What are the physical signs of a man in love: Our top 15 most obvious

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How do you know that a man loves you? The feeling of love can come in many different ways, and everyone expresses it in their own way. 

So sometimes it is difficult to know if a person likes you. 

However, there are a few unmistakable signs, and we offer you a list of the most important, which will allow you to spot a man in love. 

Hiding your feelings is an art for some, with these physical signs of a man in love, impossible not to notice it!

When you are in love, it is sometimes difficult to take the first step and declare your love. 

Are you afraid that this feeling will not be shared? 

With these obvious signs, you will be able to determine if someone is genuinely interested in you, or if it is just a one-night stand.

Man in love: the physical signs that do not deceive

Men can have difficulty expressing their feelings. Often times, they have the image of strong people, and they usually don’t want to go wrong by showing their feelings too early. 

To break them up to date, there are certain details that should hold your attention. 

We have developed a list of these main signs, which should help you detect a man in love:

  1. He never takes his eyes off you.
  2. You chat by sms every day.
  3. He protects you.
  4. He tells his friends about you.
  5. You feel that he is trying to make a physical connection.
  6. He tries to put himself forward to impress you.
  7. He becomes dumb when you talk about another man.
  8. You are playing an ambiguous game.
  9. He tells you his fears and his secrets.
  10. He plays the indifference card.
  11. This man makes sure to see you as often as possible.
  12. It withholds a lot of insignificant details about you.
What are the physical signs of a man in love

A man in love does not take his eyes off you

You cannot miss this detail which is in fact not one: a man in love does not take his eyes off you. No matter what you do, his gaze follows you in every move. 

He likes to observe you, to see you from different angles. If caught in the act, he may blush and quickly look away. It is very easy to notice this sign. 

At times when he’s not expecting it, turn to him, and you’ll see where his eyes are! A man in love can devour you with his eyes in silence.

You have text message conversations every day

You talk about everything and nothing, everyday life, your problems, your days …

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These text messages may seem harmless to you, basically, you do not share anything in particular. 

Yet it is your life that it is about. These exchanges prove that this person is interested in you, despite what you might imagine. 

Every day, just like you, he certainly looks forward to replying to his texts. It’s a way to keep in touch when you can’t see each other on a daily basis. 

If these exchanges continue and they are still so numerous, there is no doubt about the presence of this feeling of love!

You feel he is protecting you

Whatever the situation, you feel that this man is protecting you. If it’s raining or you’re cold, he offers you his jacket. 

If you are tired, he will ask you what’s going on, and make sure you don’t get sick. In the street, if someone looks at you askance, they stand in front of you as a sign of protection. 

The list is long, but it’s not mistaken! A man who protects you cares about you. He wants your good, and his love can be strong.

Physical signs of a man in love: he tells his friends about you

When a man tells his friends about a woman, he often asks them for their opinion. They can’t help but open up, especially when it comes to someone they particularly like. 

So, if you find yourself meeting their friends, and you realize that they already seem to know you, it might be a sign that there is more than friendship between the two of you! 

Ask his friends, they may be able to tell you about this person’s feelings.

What are the physical signs of a man in love-2

He tries a physical rapprochement

When you see yourself, you can intimately feel that this man is trying to get closer to you physically. Hands that brush against each other, a prolonged goodbye…

If everything is a matter of bringing you closer, love is certainly not far away! 

Sometimes this man may not realize this connection. It’s physical, sometimes chemical, and it is difficult to fight against this attraction!

He puts himself forward to impress you

Some men may even go so far as to play puppets to get your attention. 

They find all the methods at their disposal to show you how funny, reckless they are, all possible means for you to notice them! 

They might even go so far as to go to another girl to provoke your jealousy. 

In the most common cases, they will put themselves forward in stories from their past, or tell you about significant events in which they play the role of the main character.

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He goes dumb when you talk about another man

This can be a good way to test a man’s feelings if you have doubts about the man. 

Try talking about another man, an ex-boyfriend, or someone you find attractive, and inspect his reaction. 

If he seems distant, and isn’t telling you or giving you advice about that person, it’s probably because he has feelings towards you. 

He doesn’t want to see you on another man’s arm, and he prefers to be silent so as not to encourage you to do so. It is a very distinct sign for most men in love!

Together you play an ambiguous game

A lot of people play cat and mouse before forming a relationship. 

Sometimes this game can even last for weeks, or even months! While it can spice up your relationship, you might lose your patience if this game doesn’t seem to lead to anything. 

If you find that a man seems to be circling around you, going from hot to cold but always coming back to you, it is surely that he is feeling something about you. 

To find out if this is a real feeling of love, why not just ask her the question?

What are the physical signs of a man in love-3

He tells you his fears and his secrets

In addition to your daily conversations, a man who loves you is able to confide in you. He knows he can trust you, he wants to give you that trust, and surrender to you. 

In this way, he encourages you to find out, and he urges you to do the same. 

This introduces a certain depth into the relationship, which in this way takes a new, more serious turn. He might even tell you secrets that only you would know! 

Pay attention to this information, which is worth gold.

Physical signs of a man in love: he plays the card of indifference

While this is not the case with all men, some may also choose to play the indifference card. If you are close to someone, and they suddenly pull away, they may just want to test your reaction. 

If you don’t care too, she might come back to you very quickly, to make sure you don’t forget her. 

Otherwise, this man might feel reassured enough to share his feelings with you. 

If you are having doubts on your side, this is also a technique you could try to recognize a man in love who is hiding his feelings.

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He makes sure to see you as often as possible

As soon as he gets the chance, does this man invite you? They could be walks for no reason, a date at the cinema, or even urgent errands. 

All the reasons are good to see you again. If this happens regularly, and for no real reason, this man might well be in love with you. 

When you love someone, it’s hard to hold back and not see her on a daily basis. 

If you don’t live in the same location, and it’s hard to see you, they might ask for video calls, or use other means to get in touch.

Physical signs of a man in love: he withholds insignificant details about you

The color of your eyes, the clothes you wore a week ago… Or your favorite food, the last book you saw. 

All of these details are not for a man who loves you. 

Without even realizing it, it retains a lot of information about you. He’s watching you, he’s interested. 

This is one of the main signs that she likes you! It can be touching to notice it. 

A man who takes care of you will certainly be a very loving and present companion for you!

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