Open-minded personality and how to develop it

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It is undeniable that being open-minded is considered a virtue in a person living in a community. Indeed, a person with a great open-mindedness often receives the esteem of those around him. For good reason, she shows flexibility and tolerance to all ideas and all new perspectives that open up to her. These are very appreciable qualities that sometimes make us envy. We too can accept change; acquire a broad-mindedness that will help us understand our world a little more. Through this article, learn everything there is to know on the subject.

Being open-minded: what is it all about?

To have an open mind is to develop a new perception of the world. It is about respecting and considering any other belief and opinion different – or even contrary – from our own. However, it is not a question of accepting everything as a whole. Indeed, an open-minded person is careful not to reveal his judgment in relation to a position, whatever it is. His goal is not to offend his vis-à-vis by trying to understand the point of view of the latter.

Being open-minded also consists in not denigrating a thing, a fact, an opinion… without having taken the trouble to analyze it. We certainly know someone who hates a restaurant without ever having been there. These are narrow-minded individuals who fear anything new or unknown. They cannot accept change and avoid stepping outside their comfort zone.

In fact, open-mindedness prompts us to act according to what surrounds us, without giving up our convictions and without letting ourselves be trodden on. To put it simply, having a broad mind is like not taking the lead while showing respect and concern for others and new things.

Why do you have to be an open-minded personality?

First of all, we must adopt a broad mind for our own good. To gain self-confidence , and thus manage to adapt to any situation, let’s broaden our field of vision and our horizon.

Open-mindedness breeds good human relations

Indeed, by being open-minded, it will be easy for you to make new friends. The ability to accept those around you for who they are will enhance your relationships with them. Understanding that no one idea can be superior to another will give you flexibility and greater understanding of others. We then observe in open-minded people a certain ease and exemplary social behavior.

Be open-minded for personal development

Beyond relationships, open-mindedness also forges our character. It helps us to question all the foundations of our ideals and have greater self-knowledge . Our behaviors like our whole way of being will then reflect our flexibility and our open-mindedness. We can therefore say that an open-minded person is a fulfilled person and in perfect harmony with his world. Indeed, she tries everything, is not afraid to discover new things, does not limit herself to believing that only her opinion is the most important …

How to be an open-minded personality?

Being a real lifestyle, having an open mind starts with changing the way you think. This will subsequently lead to the modification of certain ways of acting. Here are some tips to help you broaden your mind.

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Look up on other horizons

Start by finding out anything that has never sparked your interest. Ask yourself why you have never tried something that is completely foreign to you. Break down the barriers that separate you from the unknown and try everything. Do not seek great feats to establish, because the unknown can be revealed in small things. A book written by an author you don’t know, for example, or another route to work, etc. It is also one of the interests of having a broad mind. It allows you to live an existence full of discovery.

Consider each proposal

Make a list of everything you’ve ever declined. Once again, ask yourself why you tend to refuse certain offers. Have you always turned down a friend’s invitation to go out at night out of fear that you might not be comfortable in some places? Now, take the next invitation that comes. You will be able to see for yourself what it is exactly and thus get a real idea of ​​the situation. Yep, just don’t worry and let things come as they see fit. Indeed, to be open-minded is to accept change.

Cultivate yourself to expand your mind

It is simply a question of indulging in reading and acquiring new knowledge by all means. The more you read, the more open-minded you will be. Read real stories, novels, magazines and whatever comes before your eyes. Don’t miss an opportunity to educate yourself. Follow what’s happening around the world. Thus, you will know how to behave in all situations.

Accept discrepancies

Being open-minded also means being aware of diversity and trying to understand it. Politically, for example, listen to the arguments of parties that are not on your side. All the arguments must be taken into account. Indeed, to open one’s mind is to oppose the refusal of what is different from us, the withdrawal into one’s person, blindness and many other scourges such as ethnocentrism .

Now is the time to act

Daring to get out of your comfort zone remains a difficult exercise. We stay in our bubble and we tell ourselves that outside it is either dangerous or lacking in interest. Let’s eradicate these toxic thoughts and instead learn to live better with others and with ourselves by opening our minds. Certainly, in the face of adversity, not taking the lead can be daring. However, with willpower and a clear awareness of the danger of narrow-mindedness, we can all open our minds and live better.

Open-minded personality is an essential quality to succeed in what you undertake

Open-mindedness personality is simply letting go of certainty! And the reverse is not uncertainty. Open-mindedness is about accepting, or rather respecting, the ideas and opinions of others.
Open-mindedness promotes creativity and allows you to interact in a more qualitative way with the people you meet.
Temporarily cut off from the world in which he lives on a daily basis and animated by a spirit of solidarity and mutual aid, the trailer has an ideal field of experimentation to experience extremely qualitative human relationships with other runners he did not know before. to start the race and that he will probably never see again.
As soon as they feel that we are listening, individuals are more inclined to share their knowledge, their ideas, their network and their passions.
On a trail, it’s interesting to see how quickly you can get to know someone, often in a very personal and fair way.
How to develop your openness?

  • Be curious and attentive,
  • Engage in discussion with others,
  • Don’t judge someone you don’t know,
  • Develop contact with people who think or act differently from you,
  • Don’t denigrate something you haven’t tried,
  • Seek to experience the unknown in order to broaden your thinking,
  • Examine each situation through different points of view,
  • Take an interest in the world around you.
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All these characteristics are part of the values ​​and culture of trail running, a school of life that welcomes everyone, whatever their level of sport.
While trail running is not enough to an be open-minded personality, practicing this sport will help you through the exceptional moments of exchange and sharing that you will experience with other runners.

Other character traits of an open-minded personality

What are the characteristics of an open-minded personality? What are the traits you see in people that are open?

Stop judging others. In a way, that goes hand in hand with being more open-minded. Always remember that people have their own experiences, beliefs and preferences which are often very different from yours. You can’t tell a person’s life from their appearance or even from a conversation.

Ask questions. Communicate with other people by asking them questions and genuinely listening to their answers. People who frequently ask questions in a conversation seem more friendly and available than those who don’t. Ask questions that will encourage openness in others.

Know who to trust. On the other hand, there is being too open about yourself. Too much self-disclosure can be damaging to your life or it can just put people off. Knowing when intimate self-disclosure is appropriate is mostly a gut feeling, but there are still a few things to keep in mind.

Think about why you might be considered closed. Many people act in a way that shows their disinterest and dislike without even realizing it. Determine if there is something you are doing – or not doing – that might make you feel closed, and try to do the opposite to appear more open.

Learn to be more open-minded. Part of being open-minded is being receptive to new ideas and experiences. It will help you build relationships with more people.

Leave yourself vulnerable. To be truly open and to be yourself, you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable. It means being able to reveal your fears, desires, and beliefs to yourself and others, despite the fear of being judged or rejected. While being vulnerable can be scary at first, it will ultimately help you bond deeper with others and feel more free to be yourself.

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Practice self-disclosure more often. Self-disclosure builds trust because, in a way, you make yourself a little vulnerable to the other person. For this reason, it can be very difficult to reveal yourself, especially for people who have been injured in the past. If you have a hard time revealing yourself, try to take it slow at first before you become very open.

Let people know what you think. Don’t be afraid to be genuine. Being an open person means maintaining open communication with the people you care about. If you have something on your mind, tell a friend or loved one.

Be honest. Some people are shut down by deception. They have a habit of lying to tell everyone around them what they think they want to hear. This shuts them off completely, since no one knows who they really are. To be open, do your best to be honest about yourself and your opinions.

Don’t put aside important aspects of yourself. It’s important to be yourself and to understand that people need to know who you are. Don’t be too careful about your experiences, likes, and dislikes. Don’t hide who you are for no good reason.

Remember that there are many types of open people. You don’t have to change the positive or neutral aspects of your personality just to be more open. If you are comfortable with yourself and have fulfilling interpersonal relationships, you may already be an open person in your own way. There is nothing wrong with being who you are

Consider speaking to a professional. Sometimes people are not open because of negative past experiences, chemical imbalances, or neurological disorders. While mutual aid may apply to some problems, others require professional help to resolve them.

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