What is a bedtime conversation and how can you make it better?

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What is bedtime conversation and how can you make it better

They say pillow talk makes romance so much better. But what is conversation in bed really? Find out all about it and how to make it better here.

There are so many things that make a happy relationship.

There are rules and there are ideas.

And there are hard times to learn and fond memories to cherish.[Read: 25 love rules for a successful relationship]

But what about the conversation in bed?

Do you indulge in this?

Communication is important in a relationship, but finding the right time to communicate can leave you feeling drenched in love and happiness.

And that’s exactly what conversation in bed does to romance!

What is a conversation in bed really?

Chat in bed is the kind of conversation you have with your lover when you are lying in bed with each other.

And contrary to popular belief, talking in bed isn’t necessarily associated with sex or after sex.

Have you ever slept in each other’s arms and talked about anything, be it your lives, your problems, or even your relationship? It feels good to just listen to each other, doesn’t it?

Conversation in bed connects lovers emotionally and physically, and brings two lovers closer together especially if the conversation is right for the occasion. [Read: 9 relationship stages all couples go through]

Why do we need bed conversation in a relationship?

One of the most important things to do is to build connection and love in a relationship. Just listening to your lover’s calm voice in bed can soothe you and help get rid of all the pressures and defeats of a bad day.

It relaxes you both and helps you open up to more intimate conversations without worrying about arguments or anger. And when the communication starts to become frank and open, the feeling of love will certainly grow with each passing night.

Conversation in bed is one of those times of the day when the two of you are with you, without distractions. 

You can spend a whole day together and feel like two companions, but it only takes a few minutes of a late night bed conversation to feel like real lovers again.

There are couples who talk while in bed, and there are couples who don’t. But the couple who don’t indulge in sleepy, happy conversations will never be as emotionally connected as the couple who are talking.

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Things to talk about in bed

Are you and your lover talkative in bed? As with everything in life, there are good things and bad things to do too. Some conversations can make you feel on top of the world, while other conversations can leave you disheartened and drained of your energy as night approaches. 

Before you get down to the good conversations in bed, let me give you a few bad tips that you need to avoid talking about.

Don’t talk about the problems in your life * unless you have a probable solution *. Don’t talk about financial problems, sadness, the injustice of the world, or your own miseries at work.

Couples talk about all of these things, but it’s definitely not a happy conversation. Try to view the conversation in bed as the bright side of your life. If all you and your lover do before you fall asleep is cry about how unfair life is, you will both wake up feeling drained in the morning.

Instead, talk about the conquests, happy times, the glimmer of hope in a dark cloud, happy times of the day, and anything else that can make you smile. Dream of a happy life and visualize it together. If you have happy conversations while talking in bed, your relationship and your own life will start to feel more upbeat and exciting.

8 happy conversations that will make conversation in bed better

Wondering what are the perfect conversations to talk to in bed? Well, here are 8 happy bed conversations that are sure to help you fall more in love and feel happier in life.

# 1 Comparisons. It might sound rude, but as humans we like to make comparisons all the time just to feel better about ourselves. Compare your own love life with the love life of your friends or colleagues.

You will feel good if you have a better relationship. And if there is something that you admire about another couple, you are subconsciously going to make those changes in your own relationship, which will bring you both as a lover and create a much better relationship over time. time. [Read: 12 steps to being a happy couple that makes other couples jealous ]

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# 2 Dreams about the future. Talk about each of your dreams and visions. Conversation in bed will help you both better understand each other’s life and goals, and create wonderful fantasies about the future. It will be great to imagine the good things the future has in store for you, especially if the two of you follow your dreams and motivate each other along the way.

# 3 Compliments . Add a little romance and flirtation to your conversation in bed every now and then. Did you look at your lover while greeting her earlier in the day because your lover looked so irresistible in her new hairstyle? Or was everyone looking respectfully at your partner at the party because they looked so good? Talk about it, it will bring a huge smile to your lover’s face.

# 4 New things to try next time . Never view hard times as obstacles, but rather as ways to find a better option, whether it’s work, love, or your sex life. If sex wasn’t great one night, talk about things you’d like to try next time. If you’ve just celebrated a birthday, talk about what you’re planning to do on your birthday. Talking about ways to improve something in your life always makes your conversations in bed exciting.

# 5 Vacations and getaways. Nothing beats a good speech in bed than a vacation or weekend getaway. If you’ve both worked hard, talk about taking a break from work in three or four months. Discuss where to go and things to do, and any other great vacation ideas. You will both feel great and it will motivate you to reach your goals even faster.

# 6 Romantic memories. Talking about romance is a happy time in bed. Ask your partner if they remember the first time you kissed, or the first vacation you took together, or any romantic incidents that left a fond memory. One conversation will lead to another, and before you know it, the two of you will be feeling luckier in love than ever before. 

# 7 Past struggles. Past Struggles is like an inspiration movie, especially if you’ve both achieved something worthwhile after the fight. Did you struggle to make ends meet? Or have you both sacrificed a lot to achieve what you have now? Talking about old struggles and good times will help you both realize how successful you have both been over time, whether in love or in life.

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# 8 About your day. These are the kind of conversations in bed that bring you closer every day every day. Talk about your day, the good and the bad, and the exciting little things that made you proud or made you smile.

The more you open up to each other about your daily life, the more connected you will feel. And as long as the two of you are aware of each other’s lives, there will be very little room for insecurity and jealousy, and a lot more room for trust and love.

Conversation in bed may seem trivial and easy, but remember this, a couple who have good conversations in bed will always be happier than a couple who have bad conversations in bed, not just in love but in love. life too.

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