Weak Personality Traits And Characteristics

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A weak personality is the direct opposite of what it is to have a strong personality. I’m talking about being mentally weak and unable to stand up for yourself.

A man that has a weak personality cannot be confident, resilient, and have a strong mental capacity to determine what you want from yourself and how to achieve it.

The biggest sign that proves someone has a weak personality is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of risks.

Signs Of A Weak Personality 

There are many ways to tell if someone has a weak mentality.

Here are some of them:

Have no clear goals and are confused about what they want for themselves

When you have a weak personality, defining your goals becomes almost impossible because you’ll be confused about what you really want for yourself.

Weak people are able to set a course for themself and follow through with it. They don’t have the mental strength to face the challenges that come with any journey.

Because they are busy searching for the easiest path to success, they are unable to choose any path to follow.

This constant state of confusion and inability to choose keeps them from taking any step in the first place.

Always afraid to leave their comfort zone

People with a weak personality always scared of leaving their comfort zone because they don’t have the mental strength to overcome the challenges that come with a new project. Developing one’s self is about overcoming one’s weaknesses and working to improve yourself is a daily effort that involves combating this resistance to your personal development.

Not taking the steps to overcome them and remaining where you are means that you can never grow.

They don’t stay committed

When you have a weak personality, staying committed to your projects becomes a tough job for you 

They have never been a time that achieving great things has become easy and void of challenges and obstacles.

A mentally weak person looks at these challenges and feels that they are too strong to overcome.

This conclusion makes them abandon this project and return back to their caves which is the place where they are most comfortable. 

Constantly scared of obstacles 

Fear is one of the strongest signs of a weak personality. The fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, and the fear of obstacles.

When you are mentally weak, you always look for the easy way out and will not want to take on projects that possibly have resistance and challenges.

Being scared of uncertainty means you don’t want to go through the mental stress of overcoming the challenges you might meet on your way.

Cannot even measure their capabilities 

Your inability to understand your capabilities and what you are able to do will definitely leave you in ignorance. Ignorance is a sign of weakness because you are not aware of how powerful you are and your ability to achieve almost anything you set your heart at.

Always comparing themselves with others 

Using other people’s lifestyles as a mirror to compare yourself is a sign of a weak personality.

Always comparing yourself to others is bad because it proves that you don’t believe in your ability and you’re not aware of how unique we all are.

Two people can never be the same and our paths to greatness can never follow the same process.

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It is left for each and every one of us to forge our own paths to greatness.

They don’t show gratitude 

Appreciating oneself and the situation around you proves that you are mentally aware of what it takes to grow.

When you have a weak personality, understanding this growth and appreciating them becomes elusive.

Lack of gratitude is a sign of emotional and psychological weakness that so many people are not aware of.

Never improving themselves 

This is the reason why mentally weak remain this way – their refusal to improve themselves. Developing a strong personality involves almost all aspects of your life.

There is a need to be physically fit, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally strong. 

Furthermore, improving your knowledge base which involves doing lots of reading and listening to role models and motivational speakers is also part of the process.

Always procrastinating 

Some people are aware of their weak mental state and know what needs to be done to improve themselves but they will always put it off for another day.

Procrastinating and giving excuse why you are yet to start working on yourself is the reason why you will always remain weak.

You are you know what needs to be done and yet you have refused to take steps in that direction.

Possible causes could be because of the lies and you have been telling yourself, your negative mindset about developing a strong mentality or you are just being lazy about it.

They believe being strong is for the few 

A wrong mentality is when someone believes that being strong is for the few. Maybe assume that strong personality is for people that are born with a healthy body or a huge physique.

Mental strength is different from physical strength. Though a strong personality and compasses almost all aspects of your life.

Having a strong personality has never been reserved for the very few because everybody deserves the right to achieve anything they want to achieve in their life.

We all have the right to be great and to make a positive impact in our world.

They have no boundaries 

When you have a weak personality people will not respect your boundaries rather they will encroach on your space take what belongs to you and also take you for a ride you don’t have the willpower to stand your ground and say no to things that are against your will rather you go with the flow because you have concluded that you lack the mental strength to fight for what belongs to you and to give your life the standard it deserves

They have no value and lack discipline 

People with have no value for themselves have proven that they have no regard for their own ability.

This is why they are easily disrespected by others. Lack of discipline is the reason why they cannot hold on to something good for a while.

Their inability to value themselves and stay discipline will always be visible by others that will take advantage of this weakness to control their lives.

Not honest with themselves

People with weak personality are never honest with themselves. If you accuse them of being weak, they will tell you that is how they are born and they have accepted the fact that they are unfortunate enough to be who they are.

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They have refused to realize the fact that mental strength is possible for anyone willing to work for it.

The lies they tell themselves drive how they are able to stay comfortable in their weak mental state.

Always looking for a shoulder to lean on 

One problem people with a weak personality have is not believing in their ability to take on a project and follow it through.

They don’t believe they can work on their own to achieve great things rather they will always look for someone to help them because they don’t have faith in themselves. 

I am not by any means saying you will not need help at certain times in your life or you don’t need a team to succeed, I am talking about the inability of a person to believe in himself and his ability to take steps before joining a team with the same mindset and common goals.

Overdependence on assistance shows that people with a weak personality lack faith in themselves.

They feel strong personality is about perfection

People with a weak mentality have a wrong mindset about being strong.

They assume that having a strong personality is about being perfect and well-rounded in all aspects of life.

They feel mentally strong people are born lucky, under the right conditions with the right opportunities -which how they are able to achieve so much.

This wrong assumption deters them from making efforts to improve themselves.

How do you overcome a weak personality? 

The first step towards overcoming a weak personality is by realizing your weaknesses and believing you can become a better version of yourself.

It is only possible that you remain a weak person if you have surrendered to your weakness and believe that you can never be strong mentally.

A change in this mindset is the only key to find the possible ways to overcome your weaknesses.

You don’t have to start big or follow hundreds of rules daily, all you have to do is take daily little steps to become a better person.

Yeah, little steps to take to overcome mental weakness

  • Start now 

There is no better time to overcome a weak personality if not now. Procrastination is another sign of weakness and it means that you have been putting off improving yourself for a while.

The best time to make a decision and follow it through is now because your ability to overcome procrastination is the first step to developing a strong personality

  • Set measurable goals 

You are just starting out so overburdening your mind with all the steps you need to develop a strong personality might weigh you down.

It might make you think that it is impossible or too difficult to develop a strong personality. I’ll rather advise you to set up short personal goals that you can achieve. Taking little steps one at a time will accumulate to bigger steps. Over time you will see how huge your improvements are.

  • Stop comparing yourself with others 

One character trait of a weak personality is the act of constantly comparing yourself to others.

It proves that you don’t believe in yourself and use other people’s standards for yourself which is a wrong thing to do.

Another great effort you will make to developing a strong personality is by staying focused on yourself rather than looking using others as a mirror to measure your ability and strength.

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We are all different and can never be the same and so are our weaknesses and strengths.

Identifying these weaknesses in you and working on them is what you need and not looking unto others and using their lifestyle as a measuring standard to live your life.

  • Celebrate little progress

You might not be successful at the beginning and you will make little mistakes once in a while.

With that said, you will still make little progress. Do not ignore these small positive steps, rather celebrate them and give yourself a pat on the back.

With this mentality, you can only do better with your efforts to becoming a mentally strong person.

  • Be grateful

You can develop a strong personality if you’re not grateful for the life you have and for the person you are.

Appreciating yourself is very important because that is how you can develop self-confidence and walk comfortably in your skin.

Gratitude has always been an important aspect of life and its importance remains relevant in every sphere of life, especially with personal development.

  • Never stop learning

There is no endpoint with developing a strong personality and growing in life has never had a know-it-all point.

There are so many books to be read and so many inspirational speakers to listen to. In other words, you can never stop learning and developing yourself.

This is the same with overcoming your weak mentality – you can never be the strongest of all and you can never be perfect; rather, one must continue on the path of constant personal development.

Can a mentally weak person become strong?

It is very possible for a mentally weak person to become strong. It all depends on their willingness to build positive habits.

You have to learn to stay focused on your intentions while developing positive behaviors and habits.

Habits are created when daily efforts are made in developing them. Whether it is good or bad, a person can only develop a weak personality because of his daily activities and personal efforts. Whether you realize it or not, likewise, you can develop a strong mentality if you apply conscious daily effort to developing the positive traits that make up this personality.

There is nothing impossible when it comes to developing a positive personality.

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