The Characteristics of an Independent Personality

Posted by John Anumba

What are the characteristics of an independent personality? What are the traits you see in people that are independent in their way of life?

To start with we have to realize that an independent personality is a positive and healthy personality and any positive traits accompanying it can be seen as healthy to the development of our minds and body.

personality is a combination of all the factors that add up to build a person’s intellectual traits. Having a healthy or strong personality plays a key role in defining a person. The key to having a healthy personality is to find a balance with all of the elements that make up everyday life.

Traits of an independent personality

  • They are confident

You cannot say that you have an independent personality when you don’t have confidence as a character trait. I can assure you this is not possible. We talked about finding self-love that cannot be possible when you are not comfortable in your own skin. Furthermore, you can only be comfortable in your own skin when you have a good level of self-esteem.

There is a thin line between having an independent personality and having a strong personality. One cannot be said to exist without the other. When you have a strong personality, you can work alone and as well with a team. This can be said to be same with an independent personality.

  • They practice self-love

When you are independent in your mentality, you practice self-love because it proves that you don’t need someone else to feel good about yourself. You appreciate yourself and your efforts, give yourself rewards after a long day’s work and achievements and know what it takes to feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • They are optimists
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You cannot say you have an independent personality when you are always seeing the glass as half empty instead of half full. There is always a bright side of every situation even when it seems bad. Even when mistakes are made there is always something to learn to improve oneself – optimism is one strong character trait of an independent personality.

  • They are always open to learn

The willingness to improve one’s knowledge is another wonderful trait of an individualistic personality. Learning new things every day is one way of improving your self-love. Your vast knowledge and experience in life helps you become a great leader.

  • They don’t compare

Independent people never compare themselves to others. They don’t see the urge to fit into s group of people especially when their ways of life doesn’t match his

  • They hate being a burden

Independence can be described by your ability not to depend on someone or people as a way of life. This does not mean that you not need the cooperation of others at certain points in time in your life –  you just don’t want people grumbling of your disturbance when you come around.

  • They set boundaries

You cannot say that you can have an independent personality when you don’t set boundaries. As an independent person, you can be rest assured that people will always test your resolve and defense. It is left for you to set boundaries and enforce them. When you don’t, you will be taken for a ride.

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