Pleasant People Personality and Character Traits

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What are the characteristics of a pleasant personality? What are the traits you see in people with pleasant personality?

Many people think they don’t need to be nice.

You’ve probably heard phrases like: “It wouldn’t cost a thing to be a little nicer!”.

Even the most introverted people need to be liked by others and acting like we don’t need anyone can only lead to negative consequences.

Being more pleasant with others facilitates relationships, integration into the group, reduces stress levels, and allows you to be more tolerant in general, even with yourself.

If you don’t like parties or meetings very much, being nice will help improve your mood and make you feel better.

It’s amazing how much can happen with a smile or a kind gesture, even with people who make a point of being unfriendly, sour, and obnoxious.

Try and you will see ”

Why should develop a pleasant personality?

People with pleasant personality are always surrounded by nice people. They have a developed social life and an active family.

Their opinion is always taken seriously, and they often find a good reason to organize a meeting or develop interesting participatory projects.

Their social skills as a strong trait of their pleasant personality allow them to have healthy relationships and they can count on others when they need it.


In the professional world, people with pleasant personality are those who have the best relations with their colleagues, their clients, and their users.

They are also the ones who get the best opportunities to deepen their careers.

They love their jobs and don’t accumulate much stress. In short, they feel very satisfied with what they are doing.

In general, being nice improves self-esteem and motivation, helps manage stress and simplify situations, as well as increases the chances of success, both personally and in the professional world.

How to be nicer to others

We can all be a little nicer. Incorporating certain habits into your daily life will help you be more sympathetic and improve your relationships with others.

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Don’t behave like a person who knows everything

Know-it-alls are very disagreeable people to others.

No one likes to be demeaned over and over again by someone who thinks they know everything as if someone might be in possession of the absolute truth.

Even if it was, if you want to develop traits of a pleasant personality, you need to moderate your words when speaking. If you are asked for something, answer frankly, but with the intention of providing information strictly, not to show that you have the science in it.

In this sense, avoid finding yourself in conversations with people who are giving ready-made truths or over-giving advice.

If you think you can help, join the conversation discreetly, ask the right questions, and make suggestions to help those in need.

Either way, if you really want to say what you know or what you are thinking about, do it in a way that people don’t feel overwhelmed, that they don’t feel bad.

Show them that you are ready to help them whenever they need it.

Don’t let your resentment escape

Many people let out totally inappropriate arguments and thoughts in a conversation, things that are totally irrelevant or inappropriate at the moment.

If you don’t want to sound rude, don’t let go of your resentment. A conversation is not an excuse to speak ill of someone.

Nice people do not gain the admiration of others by criticizing absent people or by showing their problems and negative feelings.

Nice people are liked by others precisely because they are trustworthy and not negative.

Don’t let people down and don’t let personal issues that affect you emotionally show up in a professional conversation, for example, especially if it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Be patient and listen to others

Even if you don’t like a conversation or what people say seems insignificant or even totally superficial, be patient and let them do the talking.

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Don’t let them see that the situation is upsetting you or that you are bored.


Many people find that having a pleasant conversation with others is enough to let them talk and limit themselves to asking questions that not only show interest but also keep others talking.

There is no better start to appearing better in the eyes of those around you.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with everything. Quite the contrary. You can use any excuse to opt-out if you no longer want to chat.

You can also try to avoid conversations that you don’t like in the future.

The key is simply not to make others feel like you are running away.

No one said it was nice or easy, but it is totally worth it.

Give compliments and watch the bright side of people

People like people who care about details and are generous with compliments.

Smiling at others once in a while, greeting them properly, asking them questions about their life, or pointing out a little detail in their existence will make your personality appear more pleasant.

When you care about them and give positive feedback, people subconsciously remember that you said nice things to them, even if they don’t necessarily remember what, and you look much nicer than you do. before.

On the other hand, if you smile sincerely at those around you all the time, you will come across as a nice person, even if they have never met you and only know you by reputation.

Be generous

There are many ways to be generous. Moreover, generosity is not just about money.

Either way, showing a genuine concern for others and getting involved in their lives is proof of a big heart.


Whenever you can, offer something more than what was asked of you.

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If you are in a business relationship, you can offer a little more products or a little more time, you can be less strict with the terms of sale, or you can do a little promotional giveaway.

Above all, be generous with children. Every little attention to them is viewed very positively by adults.

Asking others for a little something every now and then is also a good thing, as it makes them feel useful .

Additionally, when someone is evaluating whether or not to do something for us, their cognitive consistency prompts them to investigate whether we deserve it or not.

We have to be good enough to deserve it. It is an indirect way of gaining value for others, if we do it from time to time, in moderation.

If the other person stops doing us favors, it’s because they think we are no longer good enough to deserve them or that we are abusing them, and we will have to start from scratch.

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