Strong Personality At Work (What You Need To Know)

Posted by John Anumba

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to having a strong personality or dealing with a colleague that is presumed to have a strong personality in your workplace.

There is a difference between being a bully and having a strong personality.

Being dominating is just one of the traits of a strong personality but it is also not the same with having a dominant personality.

Having a strong personality has never been a bad thing because it is a sure way to success in almost all aspects of life and in any field.

They will definitely be so many challenges and tasks that demand you have enough mental strength to be able to scale through.

Without a strong personality, you might not be able to succeed.

If you have been given a team to lead, you need a strong personality to be able to pull through most of the challenges you will face.

Remember that sometimes, the challenges may come from a team member. 

It’s important you have the mental strength to keep up with the constant demands of leadership. 

How you are able to handle the task assigned to you and your team will determine how successful you will be.

This will now depend on how you are able to motivate your team members to remain high-spirited.

In that way, you can see that developing traits of a strong personality is very necessary for all members of a team.

How To Deal With A Strong Personality At Work

Whether it’s being part of a team or leading a team filled with strong personalities, it’s important to understand how to handle each and every one of them to avoid certain conflicts or misunderstandings.

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It is common to have this one member of the team that is always trying to dominate the rest, trying to have their voice heard at all times and trying to show that they are the best.

In a situation like that, it is necessary to apply wisdom when trying to handle them and most importantly, learn what the traits of a strong personality are and how you can develop them.

It is almost impossible to manage a team filled with strong personalities when you are not mentally strong yourself.

Have it in mind that these people know what it takes to get things done and they are barely ignored.

They know how to catch the attention of people around them if you don’t know how their minds work it might be impossible to coexist with them.

If this person is your colleague, it might just be necessary for you to have a side talk with him or her expressing your emotions clearly and why he or she should apply caution in their relationship with other members of the team.

And if this strong personality is your boss, it is necessary that you create options for yourself and constantly create avenues that will aid you avoid conflicts of interest.

Most times, people with a dominating personality as leaders often try to create little options for the team they lead making them feel like they are the focal points of that organization or team.

It is now left for you to work on creating more avenues and minimizing over-reliance on this person.

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What is necessary is that you will start working on yourself to develop character traits of a strong personality because it will help you understand the person you’re dealing with more and how to better handle him or her most times.

People with a dominating personality act the way they do because of an underlying psychological need. It is possible they are acting this way for attention or they might not be aware of what they are doing.

A person like this might not even realize that the people around him feel intimidated and dominated.

Trying to understand the underlying reason why people act this way we help you learn better ways to handle them.

If you are the leader of the team and you have one or two team members with a strong personality, working on yourself to be fully aware of the situation is the first step.

If this person tries to be pushy, you should create boundaries and politely cut them off where necessary. 

You need to create a balance between putting them in check and not make it seem like you have a beef with them.

Remember other members of the team can observe and see how you are handling the situation.

You want to find a balance between putting this person in check and respecting their input and emotions at the same time.

There are advantages of having people with a strong personality in your team because they are go-getters and love to succeed.

Their input can help your team grow and meet the targets set for you. 

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It’s all about directing their force in a way that is most productive for the whole team.

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