What are the signs of attraction of a man for a woman?

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Men are sometimes difficult to pin down, and all women would like to know the signs of attraction that can show what a man feels for a woman. 

Although people are complex, and everyone can manifest their attraction in a different way, certain signs are however often present. 

If you are still wondering about a man you like and his attraction to you, this might be helpful!

Top 20 Signs of a Man’s Attraction to a Woman

This very complete top 20 will show you how to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings. 

If this is someone you like in return, you might take this opportunity to respond and show them your desire to be a couple! 

He may be just waiting for a sign from you to declare your love to you. 

Signs of attraction of a man for a woman: he gives you compliments

A man who finds you attractive could give you many compliments. 

While it takes some self-confidence, if he wants you to know that he likes you, he won’t hesitate to compliment you. Your outfit, your hairstyle, your smile…

Anything can give rise to a compliment from him. What are you waiting for to answer him?

He never takes his eyes off you

When someone attracts you, it can be difficult to turn your eyes. Without you realizing it, this man might be looking at you and observing you continuously.

He peels your every move, so strong is his attraction to you. 

Don’t you realize it? 

Quickly turn around to catch him in the act!

He wants to see you as often as possible

Any apology is good to meet you. He tries to see you as often as possible, he invites you whenever the opportunity arises, for everything and nothing at the same time. 

He would “simply” pass through the neighborhood, or he had to come accompanied to a friend’s house…

Everything will be an excuse to see you if he likes you! It is a sign that does not deceive when you want to know how to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings.

Signs of attraction of a man for a woman: he is considerate and attentive

When he senses that something is wrong, he is always there to check in with you, and to make sure that you are not in pain, or that nothing bad has happened. 

He pays attention to your slightest changes in mood, he warns your problems and is there to support you. This man wishes you well, and he wants to make sure all is well.

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He protects you

This idea follows the previous one. A man who is attracted to a woman may send signs wishing to protect that person. 

He will make sure that she is neither hot nor cold, that she does not get attacked by someone. Some men can be real serving knights for their crush!

He tries to make you laugh

Humor is still a technique that works when you want to attract someone. And men know it well! So it’s no wonder they try to use humor to get closer to you. It will make you relax, and slip in sensitive and real information in the form of jokes.

He presents himself in his best light

When you see yourself, he is always elegant, well dressed. His hairstyle is perfect, he smells good, nothing to say! For you, it looks its best. 

He makes sure that you can find him desirable too. 

It’s completely natural, you surely do the same when you like a man! It is nevertheless a point which can teach you its interest for you.

He seeks physical contact

When you are together, he can cause you to brush against you, to touch you without openly doing it. 

This man who seeks physical contact is certainly not indifferent. Sometimes, when we like someone, it is particularly difficult to fight against this urge to touch them! 

Take this opportunity to take his hand, and analyze his reaction!

He tries to find out your feelings

Before making his declaration to you, a man usually tries to find out how you feel about him. For that, he can try to ask you questions, to know if you are single, ready for a relation…

These very discreet questions will allow him to reassure himself concerning your feelings. He is just waiting for your green light to declare his own!

Signs of attraction of a man for a woman: he gives you time

When someone likes you, they’re willing to give you a lot of their time. A man might put aside a date with friends, a sporting activity, or any other activity to save time. 

He puts you first, and wants to discover you and share moments in your company more than anything!

Not a day goes by without you exchanging a message

Even if this man does not clearly tell you that he feels attraction towards you, the fact that he talks to you continuously on a daily basis shows unequivocally that he likes you! 

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If he didn’t, he wouldn’t talk to you as regularly, and he wouldn’t make sure to rekindle the conversation.

He shares his desires and fears with you

A man can show signs of attraction to a woman by opening his heart to her. 

In addition to talking with her about everything and nothing, he could confide, by giving her his fears and aspirations. 

So he kind of opens his heart to her. 

He makes it clear that he has confidence, that he wants this person to get to know him, so that she opens up in return.

He seeks to discover you

What’s your favorite book ? Your favorite movie? Your type of music, or your beliefs about a particular subject? 

If he likes you, he will want to find out about you. 

He will undoubtedly seek to find out what is on your mind, what are your tastes and your ways of thinking. 

His goal will be to know you more, to get closer to you.

He talks about you to his friends and relatives

When you have feelings for someone, it is not uncommon to confide them to loved ones or family. 

Men can confide their attraction to their friends, who could come and tell you about it directly! It’s a good way to find out if she likes you back.

He shows jealousy towards other men

If this man reacts in a negative way when he sees you in the company of another man, it is certainly because he has strong feelings about you. 

He wants to keep you to himself, and he wants at all costs to prevent you from falling under the spell of another man. 

If you talk about someone else openly, they might feign indifference, but they certainly boil on the inside!

He slips innuendo

“I think there is someone I like, but I’m not sure…” “I don’t know if I really like her, I don’t know how to go about it…”

These messages might be addressed to you directly! 

These innuendos can be a shy way for a man to declare his love for you, and his feelings of attraction for you.

He seems happy in your presence

When you are together, everything is fine. He laughs, he smiles, he seems happy to be there, with you, in your company. 

He is a whole different person, much more joyful, motivated. It’s simple, you make him feel good. If this man is beaming in your presence, it can only be for a good reason: he might have fallen in love!

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He blushes when you get closer

Among the physical signs of a man in love, the latter can be striking. In your presence, he seems intimidated and more modest? 

Does he blush when you look at him, or when you get closer? 

This man surely does not dare to declare his love to you, although it is difficult not to notice it!

He doesn’t seem to want to let you go

In the times when you are together, everything is going well. So it can be difficult when it comes to parting with you. 

So, he may wish to hold back the minutes to keep you as long as possible, and your dates may go on for long hours. It’s the same on the phone: just like you, he can’t hang up.

Signs of attraction of a man for a woman: he lets his thoughts escape in the evening

On a party where the two of you are invited, he might blurt out his thoughts about you. 

A drink may be enough for him to appear closer physically, and express his desires to you. 

For some people, it’s a way of clearly telling you what they are thinking about, which they often don’t have the courage to do in real time. 

Take advantage of this opportunity too!

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