Top 10 most effective techniques to keep your boyfriend!

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Top 10 most effective techniques to keep your boyfriend!

Wondering how to keep her boyfriend? If you are in a relationship, this may be one of the questions that concerns you the most! 

It is true that it is sometimes difficult to know what to do to keep control of your relationship, and to perpetuate the attraction that originally existed between two people. Do not panic however, we will give you all our tips to make your relationship last longer!

You will find that it only takes a few simple techniques to rekindle the flame between the two of you. In a few days, if you apply our advice, you will be able to form a united couple with your partner again.

In a relationship, when routine sets in, the temptations can be great for a man to look elsewhere, or simply to give up the ship. Put the odds on your side so that this does not happen to you! 

We will give you our 10 most effective techniques to maintain your relationship and your love affair.

How to keep your boyfriend: when the routine sets in

For a couple, at some point, it is normal for a routine to set in. If you’ve been living together for some time, and you each have your own activities, it may be normal to notice that a certain monotony sets in in your relationship. 

However, if you want to preserve your child and keep your partner by your side, it is your duty to do everything possible to preserve your history. A few attentions and tender gestures can make the difference between the two of you!

In this article, we will tell you about this list of the 10 most erasable methods to preserve your relationship:

  1. Break the monotony.
  2. Surprise him.
  3. Make sure you are to your advantage to please him.
  4. Play on jealousy.
  5. Make time for two.
  6. Don’t let go of your sexuality.
  7. Show him that you can work hard for him.
  8. Test it out.
  9. Plan outings with his friends.
  10. Tell him you care.

Top 10 techniques for knowing how to keep your boyfriend

Are you ready to discover our list of the most effective techniques to keep your partner by your side, as in love as on the first day? We present them to you without further delay!

1. Make sure to break the monotony

What can have the most detrimental impact on a couple is monotony. However, it is quite normal that some sort of routine sets up between you after a while. You have your schedule, your schedules established between your work and your various activities. 

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All this reassures you, but it is also what could endanger your relationship.

To fight against the monotony that sets in, vary the activities. Embark on something new, a new adventure for both of you. Make sure to do things together, to leave this routine and find yourself as before.

2. Surprise him

To keep your relationship as strong as a first day, surprising your partner is always a good thing. Every day, make him little surprises, which will show him that you care for him, even in a busy daily life. 

It could be a bottle of his favorite wine, a new scarf or a homemade dessert. All these little touches will show him that you care!

For bigger surprises, planning outings or even romantic vacations could be good ideas! He will see that you are putting effort into your relationship, and if he is sensitive to it, he will certainly do the same too.

3. Put yourself to your advantage to please him

Of course, you are not meeting for the first time, and your partner is used to seeing you on a daily basis. He knows you, you no longer need to put everything on your side to impress him. He loves you as you are, that’s why you are the one he chose.

However, this does not mean that you do not have to make an effort to please him, on the contrary! 

It is very important to keep that sparkle in his eyes when he sees you. He should always feel that crush when he stands by your side. 

For this, make efforts on your dress, wear the hairstyle that pleases him and make yourself beautiful to please him. He will inevitably notice it!

4. How to keep your boyfriend: play on his jealousy

It is a technique less often used than the others, and which can nevertheless bear fruit. Indeed, if you play on jealousy, you could attract your partner to you again. 

It is not, however, a question of going too far, and injuring him with another man. You should just remind her that you are desirable and that someone else might curry favor with you.

To do this, answer by smiling at the men who are looking at you. Show yourself closer if someone approaches you in the evening, or adopt light physical contact with certain male members. 

You will quickly see how your companion reacts to this! It could be the booster shot he needed to hug you!

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5. Make time for just the two of you

Sometimes it can be important that you can get together. This is especially the case if you have a busy daily life, and therefore have little time to spare in your days. 

However, even if you see each other regularly, a change of atmosphere and universe could also be good for your relationship. It’s a way to find yourself somewhere else, and to rediscover each other in this new place, just the two of you.

No need to go very far or very long! A weekend is enough to rekindle the flame. You will each need to focus on the other, and this may bring you closer together.

6. Don’t give up on your sexuality

Even when you’ve been together for a long time, you shouldn’t forget or put aside your privacy. For the well-being of your couple, it is therefore important to make efforts to keep this proximity, and this mutual attraction.

In the routine, you could lose this habit, it is quite normal. However, make efforts to come to him, or set up games and dates to regain your sexual appetite from the beginning. 

You will see that this can only do good for your couple! Little by little, you will find your previous bond. You will both be much more relaxed, more inclined to walk hand in hand.

7. Show him that you can work hard for him

If your story doesn’t seem to be working as well as it did before, it may be because of behaviors on your part that hurt your partner. Repeated actions that annoy her, a lack of attention on your part, repeated reproaches… All of this could create tension and estrangement on the part of your man.

To prevent it from taking on a bigger scale, make sure you put effort into those points that your partner no longer likes. 

Show him that you can grow and adapt, that for him, you can do these few efforts. He will certainly see them, and you will find pleasant moments to share together.

8. How to keep your boyfriend: test him

Yes, test it, you read that right! This will allow you to discover your partner’s real needs, what he expects from you, and what he thinks about your relationship. 

You will be able to leave even more in love than before in your relationship, or to end a story that no longer brings you anything mutually.

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For this, offering a short pose can be an effective way to test your partner. Do you know the effect of radio silence on humans? 

This technique, well known to women, will allow you to attract him to you again if he is still in love!

9. Plan outings with friends

To continue to please your spouse, and keep him to yourself, you must also show him that your goal is not to deprive him of his social life. 

If he sees that you get along well with his entourage, and that you even organize parties with his own friends, he will naturally feel good with you.

He won’t feel like he’s suffocating in an exclusive relationship, he’ll feel free to do whatever he wants, at any time. He will also see that you are making an effort to fit into his group of friends!

10. Remind him that you care

Finally, one of the most obvious ways to know how to keep your boyfriend is to tell him that you care. Remind her everyday that you love her. 

Give him compliments, point out what you love about him, and what he does well with you.

Be close to him, be attentive to his emotions and feelings. He must feel that you are supporting him, that he can count on you. It is a bond that must remain strong between you, so that your relationship can remain solid over time.

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