What are the different stages of a fulfilling romantic relationship

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In a romantic relationship, there are different stages, which will allow your story to evolve to create a stronger bond every day. Some steps may be longer than others, depending on your couple, and your personal story.

We will tell you more about these steps, to help you develop your relationship towards a solid and lasting story.

The stages of a romantic relationship: the meeting

The first step in a romantic relationship is meeting. It is this meeting that creates the flame of your future couple. It is therefore a decisive moment, which takes place in different stages.

Mutual attraction

The first moments of your meeting always result in an attraction, which can be mutual, but which could also come from only one of the parts of your couple in the making. This attraction can be motivated by different elements.

Charm, physical attraction, common points… All of this can create a strong, almost chemical attraction that makes you want to spend time together and learn to discover yourself.

However, this attraction is not always shared, and it will take more time for some to feel it in return! If there is love at first sight, everything could very quickly accelerate.

Your first shared moments

If you like each other, you will therefore have to spend your first moments together. It can be trivial meetings, with friends, you meet in the street, your first dinner invitations … These first moments when you will meet will be full of energy, excitement mingled with hesitation.

These could be the happiest moments in your relationship, make the most of it! In these beginnings of your story, you are immersed in this bubble, and you only think of the two of you.

The game of seduction

If the attraction is strong, the moment will come when you will enter a game of seduction. You might not dare to take the first step, and each therefore sets out to conquer the other, entering a game of seduction, which could take place as well when you meet as by message.

You throw hints at each other about your feelings, you flirt with each other, half a word. Everyone does their best to find out what the other thinks of him, and to attract him in turn. This period may last longer or shorter, depending on how often you can see each other.

The desire to form a couple

Finally, after many meetings and a rough game of seduction, the desire to form a couple is heard between you. The two of you are spending more and more time, you can’t leave each other by message, and time seems long when you can’t spend it together.

It is also possible that the first jealousies are born, and the need to give a framework to your relationship, to put you in a relationship for real. You are starting to have strong feelings for each other, and it could be the start of a really great story, if you don’t suffer from fear of commitment which could slow this process down.

Moments out of time

Now that you are a couple, even if it is not made clear, the moments you share are timeless. You end up in your bubble, and it is very difficult to get out of it.

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You may find it difficult to curb your ardor, and your attraction may become stronger and stronger. We speak of the famous “honeymoon” to evoke the state in which you could be at the beginning of your relationship. This is a time when you have no clear idea of ​​where your relationship will turn, you don’t wonder, and right now you just think about enjoying the moment.

The stages of a romantic relationship: discovering each other

Now that you are a couple, you are entering the second stage of your relationship. This is the time when you start to build your story and build the foundation for your relationship. It is a decisive moment, which will allow you to discover the other, while teaching him the person that you are.

Once again, it is a period of exchange and discovery.

Getting to know the other

To get to know each other, it is essential to be able to share moments together. Even without embarking on extravagant activities to do as a couple , a simple date could allow you to exchange on what you like in life. You will undoubtedly approach the subject of your passions, you will learn to discover how you function, what are your reactions to different events, the slightest information will be essential to you.

You record every part of that person’s body, what they like to do in the morning when they get up, or even the tone of their laughter, for example. Little by little, you will get to know yourself better than anyone else, both physically and mentally. This should get you even closer.

Discovery of the universe and friends

In addition to learning to discover the person you are, both on the outside and on the inside, this moment could also allow you to discover the universe in which this other person is evolving. You will get to know his or her friends and relatives, as well as where he or she lives. His daily trips, his place of work, the place where he likes to go out or even where he grew up …

Discovering this universe will allow you to bond even more. These exchanges will punctuate your days, and they will give a framework to your relationship.

The need to exchange in order to discover oneself

In the very beginnings of a couple, you will need to trade anytime, about virtually anything. You might be asking yourself questions as simple as they are more serious, like knowing what the other’s favorite food is, or what they think about the environment or life on Mars. You have no shortage of topics for conversation, since you still have everything to discover about the other.

The two of you probably spend a very long time on your phone, chatting for hours on end about your day, past stories, and plans for the future. You are certainly even starting to share more serious desires for the rest of your relationship.

The stages of a romantic relationship: learning to live together

Now that the meeting is over, and your relationship is formed, the next step is open to you. This is a step that may take more or less time. It basically depends on your lifestyle, your flexibility, and your desire for independence.

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This is a time when your relationship will become more concrete, in your eyes and in the eyes of others. You take an important step, and you decide to build on the momentum and to truly engage in a relationship together. What are these stages in the continuation of your story?

How about we settle in together?

If your story is going its normal course, and after the necessary time has allowed you to discover each other, the two of you might wish to settle down together. It might take longer in some cases, especially if you don’t live in the same area, and if you each have a job that you like and don’t want to leave.

However, if this desire is strong, you will certainly end up achieving this goal, which will allow you to start your life together.

Make concessions

The beginning of life together, if you want to settle down together, can also introduce the first challenges for your couple. By living together, you will each have to make concessions on points that are more or less important to you.

You will have to learn to live together, and everything may not be obvious from the first moment. You each have your own habits, and you will need to get used to each other as well. However, if you love yourself, this transition should be done little by little.

The stages of a romantic relationship: developing new habits

As you get used to the other person’s habits, you can also adopt your own dating habits. Your rituals, which can be much clearer now that you live together.

The way you say hello to each other in the morning, who shower in the evening, what dish to prepare for dinner … You will take your marks a little bit, until you develop habits that are specific to your relationship, and which will reassure you in this new life for two.

Build a life for two

Over the weeks and months, you will manage to build your life together. You will establish habits, you will embark on new joint projects, you will have long-term goals. All this will allow you to enrich your history as a couple.

By living together, you can also take advantage of your time to go on a trip, and discover the world for two. You will enjoy your friends and life, you will develop your life and your dreams, at your own pace.

The Stages of a Romantic Relationship: The Difficult Times, and the Stories That Last

Your couple is now united. You’ve been living together for a few years, and everything is going the best for you.

At any time, however, a couple can go through difficult times that will affect them over time. You might also be making important changes, such as getting married or having a baby.

The great moments of your history

There are different great moments in the history of a couple. Your meeting of course, the moment you fall in love and decide to live together… Over time, these steps could also be the purchase of your first house, a marriage proposal or even the arrival of your children.

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All this, at your own pace, and according to your desires. These moments will consolidate your relationship, and will enrich your story. You will assert your love story a little more, you will take it further to continue building together.

The importance of not falling into a routine

In this new stage of your relationship, now that you have lived together for years, it is also possible that routine will set in. The latter is unfortunately never good for couples, and it could have an impact on both of you.

You are no longer in the frenzy of the first meeting, you feel like you know each other by heart, and these initially very exciting habits can over time become toxic to your story. You need something else, fresh air.

For this, it is important that you each keep your own space, activities and moments that allow you to recharge your batteries. You should also always try to discover yourself a little more, and get out of your daily life by launching new challenges, and by organizing romantic weekends from time to time.

The stages of a romantic relationship: seeing life together or choosing a new path

If your relationship gets over the routine, and your love grows stronger after the various events in your story, you can continue this momentum perhaps even until the end of your life.

However, some couples can take other paths, and it is also possible that a separation or a divorce occurs at any time. You realize that you are no longer meant to live together, and you make the wisest decision to preserve each other. It can also be a part of a couple’s life, and rebuilding your life after a divorce is also quite possible.

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