Original proof of love: Show your feelings in a romantic way!

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Finding original proof of love is not always easy. You might lack the inspiration to surprise your partner and declare your love to him/her. No problem, we’re here to help! 

In the rest of this article, we will give you our tips for showing your love in an original way.

You will see that this will sometimes require little effort from you, and yet the result will surely meet your expectations!

An original proof of love: the importance of surprising within the couple

When you are in a relationship, it is important to always set up moments for two, or to express your love to the other person as soon as possible. This can help reassure him, and fight against the behavior of a jealous man .

Thanks to tender gestures and these proofs of love, you can also brighten up your daily life. It will help you get through the toughest times, find comfort in a rainy winter.

In addition, if you have been in a relationship for a while, these gestures of love could also allow you to get out of the routine. It can be new activities, or surprises for the loved one, which will allow you to get out of your daily life, to discover something else.

This will undoubtedly energize your relationship, to help make this flame that unites you last! For example, you could embark on activities to do as a couple , or any other kind of outing, which will allow you to find yourself in an environment different from your daily life.

Finding original proof of love: our ideas

You do not know what original proof of love could allow you to mark your partner? We have made a list of ideas for you to express your love. Chances are, the person you like won’t be able to resist you after these!

A book that touched you

Our first proof of love idea that you could do is give away one of the books that touched you the most. 

Do you like to read? 

Then you are certainly thinking of a particular book that you have read at some point in your life and that could have changed the way you look at things.

By giving this book to the person you love, you teach them to discover you. You give him a piece of yourself, and you encourage him to discover what is important to you. Subsequently, you can share this reading together, and discuss what you have learned from it.

An original proof of love: a romantic dinner

And why not prepare a romantic dinner for that person you like? It is certainly not the most original idea that one can come up with, however, a romantic dinner could appeal to many people.

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Also, if you are in a routine and you are into your habits, making a romantic dinner for the person you love is sure to put a smile on your face. It could be an invitation to a restaurant, or a meal that you have prepared at home.

If you decide to prepare this surprise at home, you will have to think of everything! The decoration, the meal, your outfit… And don’t forget the candles or a bouquet of flowers at the center of the table!

A letter that reveals your feelings

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best for proving your love. How do you feel about writing a letter to the person you love? Take a blank sheet of paper, and arm yourself with your pencil.

On this letter, you will be able to talk about everything you like about this person. Remind him of common memories, and let him know how much you love him. If she doesn’t expect a letter from you, she might be surprised!

Slip your letter into one of his books, or under his pillow. Who wouldn’t love to receive such proof of love?

A surprise stay

If you feel that your partner is tired, and you both need some fresh air, a surprise vacation might be a good idea.

It could be a romantic weekend abroad, or even a few nights in a place you like, in a romantic setting. This will allow you to forget the notion of time, and to enjoy moments elsewhere, just for two.

By surprising your partner with such a stay, no one will be able to question your feelings towards them!

Original proof of love: a unique gift

Gifts are always fun, and it’s a way to show someone you care, too. She will see that you have spent time thinking about her, and what she would like to receive. If you hit the nail on the head, you know it well!

No need for big gifts to please. Small daily attentions might be enough. Get him a new pencil, a soft scarf, something that person would need.

You could also spoil her with a bouquet of flowers, or any other treat. You want to make her happy, and she will realize it.

An invitation for a concert

There is this artist that you love to listen to together, and who may have even accompanied your love story over the years. Taking your partner to see this band in concert would be a big proof of your love.

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You will be able to share a good time, and listen to this music which is mutually dear to you. It is a memory that will certainly stay with you for a long time. If you’re new to going out, it’s also a great idea to do something new that you both should like.

Original proof of love: a photo album of your memories

And why not make a photo album, which would bring together all of your memories? It is a very touching gift, which will please a large number of people.

You can order an album directly on the internet, or buy it empty, and manually add all the photos you want. Make sure they are photos of moments shared together, memories that unite you, like your first meeting or your first trip for example.

Whenever you want, you can take a look at this album to remind you of the good times we had together. Add notes about your feelings on these memories!

A “good for”

To realize this proof of your love, bring little papers. On each of these papers, write something you can do for the other. It could be a massage, a nice dinner, or whatever else, it’s up to you.

Slip these little pieces of paper in an envelope, or in a box. By offering it to your partner, the latter will be able to draw from these little words when he wishes. He may ask you at any time to do what you have noted on these little papers.

It’s an original way to show him that you care!

An original proof of love: give something that belongs to you

To keep that person in your memory, gifting them something that is yours will show them that you care. For example, it could be a scarf that you are used to wearing, a t-shirt, or even something that is close to your heart.

Giving someone something you love always shows that person that you want to keep them close. This way, when you are not together, she can also think of you, and remember your smell, or your image. She could keep this gift on her to see it as often as possible!

A walk in nature

Do you take the time to walk hand in hand and discover what surrounds you? Think you don’t have time? It’s a bad excuse, you should always take the time to get some fresh air, to allow yourself some timeless moments!

If you care about your partner, take him by the hand, and take him on a walk through the forest, on the beach, or in the streets of your village.

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Have fun getting lost, letting yourself go without paying attention to the time or your imperatives. Observe nature, what surrounds you, and both take the time to breathe.

Small everyday actions

One of the most beautiful proofs of love in a couple is to maintain daily small gestures that we sometimes do not realize, and which are nevertheless the cement of your story.

Prepare her coffee before she gets up, change the sheets on your bed, cook her favorite food or let her choose what you will watch tonight … All these little touches show that you are in love.

It is important not to let go, and to always maintain these daily attentions.

Original proof of love: an evening locked up just for the two of us

What do you think of this last idea? Book an evening, where the two of you will be nothing but the two of you. Lock yourself in your room, with something to eat, and without your phone.

All that’s left is you! Use the time as you wish, throughout this evening. You could take the opportunity to discuss things that are important to you, or find yourself under the duvet …

Organize this moment together to show that your relationship is important to you, and that you want to do everything to preserve this intimacy!

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