The Characteristics of an Incisive Personality

Posted by John Anumba

What are the characteristics of an incisive personality? What are the traits you see in people that are incisive in their way of life?

To start with we have to realize that an incisive personality is a positive and healthy personality and any positive traits accompanying it can be seen as healthy to the development of our minds and body.

personality is a combination of all the factors that add up to build a person’s intellectual traits. Having a healthy personality plays a key role in defining a person. The key to having a healthy personality is to find a balance with all of the elements that make up everyday life.

Traits of an incisive personality

  • They know what they want in life

When we talk about an incisive personality we are looking at someone that is very direct in whatever he wants, feels or does.

These people are very direct and don’t sit on the fence with their decisions in life.

When you are incisive, you don’t procrastinate because you are clear on your goals, needs and wants.

  • They work for what they want

Having a clear cut knowledge of what you want is one thing, going after it with all your might is another. When you have an incisive personality, you will be proactive, you already know where you are going and you go for it with everything you’ve got.

Backing down is not something you know how to do because you will always find a way even when the journey is difficult.

  • They are focused in life
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It is not possible to go somewhere far in life and achieving your goals when you are not focused. Being focused is a strong character trait of an incisive personality.

I understand that you tend to experience highs and lows on the way but staying focused and motivated is another way to get to where you are going.

  • No time for chitchats

When you possess traits of an incisive personality, you will not have time for little things unless they matter. Chitchats and small talks are not your thing. You have a clear-cut goal to achieve and unless the topic of discussion is not related to it, you are rarely interested. That doesn’t mean you cannot have fun once in a while on separate topics, but you do know how to stay on point.

  • They see the ultimate goal

This is another way of staying focused, setting your eyes on the ultimate price. When you have an incisive personality, little things will not distract you because you see the ultimate goal.

  • Have a unique point of view

Because people with incisive personality think uniquely, they always do have a unique set of views. The eyes is always on the price so how they go about it makes them see things from a unique point of view.

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