The character traits of neat people personality

Posted by John Anumba

What are the characteristics of a nice personality?  What are the traits you see in people that are clean?

Before I go on to talk about a neat personality I like to calm your nerves down.

 If you’re used to looking through interior decorations and designs on Pinterest and interior decoration websites, you might think that you’re not doing enough to keep your home neat. But I want to calm you down because you might actually be doing the best you can and your home is in fact neat because you might actually be doing the best you can to keep your surrounding clean.

 Developing in neat personality takes work.  You have to be willing to work on yourself so as to become clean and manage your environment and your home better.

If you think you have a neat personality or you’re not sure, and want to learn more about each character traits then you’re in the right place because we are about to help you understand this topic better.

 Traits of a neat personality

  • A clean schedule

When you have a clean personality you will have a cleaning routine.  For some people they set aside a certain hour in a day to do their cleaning some resetting days in a week to do the cleaning but as long as you have your thing to keep your home clean and the environment also, you have a neat personality.

  • You clean a mess as it happens 

People with dirty personality don’t clean messes up the moment they see it. They will rather wait until they’re comfortable before they think of cleaning their environment.  But when you have a neat personality the moment you spot a mess you clean it up immediately.

  • Your guests respect you 
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If you develop the act of being neat, you will always make a good impression on your guests even without trying too hard.  Because you’re used to keeping your environment neat your guest will definitely respect your space.

  • Your cleaning tools and their space

 People with neat personality are organized.  Because they are organized they know how to keep their cleaning tools. It becomes easy to locate whenever it is time to clean their homes.

  • You stay clean all day long

Having a neat personality is not about having a specific time to clean your home or your surroundings. If you want to stay neat you stay neat all day long.

  • Your bed is your first task

 When you have a neat personality your bed is the first task you are attend to the moment you wake up from sleep.  Making your bed first thing in the morning put you in a state of mind that helps you clean the rest of your home and surroundings.

  • You seek help when necessary

If you have a neat personality you will always seek the assistance of family members or friends when necessary because maintaining a clean environment is very important for you.

 Now your turn

 From this list what do you think about yourself as a neat person?  Do you think you have a clean personality or do you think there are areas of your life that needs improvement?  Whatever your answer is do leave us a comment

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