Optimistic People Personality and Character Traits

Posted by John Anumba

What are the characteristics of an optimistic personality? What are the traits you see in people that are optimists?

Optimism is not a natural trait, but rather an attitude, a state of mind that is chosen and learned. And God knows that in community and particularly at work, it is ten times more pleasant and motivating to be surrounded by enthusiastic and positive people. So to start the year off right and not become the “grumpy” on the 3rd floor, here are 8 tips to become an optimistic personality.

1. Choose to be optimistic

Yes, optimism is a state of mind and you have to start by choosing the path of optimism in a conscious way. Make a commitment to yourself to become optimistic and develop good habits. Because yes, optimism grows every day. You don’t become one overnight.

2. List the positive images of your day

Did you know that in order to cancel one negative image or thought, it takes five positive ones to balance your mental well-being? It is therefore very important to take into account and be aware of all the small positive things that surround you on a daily basis. To do this, you can write down on a notebook or on a simple piece of paper three positive situations experienced during your day. And some will advise you to review them all at the end of the year. Smile and a feeling of well-being guaranteed!

3. An optimistic personality takes a break from the news

Remember, too many negative images affect your morale. So avoid having looped information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Knowing that a young woman has been cut to pieces will not get you going! It is natural to want to keep up to date with current events, but it is essential to know how to free yourself from them. And think that the very important information which has or will have an influence on your life will come back to you naturally through those around you.

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4. Smile!

It’s a virtuous circle: the more you smile, the more people around you smile. And the more it is, the better you will live! So smile! To others, but also to yourself in front of your mirror. It’s a kind of self-persuasion that will help you be more positive.

5. Think of yourself!

Painting, dancing, jogging, or massage… you have to have a passion or a hobby that you adore. The key is to allow yourself and take time just for yourself. Think of yourself and treat yourself, it’s essential!

6. An optimistic personality is generous

Selfishness does not make you happy, on the contrary! Helping others and listening to them have benefits on your morale. The reason? You feel useful and this significantly increases your self-esteem. Especially since you risk finding optimistic people, and it is often contagious!

7. Stop bitching and be positive!

The power of thought is much more important than you think! Be positive in your speech, on a daily basis, it will help you miraculously. Meditate

Take a step back and be a spectator of yourself. For that: meditation! You are bound to know the term because it is currently a fad. But it is not for nothing because meditation has very good results! Beyond reducing stress, it is ideal for avoiding acting on a whim, it allows you to be more positive and an optimistic personality! To start in meditation, there are mobile applications like ” Small bamboo ” for example.

Start by meditating with this quote from Coluche: “  You are not responsible for the head you have, but you are responsible for the face you make.  “

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Have a good day!

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