My husband does not touch me anymore: What to do to awaken his desire

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In a relationship, not always everything is for the best. Very quickly, the routine can set in, and for many reasons, you could stray. Why does my husband no longer touch me? This is the question many women ask themselves.

In the rest of this article, we’ll give you our advice on how to awaken his desire, while helping you understand what could be holding back your husband’s enthusiasm.

Why my husband does not touch me anymore: what can be his reasons?

There may be different reasons why your husband doesn’t want to touch you anymore. Some of these reasons are easier to understand and treat than others. The important thing will be to do your best to find out these reasons by starting a conversation with your husband.

You will have to listen to him, and let him speak when he comes to confide in you. It might not be easy for him. The trick is to establish a communication between you two, which could help you to solve this problem which weighs on you.

Here are the main reasons that could explain his lack of desire for you:

Why my husband doesn’t touch me anymore: a personal problem

In some cases, when men experience low libido, it might have nothing to do with you. It could just be an issue that bothers him personally, and prevents him from relaxing enough to let go with you.

This problem obsesses your husband, he feels sad, tired, worried. And until this problem is resolved, it will not be as it normally is with you. 

To help him get through this bad time, you should encourage him to talk about this issue that is bothering him.

If you know he is in pain, and you are not the cause of his lack of desire, you will certainly be more patient with him.

If her pain is too deep, it may be necessary to encourage her to see a specialist. Little by little, he could regain his zest for life, and come back to you as if nothing had happened.

You should always think about the fact that your husband may be in a bad time, and not everything always revolves around you. He may need time to heal his wounds, and lack the energy to show his love to you like he could before.

Decreased libido

In other cases, the lack of desire on the part of your husband could also be simply related to a low libido on his side. Again, this has nothing to do with you! It is a mechanical problem that only a specialist can cure.

If your husband notices this problem, you could accompany him to see his doctor. He will receive treatment adapted to his condition, which may allow you to regain “normal” sexuality.

If this problem is mechanical, there is certainly a way to alleviate it!

Why my husband doesn’t touch me anymore: a change in your physique

You don’t pay attention to yourself like you used to? Do you let yourself go, without paying attention to your physique, the way you dress or do your hair? This could explain why your husband no longer feels desire for you.

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If your husband hasn’t touched you for years, try to analyze what might have changed about you. 

What could you improve, to help you regain the ardor of your youth? 

Sometimes a few simple efforts might be enough to rekindle the flame. However, you will need to be aware of what you could improve about yourself.

I can’t stand my husband touching me anymore: a routine that bores him

There could be another reason why your husband doesn’t touch you anymore. He still loves you, there is no doubt about it, however, you have gotten into a routine that is bothering him. 

Every day is the same, you have your habits, and nothing ever changes. You do not go out, you have no activities to share that come out of your daily life…

It could also be a routine in your sexuality: everything is always the same. You do not vary, never try new things… It could end up boring him, to the point of boring him. You shouldn’t let these feelings take hold!

My husband hasn’t touched me for years: what you should avoid at all costs

When you notice that your husband is no longer touching you, it can be tempting to have certain reactions. If this has been going on for years, you might be in pain and seek comfort elsewhere.

However, you should not put everything on your husband’s back! You too have your responsibility to play. 

So, if you suffer from this estrangement in your relationship, you should do everything to avoid the following situations. They will not help him get better, and on the contrary, they could make this problem between you worse.

Go look somewhere else

As we just said, if this distance between you has been going on for years, it can be very tempting to look elsewhere. 

You have a physical need, and you can no longer suppress it. Your husband can’t seem to give you what you expect, and you can’t hold out any longer.

Do you still love your husband? If the answer is yes, you should take the time to understand what her problem is, and what could be put in place to regain your bond.

On the contrary, if you no longer feel love for your husband, it is best to talk to him about it. You will both be able to find a suitable solution, before going elsewhere.

Provoke him on his lack of desire

Are you tired of your husband not noticing you anymore? That he doesn’t make any effort to show you his affection, and to hug you?

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It can be tempting to attack him on these points, out of excess anger and frustration. It also shows a lack of understanding on your part. By attacking your husband like this, you will get nowhere.

In addition, you should avoid provoking him with other men, especially if they are his friends. This will only strengthen your distance!

On the contrary, take time to exchange

Rather than reacting in the previous ways, you should take it upon yourself, and take the time to have an open-hearted conversation with your husband. 

Tell him that this distance is weighing on you, that you miss him, and that you would like to know if there is anything you could do to help him come back to you.

If you express yourself calmly, without reproach, he might open up to you, and tell you about the reason for his estrangement. 

You can then find the right solution together, to get off to a good start. Communication is often the key to solving your problems as a couple!

My husband no longer touches me: how to get his desire back?

Do you know the reasons for your husband’s estrangement? It’s time to do your best to try and get it back! But what could you put in place to regain your bond? These tips should help you:

Change your habits

Sometimes, in a relationship, routine sets in, and it becomes difficult to break your habits. Your weeks are alike, and between your fatigue and your work, you stay in this routine that takes more and more space.

You should do your best to get out of it, setting up outings, activities, that will allow you to enjoy each other in a different setting. There are many activities to do as a couple , such as going on a trip for example!

You will find that these changes in your habits will do you a lot of good.

My husband doesn’t touch me anymore: cuddle without ulterior motives

For a variety of reasons, some of which are not yours, your husband’s sex drive may be at an all-time low. In these cases, he might need your support, rather than your gripes.

Also, without realizing it, you might come to him only when you want a more intimate connection. Couldn’t you hug him without a second thought, just to enjoy the moment?

Little by little, he could take pleasure in these contacts with you. He will not feel any pressure, he will then be free to come back to you at his own pace.

Take care of yourself

If you are not taking enough care of yourself, you should make an effort to regain your husband’s desire.

Some changes are needed! Make an appointment with the hairdresser, and learn how to make yourself beautiful again. Often, a few simple actions can suffice.

Choose new clothes that make you look good. Your husband must feel that you are making an effort for him. He will certainly feel flattered by these attentions, and he will positively notice these physical changes.

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Don’t hesitate to put on more suggestive outfits than usual to catch her eye! It could be very efficient to get it back.

My husband doesn’t touch me anymore: make him jealous without going too far

Of course, we told you earlier that provoking your husband over his estrangement might not help you pull him into your arms again. 

However, the latter might need a little electric shock to realize that he wants to stay by your side, and that he does not want to lose you.

Without going too far, you might make him jealous with other men. In this way, he will realize that he must make an effort to keep you by his side, and he will be more attentive to your needs.

Value it again

In some cases, this estrangement from your husband could be related to his not feeling valued enough. He might have authority issues at work or with those around him, and feel devalued.

To avoid this, you could give him compliments to help him understand his worth. You will need to get him to regain his self-esteem. 

It will help him feel good in your company, and he will certainly come back to you with tender gestures.

Show him that he is capable of many things, that he is important for you, and for many other people around you!

Invite him on a date

Take matters into your own hands, and invite your husband on a one-to-one date. You might be surprised at the result!

Reserve a table at a restaurant you like, or prepare a romantic dinner at home. Make yourself beautiful, put on your best outfit, and make sure to highlight your strengths. What will his reaction be?

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