Read these signs that show she’s interested in you

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Read these signs that show she's interested in you

In this post, you will learn a few signs that let you know that a girl loves you, but there is more.

She might act like a child, sitting in her corner watching you or she may be unable to contain her excitement.

But that’s not it, there are a lot of other signs a girl shows when she really cares about you.

And in this post, you will know how to react to her whenever she shows another sign that she loves you, so that you can make the perfect impression on her.

She is more attentive to you

So this tip is to understand the signs that a girl loves you, especially if she is hanging out with you and is a friend. 

It turns out that, in most cases, girls end up liking a guy on the same team at work, or end up falling for friends in the same group.

So, does a girl in your party seem to have a thing for you?

It might just be the first sign, and it might not be a rock record, but it might be a start by figuring out if there’s anything more than just friends on her mind.

When she’s with you, is she leaning a little too close, or looking at no one other than you, when there’s a group meeting? Those are all those little signs that matter. 

And if she doesn’t have a cozy place for you, then you’ll find that she just wouldn’t be able to take her eyes off when you are giving a presentation or making a point in front of others. This is the only time she can eat you without getting caught!

What you should do

Oh, now that you’re all excited, keep it in your pants! There really isn’t any solid evidence that she likes you. If she looks at you so deeply it burns your underwear.

So take this slowly, watch how she talks to you, and start having more conversations with her. Take it slow and see if there is reciprocity on her part. 

Especially with a friend or coworker, you should never take your luck this far or things could get very uncomfortable between you. 

How to know if a girl loves me

What if you are sitting in your armchair in a cafe, waiting to meet a friend when you catch a girl giving you one of those fleeting looks that disappear in a second?

You look up to her every now and then, and you will find that she is looking back now and then.

So, would she want you to come talk to her, or would she like to keep busy looking around?

How do you know if a girl loves us and would like you to approach her?

These fine tips should help you when it comes to flirting games and getting girls to take the first step. And the best part, we’ll tell you the right thing to do at the right time.

She keeps looking at you

Read these signs that show she's interested in you-2

If you’re in a club or a cafe, and find a girl looking straight at you every now and then, and turning her face away every time you look at her, there’s definitely something in the air, and it might. also be a crush. There’s a good chance you’ve got something funny stuck on your face, but if she blushes or looks away every time you try to catch her gaze, then that’s a good sign! 

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What you should do

She may only be a little too shy and reserved, and may require a bit of action on your part to warm her up. Instead of showing your confidence by walking straight towards her, give her some time. Smile and blush enough, and make her feel special and nice inside.

A straightforward approach can only shock her and she can unintentionally lift you away. You can tell this girl loves you so why waste the moment. You too can join her in the “fleeting glances” game for a while, and approach her, when she’s ready for it.

She exaggerates

Everyone has a happy little child within themselves, even a girl who teases you. Remember the days when you were a little boy and ogle a little girl? She turns all red and squirms and whenever it’s possible for her to strut in front of you, she’s going to do it no matter if her friends are laughing at her.

Now that you are a big boy and she is a taller, well endowed girl, you may think that she behaves differently. But sometimes her kidish side can still be present. If you are in a restaurant or club, she may walk past you to get to the ladies room or exit, even if it’s a longer way. And when she does, she may even give you a shy smile that will likely melt your beating heart.

What you should do

Look, if she wants to play kids games, show her that you too are a pro at this. If she can walk past you, why not walk past her? Even before you notice it, you might be doing a bit of flirtation dancing like the lovebirds they show on “Animal Planet,” which can be giddy-horny.

The best way to approach women in these situations is by using the possibilities to approach her. If she’s standing at the ice cream counter, you can also walk next to her for an ice cream, can’t you? You might suggest getting her ice cream, and you know what’s going to happen next, a long conversation! Or if you’re at a club you can just say, “I’ve heard this club serves the best wasabi mojitos.”

It doesn’t matter what you say, as long as you say something. If she is far from showing any signs, then you can tell if a girl likes you. Really, you know she’s waiting to talk to you too.

She is excited to talk to you

She enjoys talking to you

Now, if you’ve ever spoken with this girl once and you cross paths in her place, like a cafe or even in your office lobby, is she excited to talk to you? Here, “excite” does not mean a “hi” with a smile, we are talking about a big smile, and a sparkle in her eyes that light up her whole face. It’s unintentional, but when a girl is happy to see you, she shows it.

How do we know if she loves us? Well, if she really loves you, you might find that she’s standing a tad too close in your comfort zone, which is a great sign if you love her back.

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What you should do

So how are the conversations between the two of you? Is she glad she bumped into you, and wants to keep talking with you, adding a flirty laugh every now and then? Obviously, you would know if she behaves more than in a friendly manner, so make the best use of that.

Tell her how happy you are to see her, and the best thing you can do about these chance encounters is, invite her on a date! Tell her that you liked talking to her and wanted to do it again, and that you would like to meet her off campus or outside of office hours when there are no distractions. In fact, tell her you really, really wanna see her again!

Ask if she could meet you for coffee in the evening, or the next day. A cafe can quickly turn into a romantic candlelight dinner!

It becomes more personal

Does she want to know everything about you, even if you’re just friends? And most importantly, she asks you if you have a girlfriend? This nagging question is a sure hit that proves she has feelings for you. These are signs that a girl loves you. Why would a young girl want to know if a guy has a girlfriend out of the blue, unless she wants to take that niche? But then again, she might just be curious. So move on to the next part.

Does she ask you things that make it seem like a job interview at times, like what are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your spare time? What are the last films that you saw? What are your plans for the weekend? Etc. She may indeed want to have a date with you.

What you should do

First of all, what questions do you ask on your first date with a girl? You want to know their hobbies, passions, likes and dislikes, and so on. So isn’t she doing the same with you, asking you these questions?

Even if she doesn’t ask you to invite her on a date, it’s a subtle way to do it. She might be taken to asking you to come out or as well pave the way for you as a guest on a date. If the activity in question is dancing, watching movies or having dinner, then it is almost certain. You could definitely ask her out, but don’t have to embarrass her if she doesn’t want to make it obvious. 

You can keep this low-key and ask her if she’d like to go somewhere next weekend. Once you are on your date then you can get affectionate with her.

She compliments you all the time

Women don’t usually compliment men enough, not at least after they’ve passed their school years. So if you find that there’s a special girl complimenting you, your shirt, your tie, your shoes, or just you, all the time, there’s probably something sentimental on her mind, and you could love that. It’s a good sign that a girl loves you.

If she has a crush on you, her compliments can go beyond the regular ones, and be more personal. She may congratulate you on your body, your face, or something that makes you more likely to have her on a potential date. 

What you should do

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If she compliments you all the time, isn’t it obvious you need to compliment her too? So do that. And don’t be too strong about it. You want her to know that you love her back. Compliment her in such a way that she gets goosebumps when you say something.

When she is walking, or when she is in the elevator, walk up to her and give her a warm compliment. Whisper if you think she’s going to like that he has a lot of privacy between the two of you. Not only will this make your relationship much more intimate, it will also keep it exciting.

Girls love to flirt subtly, so keep your eyes peeled! 

She does this thing with her hair

Men are suckers for beautiful hair. All a girl has to do is throw her hands through her hair, and do “that thing” that all men know but can’t explain. Now, it can happen when you have already spoken to this girl, or when she is sitting in the room.

How do I know if she loves me? Was she smiling shyly at you with that look in her eyes, twirling her locks of hair or throwing them around her like in a TV commercial for shampoo? You can go!

What you should do

First of all, watch it. Is she doing it on purpose, knowing that you are hitting on her, or is she hitting you with her hair like at a rock concert. You really shouldn’t make a gesture towards her unless it’s you she’s been hitting on, if she isn’t already with you.

Watching her body language, is she doing something every time you look at her, or is she giving you the occasional look, now and after? If her body language sounds good then go for it, otherwise, maybe she’ll chase flies with her hair. 

She probably doesn’t want to flirt with you. If she’s already in a conversation with you, then smiles every time she does that, tell her, “My God, you look so beautiful when you do this thing with your hair …” or something like that. 

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