need to give equal importance to all aspects of love.

10 Things you can do to make her like it

If you are wondering what women like in bed, look no further. Just keep these 10 things you should do in mind, and you are definitely going to make your girlfriend feel more loved and sexy, and make sure she is having a great time too. [Read: How to date a girl and make her like it ]

# 1 Take your time. 

This is something that most men don’t think about. No more foreplay. Guys know the rules, but they just can’t help themselves. All you want to do is hold your tail and stick it in. But think about it, delaying penetration and enjoying foreplay will make her feel wetter and enjoy sex a lot more. Isn’t it worth the effort?

And here’s another thing to remember. By extending the foreplay, you give your mind and your little guy more time to get ready for sex. And by spending more time on foreplay, you’ll reduce your chances of losing yourself halfway through an erection. 

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# 2 Emotional connection. 

To enjoy sex better, girls need to feel connected to the man emotionally. Well, that doesn’t make a night less sexy. But in a relationship where you’ve had sex on multiple occasions, you still need to focus on making the girl feel loved and emotionally connected to you. It’ll make her enjoy the night a lot more.

Talk to her with love, kiss her entire face and ears, and whisper sweet words in her ear as you prepare to make love. Do this perfectly, and she will definitely feel more connected to you and even fall more in love with you.

# 3 Physical connection. 

When you have sex, the two bodies come together and become one. When you are on the girl’s roof, make sure that you are both well positioned and comfortable. Neither of you can enjoy sex if your organs don’t feel comfortable with each other.

Breathe together and enjoy your breath just as she enjoys hers. When your body unites and synchronizes with each other perfectly, the breath and everything, she’s going to feel more connected to you and may even think she’s found the perfect match for her body.

# 4 Varieties and games. 

Making love is exciting. But too much of a good thing can bore a person. So try to mix exciting sex with games and fun. Girls love to have a good time in bed, and it doesn’t always have to be about sex. Cuddle her, tease her, play with her clothes and just have fun with each other for a while before deciding to jump on each other’s bodies.

# 5 Set the mood. 

If you want to have awesome sex, you have to set the mood. You can use the scented body oils and massage her for half an hour while focusing on her love spots, so that she feels like making love and relaxed, and prolong foreplay at the same time.

You can even use adult contents if you’re not in the mood for something complex. Or both of you can go out to a nightclub on a Saturday night and grind against each other in the club until she’s wet and desires to take you instantly.

While you may not be able to create the perfect sexual moods all the time, put in some effort to build the sexual tension, and she will definitely com much better. [Read: How to turn a girl on just by sitting next to her ]

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# 6 Self-esteem. 

For a woman, self-esteem is one of the most important things to feel sexy about herself when in bed with a man. When making love with your girlfriend, make her feel loved and comfortable, and compliment her body or other specific areas that you find sexy.

Women love a man who boosts their ego in bed. Neglect her awkward spots and keep praising her body. And she is going to bring out the inner sexy naughty in her which will put her in confidence and give you a better time in bed.

# 7 Stimulate her wild spirit. 

Girls have active imaginations too. And if you can stimulate her mind by thinking dirty and mean, she is definitely going to be wilder in bed. Recreate the fantasies that make her cum, tell her about the first time the two of you saw each other naked, or remind her of the time you two did something wild outside the house. And when you see that the fantasies ignite more than the others, use those fantasies while having sex with her. 

# 8 Offer your attention to her whole body. 

For guys, there are only two parts of a young girl’s body that occupy their attention in bed. But if you really want your girlfriend to have a wild time in bed, don’t just isolate yourself on a place or two of her body.

Focus on her whole body, kiss her hands, lick her belly button, kiss her toes, back, neck and all over. If she moans or gasps, you know you are doing the right thing.

# 9 Satisfy her. 

Can you really enjoy sex if you don’t feel like you are in full bloom? Of course, you can’t. And for girls, it works the same too. Don’t get carried away while having sex and just focus on your own needs. Take your time and warm up your girlfriend, and don’t release until she has her first com. Or if you want to, try to have your com together. But don’t stop until she has com. 

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Even if you are having sex, focus on her pleasure and work your way to bring out her com. By doing this, you will feel more proud of accomplishing a good finish and be able to satisfy it.

# 10 Sex should end with love. 

Just like the preliminaries, the post game is quite important for a girl. For a guy, sex is just sex. But for a girl, sex includes foreplay and post game to have a better impact. Snuggle up after sex and talk to each other for a few minutes. Add a few kisses and compliments and she’ll love you for the big guy that you are. 

Just don’t finish, turn your back and fall asleep. Pillow talk after sex can both bring you closer and make her feel appreciated and loved. 

And now that you know what women like in bed, try to make sure your girlfriend has a great time when she’s in bed with you. Remember to focus more on her fun, and you’ll end up feeling on top of the world too! …

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