What type of kiss is best for a first kiss?

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What type of kiss is best for a first kiss?

How to kiss a girl for the first time romantically on the lips, using tips and making your kiss memorable and perfect with your partner.

In fact, this question is not at all common, because no one thinks of a plan before having a kiss anymore.

The point is, most of the time it happens unexpectedly. But, a lot of things are dependent and happen on a perfectly cute kiss with your sweetheart.

The cutest way to express your intense love to your sweetheart is through a kiss. A kiss binds your love and relationship in a strongly perfect way. 

So we have to look in the right direction, especially when we are doing it for the first time in our romance. We should make it more romantic and natural.

Here we can discuss the steps and tips to consider before and during a kiss with your partner. So get ready to learn more about, how to kiss your sweetheart.

Also, this article gives a complete answer to the question, how to passionately, romantically kiss a girl for the first time?

Oral consciousness

You should have a good knowledge of your oral hygiene before kissing. Always make sure you have fresh breath that makes your kiss awesome. 

We should always take care of our oral cavity before kissing because it is the fundamental thing for a successful, perfect and passionate kiss. 

So, here are some simple things you should always follow in order to have a good kiss. Take this as a first step before kissing a girl for the first time.

Don’t smoke before kissing

Always drink plenty of fluids

Take in more vegetables and fruits

Clean your tongue

Both use specific milkshakes, like chewing gum before a kiss, which makes the experience extraordinary. Note that this is experienced by most people and they appreciate it. 

You should know that the condition of the oral cavity plays an important role in a perfect kiss. If your girlfriend uses lip balm, she will be sexier.

Make Sure of Perfection (Occasion and Place)

Some people like emotions especially girls than boys. So we have to make our kiss, especially the first one, to be memorable. 

To be in a perfect place and situation and to be alone right now. This intimacy makes it possible to make the kiss with a lot of passion and to make it warm and romantic. 

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The main thing is to avoid obstruction during your kiss because you have to give a little time for a perfect kiss.

If you’ve stopped in a public place, save your kiss for the other days . So please make sure about the privacy of others, it means the place should be yours only. No one or anything should interfere between you and your partner.

So, I highly recommend avoiding such an attempt, because you can only make a disgruntled kiss. So you have to create a perfect atmosphere for your kiss, especially for your first one. 

Make sure it’s a place for the two of you only, a place for your kisses. I recommend a private place, at your home only, and also you should spare at least half an hour for this. 

So if you are ready with these things then you can go to the next step which attacks the main part of your kiss.

Do it very slowly

Don’t do it in a hurry. You have to make your kiss feel good, in order to give your partner plenty of time to enjoy it as well. So you will be able to reach the peak of love. 

A sudden kiss always gives you an unsatisfied mood. A kiss is a phenomenon for sharing your love for each other. Love flows between each other and makes the level equal and remains in balance.

So it’s like a slow chemical reaction. So we have to do it very slowly and give it a lot of time. So first of all, you should give your partner a correct position which will give him a lot of comfort to enjoy the moment of the kiss, holding your partner’s shoulder. 

First, giving good eye contact for a while is setting up what you’re going to do. This is better than saying, “I’m going to kiss you.” After a while you may get an eye response like “Kiss me”. These are the words of the spirit.

First with the lips only

Press down on your partner’s lower lip with your entire lips like a soft lip lock. Then try to taste it and feel the shape of it by rubbing your lips. 

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At the same time, your hands should hold your partner’s head by replacing his shoulders. 

Give an interval by slowly drawing your lips back and making her face romantic and then you can go a bit on your partner’s chin and neck.

Then continue for the next kiss. Take advantage of a longer time with the lips especially with the lower lip. You can also try making a cute bite on the lower lip. 

Most people will only play with the lower lip because of its very amazing feeling that it has on the upper lip. 

But don’t avoid the upper lip completely. You can take his lips completely and taste him more and more which gives more pleasure to your partner.

Give chances to your partner

Do you know one thing, if your partner does a good part for a kiss, he is sexier. She will avoid looking for the answer to how to kiss a girl for the first time. 

So give your partner a chance. 

Don’t bend your head too much to kiss it, so that it balances its toes. So allow it to be steady around your neck and play with your hair. It makes you stronger and your partner will have a joint wonderful experience.

Your performance in the early stages surely makes your partner active. His very interesting and time-honored experience in contributing to the kiss makes him impressive. 

Sometimes she will play with your wings. She will also play with your triceps and shoulders. So try to make those muscles stronger.

Make use of hands at the end

In the next attempt on how to kiss a girl, you can take advantage of the lips to make a hard lip lock. That stretches with a cute prick. 

You can also make a tongue to tongue if your partner allows it. So, make a little effort before you do it. So you can find out if your partner wants it.

If your partner wants this, you can have a good game like extending your kiss upward with both tongues. 

At this point, you can use your hands to make it warmer by squeezing it well, with pressure from the shoulder to the hips, and holding it tight to your body. 

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While you can give a strong kiss to her neck, ears, shoulders, and chest. Now you are thinking one thing, that this article goes beyond the “how to kiss” topic. 

Finally, you will understand it.

Don’t be interrupted in any case

At first, I said it to avoid any kind of obstruction that might happen. Try to avoid all the obstacles that come from you during your kiss. Enjoy every moment by closing your eyes. 

Don’t let your mind go anywhere. Focus only on your kissing. Allow your partner to do this by giving the most of you. 

Give a clam and a gradual end

Don’t give your kiss a sudden stop. Make a parable in the graphic for your kiss. After reaching a peak, slowly calm down. So do the reverse. But with a difference. 

You can kiss gently for a long time and with a kiss on the forehead as affection and you can also give a kiss on the back of the hand. Let her rest on you for more time.

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