What does it mean to be arrogant? (Explained)

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What does it mean to be arrogant?

What does it mean to be arrogant? (Explained)

What does it mean for someone to be cocky and arrogant at the same time? What are the feelings you have that prove you are an arrogant person?

The common trait of an arrogant person is the mentality and assumption that they are more important and better than every other person in the room.

This is the reason why they are proud and interrupt others when they’re speaking and are constantly late for meetings.

Arrogant people are full of themselves and believe they are always right – they are never wrong and find it very difficult to apologize.

Apologizing to someone they see as a subordinate affects their ego. An arrogant person will go out of his way to prove that he is right rather than admit that he is wrong.

They love keeping up their tough appearances and will go the extra mile to keep it that way.

That is what it means to be arrogant.

What is an example of arrogance?

Since arrogant people see themselves as being too important, one example of their arrogance is their constant lateness to meetings and disrespect for other people’s time and responsibility.

They feel like they’re too important to be the first to be at the location and wait for others rather, others should wait for them.

Coming late to meetings gives them the impression of being the most important personality in the gathering.

Another example of arrogance is the ability to show no consideration to others especially when it has to do with sharing resources like food or money.

They are greedy enough to take every last bit of food without thinking of what others will eat.

Another example of arrogance is when a person gets easily frustrated or angry when someone questions their perspective or opinion.

They have their way of silencing these people or forcing them to agree with their worldview.

Even when someone else has a better way of doing things, an arrogant person will be dismissive and demean these ideas just to ensure that his ideas are the ones to be taken.

It’s very difficult for an arrogant person to keep healthy and romantic relationships. The reason is that they have repulsive characters, brag a lot about their capability in their circle of friends. 

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People find this character repulsive and tend to stay away from them.

An arrogant person would rather diminish the accomplishments of another person because they are not part of the success story and will not share accomplishments and credit.

If they are not demeaning or undermining the successes, they will try to portray themselves as being the savior of the day.

It is common for them to say the success wouldn’t have been possible without their contribution.

If you’ve met an arrogant person for the first time, one common trait you will observe in them is the ability to be superficially and excessively nice.

They go further to talk bad about their friends and family members to you, but portray themselves as being the nice guy and others are not to be trusted. 

Their inability to take responsibility for their actions and mistakes is a common practice. They will prefer to shift the blame to someone else.

Accepting responsibility for negative things is not their style instead they will be on constant look for how to take credit for the good things that happened around them.

Arrogant people are good at bullying people into silence or agreeing with them.

As part of a team, they may take credit for the performance of everyone rather than admit that it was a team effort

Treating subordinate staff rudely is also another common practice of an arrogant person. 

In the presence of superior power, they tend to act excessively nice to their subordinates to dispute claims of their rudeness and disdain but arrogant people are known to be hateful racist, and sexist. They are this way because they simply feel that their subordinates are beneath them.

Does arrogant mean rude?

Rudeness is just one of the many negative traits of an arrogant personality. Coupled with being arrogant, people like this have this exaggerated mentality of being more important than everyone else in the room. This is why they look down on others and are mean to subordinates.

Some other signs of an arrogant person are their constant disrespect and disregard for other people’s feelings and emotions.

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They are in constant fear of being displaced as the center of attraction – an emotion which motivates them to go the extra mile to maintain that status not minding the cost to their relationship with the people around them.

Is arrogance positive or negative?

There are positives and negatives to being an arrogant person. While most content you find online will mainly focus on how arrogant people think more of themselves as being more important than others, there are certain situations in life the demand arrogance for you to forge ahead.

Ever wonder why most leaders and rich people are seen as being arrogant, it is because they share common traits of an alpha personality.

The fact that arrogant people believe in themselves and their ability drives the force with which they use in pushing through their idea.

They know how to force people into believing their ideas and the moment they’re able to make their followers back down, they assume dominance.

This is why it is most time common to see arrogant people as being more successful.

That said, it still doesn’t take away the negative aspects of arrogance which is more of bringing other people down just to feel and to be powerful

What is the root cause of arrogance?

There are different reasons why someone can be arrogant. We shall be looking at four different reasons which can possibly be the root cause of this personality.

It is possible that they could be more, but from studies carried out, these are the most common ones.

The feeling of having an edge over others

Most people become arrogant and cocky to other people around them because they have become aware of the advantages they have over other members of their team.

This edge brings about pride and pride gives them a sense of power which can be consuming. The sense of power makes them see other people are being weak and this weakness is repulsive to an arrogant person.

Underlying subconscious reason

Most times, our actions and decisions are determined by our subconscious mind. Our past experiences leave a road map to how our minds work.

When someone has this desire to remain the center of attraction in any circle, if this person is not aware of why he or she is acting this way, then it means this person has some underlying psychological need that must be met and the only way is to remain the main focus.

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An arrogant personality is always in fear of being displaced from this position which is why they go the extra mile to force through their ideas and remain the one in charge.

The desire to succeed

Sometimes, arrogance is never a personality someone is born with. But with the experiences he or she has gotten in life, a person like this can decide to take the bull by the horn and force life to give him what he wants.

The drive to be successful can motivate someone to be arrogant if that is what it takes to achieve what they want in life.

The desire to feel powerful

Just as it is with the desire to be successful, so it is with the motivation to be powerful.

Some people just want to be influential and feel important. This desire can drive them to force through their opinion, pretend, bring others down just to rise to the top.

A person with this mindset will do all it takes to succeed without caring about other people’s feelings.

If they act it long enough, it becomes a second nature which how they remain arrogant for as long as they can.

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