What is the difference between ego and arrogance?

Posted by John Anumba

There is a difference between arrogance and ego. 

Ego is your sense of self-worth a standard you set yourself in life. You feel insulted when that standard is demeaned or diminished by anyone.

Arrogance on the other hand is an overbearing sense of self-worth with the wrong use of ego as a standard.

For someone that understands his or her true value, having a healthy ego is possible, but for an arrogant person, their ego is one of the reasons why they are disrespectful to others.

The wrong use of ego is being applied in this situation, which powers their negative attitudes and repulsiveness people feel for them.

For an arrogant person, ego is what kicks in when you try to correct him or recommend a better way of doing things.

Because they are blinded by their ego, they refused to take advice and insist on their ideas whether it is the best option or not. 

Ego is also what drives an arrogant person to feel threatened by other people’s achievements.

What ego does for an arrogant person is different from what it does to a confident person.

For instance, ego is the reason why arrogant people feel the world revolves around them. It is also the reason why they are constantly bragging about their achievements and talk more than they listen.

Ego is the reason why arrogant people refuse to ask for help or favor even though they need it badly.

But for confident people, ego does not interfere with their sense of responsibility and realization whenever they are in need of assistance.

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A confident person sees no shame in asking for favors because he realizes that he cannot know it and own it all.

For arrogant people, ego drives them to go the extra mile in hiding their insecurities. This is why they never stop defending their self especially in areas where they feel like their weakness is being revealed.

Ego can be healthy or useful depending on how it is being applied and a person’s personality because don’t we see the negative aspects of ego in an arrogant person but in a confident person the reverse is the case because it is all about having full knowledge of your self-worth.

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