The characteristics of modest people personality trait

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You don’t have to be too shy, silent, or holy to be a modest personality. You just need to avoid bragging about yourself and know how to make others feel good about who they are. And in addition to being modest, you will be considered a good listener and, moreover, a down-to-earth person!

Compliment others. Part of being a modest personality is about recognizing the strengths of others. If you’re not modest, you probably don’t even realize that other people have so much to offer because you are so focused on you, you, you, you all the time. So the next time you’re hanging out with people, give them some heartfelt compliments that show you’ve thought about who they really are.

Only share your accomplishments with the people who really care. You don’t have to keep your success completely to yourself to be a modest personality. You just have to choose who really cares what you have to say, who really supports you, and who is really close to you and who cares about your success. It might just be your spouse, your mom, your best friend, or your little circle of friends. It is very good. Better to tell someone who really cares than to brag to ten people who don’t care.

I don’t agree without making people feel uncomfortable. Being a modest personality doesn’t mean agreeing with what everyone says all the time. But that does mean you have to know how to disagree with people without shaming them. If you just say “You are wrong” or “Let me tell you how it really is …” people will think that you are stubborn, that you are full of yourself and that you don’t want to listen to them. others have to say. Instead, be open-minded and know how to voice your opinion.

Don’t put yourself down too much either. This can be confusing. First, are you told not to build yourself up, but then, are you told not to put yourself down? What is happening ? While you should avoid bragging about how amazing you are, if you belittle yourself too much then people will think you are playing the part just to have someone stop and tell you how awesome you are.

Don’t talk too much about your amazing relationship. Sure, you’re in the cloud with your new romance, but does that mean that Lula, your sixty-year-old co-worker going through a painful divorce, has to hear all about it? Keep the most special parts of your love to yourself instead of posting a million photos of you kissing your loved one on Facebook, showing off the new necklace he gave you, or just talking about how you are so in love.

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Accept compliments with grace. Another aspect of modesty is knowing how to accept a real compliment. Don’t say, “That’s not true…” and then sit down. Instead, keep it simple. Say something like, “Thanks, I really appreciate you saying that. Show the person that you accepted the compliment and that you are not going to fight it and disagree.

Be aware of what you are worth in front of others. Studies show that being a modest personality means being aware of how your accomplishments and qualities stack up against those of others. Only then can you realize that you have a lot to be grateful for, and you shouldn’t make others feel uncomfortable about it. If you know you look like a runway model, don’t complain about your stringy hair to others; if you know you are the most talented actor in your studio then don’t talk about your insecurity.

Just remember not to appear or be too modest. Modesty can be a positive trait that helps you make friends, gain respect at work, and improve relationships. Don’t let people walk all over you because you’re so busy being a modest personality that you don’t even get recognition for what you’ve accomplished, and you’re neglected in your workplace or in the dating arena. Consequently.

Thank people for all their help. Saying “thank you” and showing gratitude can go a long way to make you appear modest. If you are a modest personality, you should be grateful to all the people who make your life better and who are there to support and help you no matter what. Make sure these people know how much they mean to you and that you always remember to thank them for what they do, or just because they do it.

Avoid flashy accessories. Being a modest personality also means not acting or appearing to be better than others. So that $ 1000 Prada handbag or those expensive diamond earrings might have to go if you want to look modest in front of other people. It’s good to own pretty things and take them out every now and then, but if you’re bringing in electronics, jewelry, watches, shoes, and whatever else you can think of for $ 5,000, then other people will raise their eyebrows.

Realize what others have before you open your mouth. It’s about knowing your audience. Make sure you don’t accidentally annoy or hurt others with your careless comments. If you have a great relationship, don’t give your best friend full details if she’s upset that you can’t find the right guy; if you only have a small setback at work, only talk to your unemployed brother if you want to shame him.

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Give others credit for your accomplishments. Let’s say you completed an amazing project at work, but did it with the help of other people. When your boss thanks you for your killer work, what do you say? “I know I broke my ass! ” Absolutely not. Instead, you say, “I couldn’t have done it without Sarah and Michael. They have been a great help to me. This shows that you are aware of the hard work of others and that you do not want to take all the credit for the hard work of others.

Dress modestly. That doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’ve just arrived in America on the Mayflower. However, if you want to be modest, you should avoid clothes that are too showy and draw too much attention to you. Wearing obscene graphic t-shirts, neon colors, zebra or leopard designs might not be your best choice. Wear something that shows off your best features without actually showing off everything.

Avoid talking about how much money you have. It is not modest to talk about your wealth, what you have, what you will have, the importance of your increase or anything that has to do with your general wealth. Talking about how much money you have makes you seem like you’re obsessed with yourself and just annoys other people. You can be proud of the money you’ve earned, if you’ve earned it, and you can share your wealth with your family or anyone you support, but that doesn’t mean perfect strangers will be happy to hear. talk about your big wallet.

Practice humility. Humility is part of modesty. To be humble, you have to accept your limits and know that there is a beautiful, infinite, complicated world and that you are not the master of it. Be in awe of nature, your surroundings, your mentors and the world at large and see that you really aren’t the best, brightest, sexiest person to ever walk on Earth.

Have a modest personality body language. If you want to be modest, you have to look like the part. Don’t stand on top of people, shake your hands wildly when making a gesture, touch people you barely know too confidently, or stand with your hands on your hips with a huge maniacal grin planted on your face. Just stand with good posture, smile when the occasion calls for it, and keep your hands to the side.

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Don’t dominate a conversation. Immodest people are comfortable talking all the time, taking complete control of a conversation, and often talking about themselves. Who wants to know everything about YOU 24/7? Most likely, no one at all. There is nothing wrong with stepping in or taking over when you have something interesting to say, but if you can’t seem to let a conversation flow in your direction and start interrupting people to discuss what you have done, then you lack modesty in service.

Don’t discuss your ten most amazing qualities. If you want to be modest, don’t mention how beautiful, impressive, smart, smart, outgoing or whatever, unless you want to be seriously boring. Saying things like “I know I’m a handsome man” or “I know literature better than anyone in this room” is just annoying, even if you really think those things are true.

Enter a room with modesty. If you are a modest personality, you shouldn’t walk into a room like you own it and start chatting like the belle of the ball. Walk into a room with confidence and calmly wave or hug people, but don’t show off or throw your hands up and shout, “The party is here! “. The way you behave, especially when entering a new environment, can influence your modest appearance.

Don’t brag about what you’ve accomplished in front of everyone in your orbit. The first rule of thumb to be a modest personality is to avoid bragging about even if you’ve done something right. Maybe you finished the New York City Marathon, maybe you got a new promotion, or maybe you just closed on an amazing new home. These are all great things and you should be proud of what you have done, but to be a modest personality is not to brag. You can share your successes if they happen, but don’t show them to anyone.

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