What are the consequences of arrogance?

Posted by John Anumba

The negativity that comes with arrogance brings about a lot of consequences that most of them are not aware of.

First of all, you lose friends that are supposed to be there for you in times of need. Arrogant people are unable to keep romantic relationships for a very long time because of that repulsive character.

Their exaggerated sense of importance causes them to disregard the feelings and emotions of the people around them. This is why they are most times despised by people around them. People are usually uncomfortable around an arrogant person. 

Another consequence of arrogance is that you’re constantly living in fear of being displaced from the center stage.

Your refusal to take responsibility for your mistakes inhibits your growth because you never learn from them.

No matter the artificial display of niceness, people can only see through the hypocrisy and recognize you as an arrogant person.

I understand that you might misplace your arrogance for confidence but that is not the case here. A confident person will not want to put others down in order to feel powerful.

Arrogance is more of being a bully and if you understand the mentality of bullies you will know that they are weak mentally and need to put others down in order to feel powerful

If an arrogant person is brought down from their powerful position, they most times fall into depression because feeling powerful and putting others down is the only way they know how to feel alive.

They quickly lose their self-esteem and confidence and in order to get it back, they rely on shady means and doing anything possible no matter how negative.

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It is in their quest to get back their position they go the extra mile which can cause them a lot in terms of their relationships with people and mostly family and friends 

The consequences of being arrogant are numerous and the damages it causes to this person is most times not visible until a later time in life.

When the support of friends and family is required, they look around and see that they’ve been hated for a very long time.

It is recommended that an arrogant person begins to differentiate confidence from this negative personality and know how to adjust their lives to have more empathy and accommodate others that are not like them.

It is common knowledge that arrogant people can only align hamorniously with a fellow arrogant person. Others are despised and looked down upon. This is why they treat their subordinates with disdain and disrespect.

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