What causes arrogance in a person?

Posted by John Anumba

People don’t just become arrogant for no reason. They must be an underlying cause that drives their arrogance, for different people, they are different reasons that fuel their characters and relationship with other people and we are going to look at 6 possible causes of arrogance.

6 Possible Causes Of Arrogance

  1. Underlying psychological need

One of the main reasons why we become who we are as adults is as a result of our childhood experiences. 

These past experiences create some form of imprints and formats in our subconscious. These subconscious registrations drives our actions and determines how we react to every situation in life.

Some reasons why people are arrogant and see the need to become the center of attraction could be as a result of underlying subconscious desires and needs.

These desires and needs are driven by childhood experiences. An example is a child that has always desire to get the attention of his parents and had never been appreciated for his or her efforts.

Such a child can grow up appreciating compliments from other people and working harder to keep these compliments coming.

The moment they realize that they have built up their ability to be successful becoming arrogant remains the obvious.

  1. Wrong assumption

Another reason why people become arrogant is as a result of their exaggerated sense of importance and abilities.

Most of them are not aware that no matter how good you are in life, there will always be someone better.

This wrong exaggeration of their skills and abilities causes them to look down on other people, interrupt them when they speak and be rude to them.

  1. Pride
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People that are naturally proud tend to be arrogant, while arrogant people are known to be proud.

Both go hand-in-hand.

Proud people are known to be arrogant likewise there are many reasons for developing a proud mentality.  

It could be as a result of their wealth and power, status in life, beauty, and skills.

The moment people like this realize that they have an edge over others, they become full of themselves and this feeling of being better than others drives them to be arrogant.

  1. Wealth and power

It is common knowledge that the majority of wealthy and powerful people are arrogant. They have this assumption that it is because of their special skills abilities and powers were they able to attain their status in life.

Because they see themselves as the most hard-working the wisest of all and the most skillful they look down on other people, see them as weak and unable to do what it takes to become rich.

This powerful and proud look drives their arrogance and makes them look down on others.

  1. Beauty and youthfulness

Beauty and usefulness are common with football players and cheerleaders because they have realized that they have a special edge over others within their peer groups.

They tend to be arrogant towards others because of this realization. Their beauty and youthfulness already made them the center of attraction.

They enjoy this spotlight so much that they would go the extra mile to keep up the appearances.

They make friends easily because they are able to put others down and present themselves as the alfa male/female.

  1. Skills and talents
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Talent and skills and other reasons why someone can be arrogant. They already have an edge over other people around them and when a talented person is not humble they show off their skills and abilities easily and use it as a form of intimidation over others

It is common knowledge to observe that the most skillful players in anything tend to be full of themselves and of time and I’m most times very arrogant.

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