What is the difference between arrogance and hubris?

Posted by John Anumba

Arrogance and hubris might seem similar but both are not the same in meaning and character. 

One difference between an arrogant person and a hubris person is that an arrogant person is very much aware of the possibility of being displaced from their powerful position so they take calculated risks and do all it takes to ensure it doesn’t happen.

A hubris person on the other hand believes that there are no risks and there are no challenges that can subdue them. 

They are most times short-sighted and take irrational decisions which can be harmful to their cause.

If you give an arrogant manager a challenge and he realizes that there’s a possibility of failing in that task, he can either find a way to dissociate himself from that task or transfer the responsibility to another person.

The trick is to take credit when it is successful and should the mission fail, the person he delegated the tasks to takes the fall.

A hubris person on the other hand is never scared of failure; as a matter of fact, he doesn’t believe there is a challenge too tough to ponder on. He has full trust in his abilities. 

He just goes into any battle with the conviction that there are no challenges in the first place.

It is very possible that this mindset can earn him victory but it is also the reason why they fail most of the time.

Arrogant people know how to court powerful personalities that can enable them to remain relevant. They understand how the politics of power is being played and do what it takes to remain at the top of the ladder and even rise where necessary.

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A hubris person on the other hand is known, according to mythology,  to challenge even the gods because they feel they are very powerful and have the capability of achieving anything they set their eyes on.

This sense of pride and disregard for power is most times the reason why they fail; especially when they have refused to come to terms that the challenges before them are great.

From these  explanations, you can see that though both arrogant and hubris people are known to be proud and have an exaggerated sense of importance, they have different definitions and means of approach to challenges and life in general

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