The personality traits of a faithful partner

Posted by John Anumba

Researchers Menelaos Apostelou and Rafaella Panayiotou from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus carried out a project in which they wanted to identify the reasons why some people cheated on their partner and others not. To do this, they interviewed 40 men and women about why a person would choose not to cheat on their partner.

The 47 reasons drawn from these questions were analyzed by a team of 600 people and reduced to 8 categories. So here are the 8 reasons why someone would choose to be faithful or, what amounts to the same thing, the 8 traits that characterize faithful people.

1.They are happy in their relationship

It is the most obvious and, in addition, the most representative. People who were more confident in not cheating on their partner said they felt comfortable with their partner, loved them and didn’t want to lose that relationship.

In addition, in this category, a gender difference was proposed. Women are the most likely to cite this reason as the main reason not to cheat.

2. They feel guilty if they hurt

The second most important reason not to fool someone is guilt. Worshipers said they did not want to lie or lead a double life and that they would be ashamed of themselves if they were unfaithful.

As in the first point, more women than men said that the fear of feeling guilty would cause them to lose their footing when tempted.

3. They fear infidelity from their partner

The third largest group of respondents said they would not cheat on their partner because they feared being paid with their coin change.

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4. They have no temptation

A smaller percentage of respondents said they never cheated because their partners didn’t give them a reason to cheat or because they didn’t meet anyone who attracted them enough to cheat.

5. They don’t want separation

The fifth group argued that fear of their partner’s reaction when they found out about infidelity was the main reason they wouldn’t cheat.

6. They appreciate their role

We all have a “role” in our most intimate circles (family, friends, partner) and most of us seek to maintain it. A small group of respondents said that fear of having their image altered in their private environment would keep them from doing so. This has happened, for example, in cases of belonging to a religious or traditional environment.

7. Avoid conflicts

We include different types of issues here, ranging from the sticky situation of revealing infidelity to a couple, telling a loved one you’ve broken up, to treating a sexually transmitted disease. .

8. Protect your public image

The smaller group said that the main obstacle to infidelity would be the view that the larger circles (work, classmates,…) and society in general would have of him.

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