Should I ask her out again if she said she was busy?

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Should I ask her out again if she said she was busy

Because she was busy and refused to go out with you doesn’t mean that you should give up on her and not try again.

In fact, if you’re the kind of person she wants to hang out with she will definitely go out with you when she is less busy.

It’s not meant for you to identify her free periods and make her the offer on those days of the week where you know she’ll be less busy.

That said, a girl that truly digs you will definitely make time for you.

Most times, in order not to sound rude, ladies use being busy as an excuse to turn down a guy.

It is possible that she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or make it obvious that she doesn’t want to hang out with you.

If this is a girl you know very well and you understand her schedule, then it is now left for you to decipher if she’s really busy or making up excuses.

If you’re someone she doesn’t know that well, she might need a little time to get to know you before deciding to go out on a date with you.

But whatever the case might be, using being busy as an excuse is not a reason for you to give up.

You can definitely ask her again or find out when she’s less busy.

When being busy is just an excuse

Like I mentioned earlier, a woman using being busy as an excuse can come with a lot of reasons.

She actually is not busy but has a reason and is using it as an excuse to get you to back off.

Let us now take a look at some of them.

She is not into you

When a woman is not into you

This is simple and straight, when a lady is not into you and doesn’t want to sound rude, she will tell you that she’s too busy and will not be able to go out with you.

To come up with multiple excuses why her job or business will not provide her the chance to go out on a date with you and make you see reasons not to disturb her again with your advances.

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Depending on how much you enjoy being with this girl, you can either back off or change the method you use in approaching her for a date.

She is already committed

A committed lady
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It’s almost difficult to get a girl that is committed to a serious relationship to go out with you.

Of course, she  respects the feelings of her partner and would not want to spoil the solid relationships they have built together over the months or years.

The reason for not turning you down directly is because she is trying to respect your feelings and doesn’t want you to feel bad if she gets direct with you.

A lady that respects your feelings enough to give you an excuse shows that if not that she is already taken, there is a chance that she might go out on a date with you.

You can either deal with this fact and let her go or still, hang around, who knows, her current partner might mess the whole thing up and you have your chance

She is still checking you out

When a lady is checking you out.

When a lady is still checking you out and unsure of the kind of person that you are, she might use being busy as an excuse to keep you at bay.

She doesn’t want to say no directly and push you away but she also wants you to stick around so she can make up her mind on if you’re the kind of guy she really wants to be with or not.

She can go further to give you a future date of when she might be less busy. 

These dates are usually known to come with some level of uncertainty.

At the appointed date, she might have made up her mind either to go out with you or not to go out with you.

If she goes out with you then no problem, if she doesn’t, she can still claim she is still busy and promise to go out with you when she’s not.

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She wants to know how serious you are

Wants to know how serious you are

These are the type of ladies that are proving hard to get and checking you out to know how serious you are about being with them.

There are many tricks a lady can pull to test a man’s seriousness about being with her.

Claiming to be very busy is just one of them.

It’s at this point in time that you are to persevere and keep doing your best to convince her that you are the kind of guy she won’t regret hanging out with.

The good news about this excuse is that she really likes you but doesn’t want to come off as being cheap.

The ball is now in your court to convince her that she’s not.

She is testing you

One thing is to tell you she’s busy because she wants to play hard. Another thing is to test you and know your reaction to some of her characters.

If she’s actually a busy person, she might not want to know how you are able to handle her busy schedule and if you’re okay with it.

She also wants to know if you feel threatened by her success, that is, if she’s a career lady that is ready for a relationship but also values her job.

Women test their partners all the time knowingly and unknowingly. In a situation like this, it is possible that she is also testing you to know how you are able to handle her rejection.

When she is truly busy

If you’re dealing with a lady that is really busy, then getting her to go out with you on a date demands some level of innovation.

Going out on a date might not be as you planned it.

You can offer to get her favorite meal from her favorite restaurant, packaged and brought to her place of work.

That is if you’ve known her for a while and have some information about some things she loves or hate.

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Maybe both of you can have a nice meal together during her break time or late after work at her place or in her office.

It is important that you show some level of understanding about her kind of job and busy schedule.

Some women appreciate this fact in a man that is willing to adjust to their busy schedule especially when she values her job or career a lot.

At this moment, if you have an issue with her busy schedule and you are able to show understanding and adjust, it is very possible to get her to give you a trial and make out time to go out with you when less busy.

Your desire not to give up and keep trying again proves that you really like the lady and you’re willing to do what it takes to get her attention.

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