What is the behavior of a man in love who hides it?

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Love is a subject that arouses the interest of all. Everyone, at some point in their life, has had the opportunity to feel this startling feeling, this desire, to see a person more often, to know more about them, to discover them and to belong to them. 

However, it is not always easy to connect with someone, and even to know what a person thinks of themselves. It is a difficult exercise, which often takes time and patience. 

To help you in this process, we will explain how to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings.

For each part of the couple, it is normal, at the beginning of the story, to seek to protect themselves, and therefore to hide their feelings. 

Out of fear of being hurt, or of being refused, finding themselves to be the only person interested in a relationship. 

It can therefore drag on for a long time, if no one dares to take the first step, and one of the parts of the couple in the making could even get bored of this game.

Before taking the first step, in order to allow you to gain self-confidence to finally reveal your love, we will teach you how to detect these signs in the person you like. 

Do you have doubts and do not know how to recognize a man in love? We give you the main characteristics.

The behavior of a man in love who hides it: how to recognize someone who protects his feelings?

Are you sure of the attraction that binds you? Is your desire to discover this person more intimately really shared? 

Is this a one-sided relationship, where are you both shared by the same desire? It can torture you, sometimes even day and night!

There are a few signs that might help you find out what someone really thinks about you:

What is the behavior of a man in love who hides it

You talk to each other every day, for months

When you want to know if a man has romantic feelings about you, it certainly means that you have been talking with this person for many weeks. 

Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be asking yourself the question so soon! 

For a person to feel a strong feeling of love, you generally have to exchange ideas, share your daily life, and learn to discover yourself at your own pace.

Do you talk to him almost every day, without exception? 

Do you tell yourself about your daily life, from the most banal anecdotes to your sometimes secret thoughts? 

If this man answers your messages every day, that he takes the initiative to send you some in turn, and that he does not miss your texts, it is certain that he feels attraction for you. 

If he didn’t like you, he certainly wouldn’t take so much time in his daily life to interact with you. 

You can sense it, that excitement when you wait for his answers, and when his name appears on your cell phone. 

Chances are, this man will feel it too!

Even if your exchanges are not deep, the fact of talking so often on a daily basis shows that he needs you, your exchanges, to keep a link. 

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Perhaps he wishes to lead a relationship beyond these messages? 

Often, texting is a simple approach technique, which can also allow you to reveal your feelings and thoughts without fear.

He likes to know what you are doing

Not to mention possessiveness, and a man who wants to control your actions – something you should avoid at all costs – if a man likes you, you may find that he likes to know what you are doing. 

It is not to watch you, to see who you are with, and to control your outings. 

If this man is honest, and he feels a feeling of love towards you, he will like to be able to imagine you in your daily life. 

Knowing that you are going for a walk, that you are going to work or to a friend’s house …

In this way, he will be able to situate himself in your daily life, know your habits, what you like to do.

It is also a way to discover your agenda, to know when you are available for a possible new meeting. 

A person in love will remember these little details from your daily life, habits that you may not even be aware of. All because he cares about you. 

He may not express it clearly, so as not to appear possessive, but he will be delighted when you tell him about your days. 

This will allow you to keep a bond, and to share your daily life, even if you do not live together.

He wants to see you as often as possible

As soon as the opportunity arises, does he try to invite you?

Does he take any excuse to visit you, or to arrange a date? It’s a clear sign that this man is interested in you! 

If he feels the need to see you as often as possible, it’s probably because he wants to be in a relationship with you. In some cases, this desire to see you is felt without the person realizing it. 

She may not know that she is in love, however, she feels the need to see you as often as possible. 

It is the beginning of a story, this desire surely hides much more than a beautiful friendship.

What is the behavior of a man in love who hides it-2

When you meet, do you find him more intimidated than his friends, sometimes even a little impressed? 

This is another sign that might enlighten you. 

If he has feelings towards you, even if he is not yet aware of it, it is normal for this tension to exist. 

He is afraid of revealing too much, of taking a wrong step. 

It is certainly the same on your side! If you find him more awkward than usual, this is a sign that should alert you to his real feelings towards you.

He tries to make physical connections

When you’re in love with someone, you want to be able to touch them. It could be a simple touching of your hand, or taking you by the shoulder. 

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All these small gestures of affection, however small they may be, denote a certain affection. 

Especially if you feel that these reconciliations are timid, not as frank as if it were a pat on the back between friends!

When you greet each other, do you notice that he takes a long time to kiss you? 

When you walk side by side, does it often happen that your shoulders and your hands brush against each other? 

He sits next to you and your feet are touching? All these little connections are signs of his affection for you. 

By paying attention, you will certainly discover that there are many! 

These are sometimes very discreet signs, but quite natural. 

And why not get into his game? 

What would he do if all of a sudden you decided to take him by the neck to kiss him? You might be surprised at his reaction!

He talks to you about himself and his emotions

We touched on this earlier, to know how to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings, the fact that you are chatting frequently can be an important sign. 

In addition to that and your daily exchanges, you could go into deeper subjects. 

If this person shares his feelings with you, tells you personal stories, it is first and foremost that he trusts you. 

He’s comfortable around you, enough to share pieces of his life with you that he may never have shared with anyone else. 

It is a privileged place, which shows you how important you are in his eyes.

If he talks to you about him and his emotions, it’s also because he wants you to get to know him in depth. 

He wants to deliver parts of him to you, waiting for your stories to you. 

He wants to enter into a more complete and stronger relationship. You can not be wrong !

Whenever he can, he tries to impress you

This person is also unaware of your feelings about them. 

For this reason, it is highly likely that this man is trying to impress you in order to get your attention. 

It may lack delicacy on some occasions, but it’s just a matter of showing that he’s interested in you. It can be words, events that he tells you, which would put him forward. 

Prizes, or even stupid things committed during his youth!

In your presence, he might also take the opportunity to impress you. It could just be her dress, or inviting you to a restaurant. 

All signs are good to hold your attention! If you find that this person is doing too much, it is often that they lack self-confidence. 

She wants to pass herself off as a “bad boy” to impress you. 

Do not be fooled by these sometimes contrary signs!

What is the behavior of a man in love who hides it-3

He plays on the idea of ​​forming a couple with you

Small, often harmless sentences can appear in your conversations. 

“Where do you see yourself in ten years?” 

“What would you do tonight if you were a couple?” 

“Do you think we would get along well if we were a couple?” 

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It can even be expressed in a playful tone, like a joke, that will allow him to test the waters, without feeling like he’s getting more wet. 

However, these are signs that he is trying to find out what you think of him. What are your emotions. 

And whether or not you are also thinking about forming a couple with him.

This game can also take place with his friends. 

He may suggest acting “as if you are together,” or standing close to you in public. 

He may say he wants to “play a joke on his friends,” and play on the idea with you. It’s a way to test your reactions. 

Why not answer him frankly in your turn? 

While that might mean he doesn’t want to commit, it’s often more than just a game for him.

He talks about you to his friends

For a man, the opinion of his friends is very important. 

He also likes to put himself forward, and talk about his conquests. 

If he has affection for you, chances are his friends will know before you do. 

If you realize that his friends have heard of you before, it’s probably because he feels more than just attraction to you! 

You can do your investigation, or he could give it to you on his own. 

This is another sign that might put you on your toes.

After all of these tips and signs, you should be able to spot a man who feels love with you. 

You can continue this game and turn up the tension between you, or confess your feelings to him, if you don’t want to wait any longer. 

This birth relationship could turn out to be a very beautiful story, which you cannot miss! 

If you know of other signs that let you know how to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings, do not hesitate to share them in the comments. 

They will definitely be useful to someone!

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