Should I call a girl who isn’t texting back?

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Calling her back if she doesn't text back

Should I call a girl who isn’t texting back?

When you text a girl and she’s not texting back, there are certain factors to consider before you decide to call her. 

These factors will determine if calling her is the best response or to just ignore her for a while.

If she’s someone you’ve been dating for a while and have regularly exchanged text messages with, her not responding to your text indicate quite a few things but the best response is not to call her back immediately.

If she’s someone you’re trying to get to go out on a date with you, then it’s possible that you’re not effectively using the text messaging technique.

You might need to use another method of reaching out to her or change the kind of messages to send to her.

I wrote two posts on how to ask a girl out.

The first post is about asking a girl out through text messages but it works well if you’ve known her for a while.

The other post is on just asking a girl out and it works well for a girl that you are just getting to know.

We will now take a look at a few reasons why you texted her and she doesn’t reply and the best response to each situation.  

Some will require you to call back to know what’s going on and for others, it will be best if you ignore her for a while.

Now let’s take a look at them

Reasons Why She Will Not Respond To Your Text And How To Respond

Calling her back if she doesn't text back-1

I understand that it can be frustrating when a girl you texted will not be replying.  It can be confusing because you don’t know what you did wrong and don’t know what the best response is to this situation.

Like I made mention earlier, there are situations where calling her back is the best option but also it can be a turn-off in certain situations.

Understanding why she’s not responding to your text is the most important factor to deal with being ignored.

Here are a few reasons why a lady will not respond to your text and the best response to get better results.

Something is going on in her life

Something going on in a girl's life

For this kind of lady, you’ve actually known her for a while and it is unusual for her not to respond to your text. If you’ve been a good friend to her, it is actually recommended that you call her if she has not been responding to your text.

It is very possible that something is going on in her life and she’s not in the mood to respond to a text message that is not related to her current challenge or can aid her with solutions to the problems she is currently facing.

Once again, it all depends on the kind of text you sent her and what you intend to achieve with it.  

If a woman has got some issues to deal with in her life,  responding to a text message that has to do with romance or dates is not one that she will get involved with.

Calling her at this point in time to find out if everything is okay will make lots of sense.

She might actually be busy

Calling her in this situation will depend on how long she has not been responding to your text messages.  

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If it is within the day and you texted her a couple of times and she’s not responding,  it is possible that she’s actually busy or like I said earlier has a thing or two going on in her life and wouldn’t feel like responding to your messages at that moment.

For a person that is actually busy, calling her might be a turn-off because she is not in the right state of mind to give you the response you would love to hear.

Actually, the best response will be to send another text letting her know that you understand that she’s busy and you hope that everything is okay. She should get back to you whenever she feels like talking.

This is important if you understand that this lady is a busy person.

You are not just her type

Calling her back if she doesn't text

Ignoring your text message is possible for someone you just met and trying to ask out on a date. 

Since she knows little or nothing about you, it is possible that she has concluded that you are not just her type and will see no reason to respond to your text messages.

It is also possible that you’ve known each other for a while but you are not the type of guy she sees herself getting emotionally entangled with.

It is not recommended that you call her back at this point in time because she might actually reject your call or block your number entirely.

Don’t want to seem like a weird guy trying to pester a lady into going out with you.

If you really like her that much and want her to be your girl,  the best method is to find out more about her, things she likes in her kind of man, or learn a few things from the kind of guys she finds attractive.

If the changes that are required in your life are positive ones like having a healthy body and improving your personality, it might make a lot of sense for you to apply those changes.

But if her desires in a man are superficial and of vain things, I would recommend you ignore her and go for ladies that deserve your time and effort.

She’s losing interest in you

This is a situation where she is someone you’ve been dating or hanging out with for a while. 

The worst thing you can do is to pester a lady that has lost interest in you.  It is possible that you’re not doing certain things right and she is seeing character traits she desires in a man in someone else.

It is to be expected that at a point in time in your relationship, your woman will certainly test you. How you handle such situations will determine if she will come back to you or leave you because you are a crying baby. 

If a woman is acting like she’s losing interest in you,  my best recommendation is that you go no-contact with her.

Ignore her entirely.  

Do not call or text her even when you are tempted to.

It is to be expected and after a while, she might start wondering why you have not reached out to her and thereby get her to start thinking of you again.

She’s most likely to come back to you.  But if she doesn’t, there is nothing you can do about you because she has long made up her mind to leave you.

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Constantly calling her or texting her is a sign that she is right for leaving you because you are not mentally and emotionally strong enough to handle her.

She doesn’t want to talk to you at that moment

Depending on what the situation is, it is possible that she doesn’t want to talk to you at the moment. Maybe she is just angry at you or she is indisposed at that moment.

For this situation, you have to text her to call you back when she’s less busy.

It is recommended that you give her some space and try again in a few hours or the next day depending on how close you are to her. 

She might have a good explanation for why she didn’t respond to your text earlier.

She is interested in someone else

Do not bother calling or constantly texting a lady that is interested in someone else.

From experience, I have come to see that once a woman has lost interest in the man and is emotionally interested in someone else,  there is nothing anyone can do about it.

You just have to let it play out and see where it leads.

She’s the only person that will come to terms with who she really wants to be with and decide to get back with you or focus on the new guy – that is if the new guy is actually interested in her.

It is possible that she is crushing on the guy from a distance and ignoring you for that moment.

Ignoring her saves you the emotional stress and gives you an opportunity to explore.

If she doesn’t succeed in getting the new guy she’s interested in and observes that you are emotionally stronger to have ignored her all this while,  she might reach out to you with an excuse or the other or an apology for not responding to text messages.

Calling her back if she doesn't text back-2

As a matter of fact, she will be impressed that you are willing to let her go whenever she behaves.

This is one of those moments where she would want to test your resolve as a man in the relationship.

It is important that you maintain a positive and strong mental outlook or else you might lose out on this psychological battle.

You are locked in the friend zone

If you have been locked in the friend zone for a while, then texting her in a way that signals that you want to get serious with her might come out as awkward.

This is why it is important that you let the lady know what your intentions are early on or else you might find it difficult graduating from the friends level into something more serious.

If she’s not responding to your text message at this point,  do not bother calling.

I recommend you have a face-to-face chat with her to state your intentions. 

Give her some time to think about it and decide if she can allow herself to get more serious with you or not.

Don’t force it by sending more text messages or calling her often. You might spoil the ultimate plan/endgoal.

You text her too often

Some people are known to be text messaging tyrants. They bother people with their text messages and continuously texting when they don’t get any response.

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If you’re this kind of person then it is recommended that you stop and not call her back.

You want to minimize the number of texts you sent to her or else you might be seen as a stalker.

Calling her back either is also not a wise move to make.

You just have to learn to control your text messaging consistency and find a better and effective way to reach out to a person you want to take out on a date.

It is possible that your constant texting is a turn-off to her and she is not interested in being with a person like you.

You are getting too serious too fast

It might come as a surprise to a girl you just met if you’re asking for a date too early on. 

If she loves taking things slow,  sending her a text message too often or about going on a date might come as a surprise to her and she might not respond.

It is possible that she did not respond to your text message because she doesn’t know how to turn you down or she thinks you’re becoming too serious too fast.

It is not recommended that you call her back rather, you might send her another text message downplaying your earlier request.

You can apologize if you came out as too serious earlier and let her know that it is okay to slow things down and get to know each other better.

I hope that I’ve been able to touch on the aspect that concerns you and helps you understand why she is not responding to your text messages.

With women,  getting them to go on a date with you is very possible, and minimizing your rate of being rejected has a lot to do with understanding the lady and timing.

Sending the text at the right time increases your chances and responding properly when you are being ignored also helps with your cause.

It all depends on how you handle the situation and knowing the best way to go about it.

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