What are the signs of arrogance?

Posted by John Anumba

It is common knowledge that arrogant people are rude and cruel to others. But most of them are not aware that their arrogance.

Sometimes, confidence can be presumed to be arrogance while some people mistake arrogance for high self-esteem.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the common signs that tell that a person is arrogant. This way one is able to differentiate this negative personality from positive self-esteem and confidence.

Below are some of the real examples of an arrogant person

Signs of Arrogance

Most times, arrogance can be mistaken for confidence. If you are not aware of the signs that differentiate them, you might see yourself as being mentally strong without realizing how bad you treat people around you.

Let us now take a look at some of the signs that proves you are arrogant and not a confident person.

Arrogant people love being the center of attraction 

An arrogant person will not feel fulfilled when he is not the center of attraction in any societal setting. They feel the world revolves around them so should everyone have their focus on them.

For this reason, an arrogant person will do all it takes to get to the center stage even if it means displacing the person currently in that position.

They don’t like their ideas to be challenged 

If you have an arrogant person as your boss, you better not question or challenge his ideas or authority. It annoys them greatly – they assume they know it all and they always have the best of ideas.

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The reason is because they assume that anyone that is not like them is weak and not in their right mind to dictate what happens.

When you insist they are wrong and try to force through a contrary idea, they have their way of barking you into silence or submission.

They are unable to keep the healthy and long-lasting relationship 

Arrongance is not a personality that attracts people. In fact, it repels people. This is why arrogant people find it difficult keeping long lasting relationships and friendships.

Arrogant people are only able to keep friends that are like them. If you are not like, they despise you and see you as weak.

They are rude and cruel people

Arrogant bosses treat their subordinates with disdain. They are rude and cruel and act as if all powers belong to them.

This action is driven with the mindset that you are under them and can never be wiser and better than them.

They are charming on the outside but cruel on the inside 

Where necessary, arrogant people will put forth a charming display of niceness. This action is not normal, something is always at play whenever they are nice.

Their cruelty, which is their true self, is being displayed when the niceness drama is no longer necessary.

They go the extra mile to remain the point of focus 

If arrogant people perceive someone is trying to take their shine, they will do all it takes to get the person out of the way.

Arrogant people feel easily threatened with other people’s successes. This is why they demean and diminish better achievements greater than theirs.

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They are never wrong 

Arrogant people are not known to take responsibility for their mistakes and actions. Rather than admit their mistakes and being wrong, they look for whom to blame.

An arrogant person will, rather, look for winning stories he would rather share in the credit and glory.

They can sell out others to remain the good guy

Arrogant people will sell out their friends and family if that is what it takes to remain or rise to the top. If you are meeting them for the first time, they are unnecessarily nice and will talk bad about others to you.

They portray themselves as the nice guy and others are not to be trusted.

They treat people that are not like them badly

The main reason why arrogant people are unable to keep romantic relationship and friendships for long is because they don’t get along with people that are not like them 

Arrogant people treat those that are different from them badly. They show them no respect and have no empathy for them. This is why arrogant bosses tend to be mean towards their subordinates.

They always scared of what people think of them 

Arrogant people are mostly scared of what others think and say of them.

They are always scared of losing their position as the center of attraction. This drives them to put more focus on what other people think and say of them.

Their self-image is very important for an arrogant person because they will not like to lose it. 

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Their desire to maintain their center stage drives them to portray their fake niceness where necessary.

Superiority complex 

Arrogant people have an exaggerated sense of importance and greatness. They believe they are special, wise, and the best and should be treated according to their level of importance.

This is commonly why they come to meetings late. Others should wait for them and not them waiting for others.

They have no respect for people’s time and emotions.

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