The characteristics of organized people personality trait

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What are the characteristics of a organized personality? What are the traits you see in organized people?

Without being well organized, it is easy to waste time during the day.

Your environment, your planning and the way you work have a great influence on the progress of your tasks.

Here are 7 tips for an organized personality that will help you with your daily tasks and help you progress at a fast pace.

1. No more than 5 important tasks per day

For maximum efficiency , it is better not to schedule more than 5 important tasks per day.

However, if you manage very brief activities, you can add more to your list. But remember to plan your most important tasks for the day first.

2. Do a little at a time

Break demanding and complex activities down into small, easily achievable pieces.

Even if you are working on big projects, your actions have to be affordable if you want to get things done.

It may seem trivial like that, but these little actions put together ultimately lead to big results.

Do not doubt it. Taking baby steps is a great way to learn to organize yourself and not procrastinate.

3. Estimate the time needed for each task

To make steady progress in your projects, you must try to estimate precisely how long each of your tasks takes.

It’s really frustrating to take 3 hours to do something you thought you could do in half an hour!

Get in the habit of noting how long you take in different activities. You can refer to it later when a similar situation arises.

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For new activities, see if you’ve done anything similar before, which you can use as a reference.

If you see a big difference between the estimate and the actual time you put in, try to figure out what’s wrong so you can do better next time.

If you are often short on time, consider whether you are strict enough about interruptions . Did you properly assess all of the items needed to complete the task?

Remember that the more people involved in completing a task, the more likely it is that there will be delays.

When assessing a task, keep Parkinson’s law in mind:We almost always take all of our time to complete a task, even though it may be completed faster.

4. Be ambitious, but don’t overload yourself

Everyone would like to have productive and busy days , and to leave their job feeling like they have accomplished something, that they have done what is necessary.

Don’t do more than you can actually do. When you’re in great shape, you tend to add a few extras to your agenda to test your limits.

Instead, use the time you have left to savor your success and do what you love!

You will see, it is one of the most motivating “drugs”.

5. Schedule only 60% of your time

If you want to accomplish everything you set out to do, schedule no more than 50% or 60% of your time.

There are always unforeseeable events happening. Set aside the rest of your day to deal with emergencies, interruptions, lack of concentration, and fatigue.

6. Review your plan

Make a habit of reviewing your plan regularly, at least once a week.

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Did you accomplish everything that was planned? What activities were you unable to do? Why ?

Analyze your week and draw conclusions. Carry over to the next day what you couldn’t do today, or delegate or eliminate it if that is no longer meaningful.

Here’s an example of a review you can set up to keep control of your tasks and projects:

  • Today’s to-do list: to be reviewed as many times as necessary during the day.
  • Weekly to-do list: review once a day
  • List of current projects: to be reviewed once a week

Once a week, on Friday afternoon or Sunday evening for example, prepare for the coming week. What tasks do you need to accomplish? What project milestone should we move forward on?

In short, define the results you should have achieved by the end of next week.

7. Finish each task before moving on to another

Whenever possible, complete each task before moving on to another. Doing one thing at a time is more efficient than multitasking and jumping from one task to the next.

This will prevent you from dispersing.

It will also save you from having to go back to a task you haven’t worked on for a long time. Because you will have to find the documents, familiarize yourself with them, prepare everything you need, and finally get started … which consumes a lot of time.

Studies have shown that after a break, it can take up to 20 minutes to fully regain its effectiveness. Which shows the time and energy wasted every time someone disturbs us or stops a job.

So, to save time, try to finish what you start as much as possible.

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And if you really have to stop in the middle of a task, block in your calendar now when you are going to resume it.

It’s your turn

Developing an organized personality is a matter of habit and method.

By applying the right principles, you can quickly improve your organization and work better.

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