Most Effective Way To Handle Arrogant People

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How Does A Narcissist React When They Can't Control You?

Sometimes a person’s arrogance crosses all borders and you have to react to it.

You may need to communicate more or less regularly with someone who is arrogant. It could be a co-worker, neighbor, or someone from a relative with whom you cannot completely exclude communication. 

In this case, you must completely stop this person from trying to enter your life. Try to do it calmly but firmly. 

In life, it often happens that we answer someone’s questions “automatically”, not having time to realize that it is not necessary to do so.

If an informal person comes to you with questions you don’t like, you can avoid answering using cross-questions “Do you all ask such questions?” or “Is there anything else you would like to know about me?” 

If the person does not understand this either, you can unequivocally say that you do not intend to respond. However, try not to fall to the level of an arrogant person, do not waste your nerves and strength on him.

The best way to protect yourself from impudence in a relationship with someone who is arrogant and unceremonious is to learn to say “no”. 

A firm word “no” can set up an invisible but reliable barrier between you and the arrogant person.

If you are bored with an arrogant person, try to mentally place them under an imaginary window as they approach, then look through the window curiously, not listening to what they are telling you.

You can, while he is telling you something, smile, nod your head, and then think about something else. 

Not getting the desired reaction, an arrogant person after a while may lag behind.

If communication with the arrogant person still brings you to “white heat,” if you feel that everything is bubbling inside, don’t hold back your emotions. 

Don’t do it seriously. 

Try to imagine that you are an actor who portrays a scandal on stage, and express your emotions to the fullest! 

And remember, in a relationship with someone who is arrogant, you don’t have to be afraid of appearing rude. 

You always have the right to reject arrogant ones bluntly.

So, the choice is in your hands, and only you can determine your position in life: “impudence is the second happiness” or “how to handle impudence”.

Sometimes a friend or relative calls you on the phone and complains about the world around you and those scoundrels who dare to do something wrong. 

“Imagine, I sat in a line for two hours to go to the therapist, and an aunt just came home!” 

Daring second happiness. “And you understand that your friend or relative is absolutely right. 

Knowing this, we continue to condemn such behavior and we ourselves demonstrate the role of a respectable person.

Such a person quietly walks down the street, stands or sits in a line, always gives in to others, is attacked by a boss and has long resigned himself to injustice. 

He has no enemies because he tries to do everything right and not to clash with anyone. 

His life is stable and calm, but something is missing. 

Maybe banal happiness?

Success and a taste for life do not come to a person who has merged with the crowd into one mass. 

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And it makes sense. 

What can he bring new to the world and to society? It just doesn’t break the rules that have developed over the years.

Which company is most likely to be interested? How does Ivan Petrov get up at seven in the morning, go to work and diligently carry out the tasks assigned to him for eight hours? 

Not. Society needs gossip, intrigue, news about social or personal conflicts, discoveries in science, technology, fashion, the entertainment industry, etc. 

People want to get what they need the most. Insolence. Passionate love. New discoveries.

But you can’t have a bright and hectic life just sitting quietly in front of a TV screen. A tremendous amount of energy is needed to help overcome conventional behaviors. 

Take a look at successful people. 

There are hardly any quiet people among them, but there are arrogant, daring and goal-oriented people. 

Many of them have held the title of abnormal in the past, given by relatives and friends.

But that is not enough to say that arrogance is the second happiness. The reason lies in the thought of those people who act insolently.

Insolence is a form of courage. 

Why don’t you skip the line to see a therapist? 

Because you feel sorry for those people who are sitting next to you? 

Most likely, you are afraid of attacks from people in the clinic who think you are an idiot. Or fear of breaking the rules developed over the years. 

An arrogant person is not afraid to go against the rules. It doesn’t matter whether he is good or bad, but his act is courageous. 

And success comes to a bold person, not to someone steeped in fears and doubts.

So it turns out that you feel psychological discomfort even at the thought of breaking the rules. And it is easy for a brazen person in his world.

The arrogant person is ready to come into conflict. 

In life, we are often faced with conflict situations. The tactic most people use is to avoid conflict. But it is not always possible to avoid it and a difficult choice arises. 

Become a winner or make concessions? 

Anyone who has always fled conflict will be forced to give in to others forever. 

In psychology, many behavioral tactics in various life situations are based on the fact that you cannot demonstrate your weakness and fear to your opponent. 

If a person has shown weakness, the pressure on him from the outside will only increase.

The following situation turns out. You are just a kind person who wants to make a good impression on others and not have enemies. 

But if your life is subordinate to everyone’s taste, you will never find the strength that will help you succeed. 

If your rights are violated, stand up for them. 

If they insult, know how to fight back. 

If you are asked to do something unpleasant, refuse. But don’t let anyone exploit or hurt you. Of course, you should not be looking for the problems on your own, clinging to the rest. 

But no one is safe from enemies and bad guys. If there are, do not tolerate them. They will not dissolve patiently. Show them you can stand up for yourself.

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It may seem to you that the arrogant have too many enemies. But this is rarely the case. In fact, many people simply avoid such people.

Thus, an arrogant person easily copes with fears, enemies, baddies, does not feel an oppressive sense of guilt for his behavior, and easily goes beyond the rules. 

Therefore, he is more likely to feel happy than a good citizen. But you don’t have to be the same. 

Recklessness is only a form of daring with a destructive accent. Better to be brave.

In most cases, the word “arrogant” is applied to people who easily find their way through life and display an active life position in all spheres of activity. 

At the same time, the concept of ‘arrogant’ is also applicable to those people who are able to substitute for a neighbor to achieve their own goal and move forward, especially unceremoniously with those who meet on a path. thorny. 

Therefore, the concept combines both positive and negative aspects. As for achievements in professional activity, it is sometimes impossible to do without this quality.

Ambitious, daring, self-confident, impactful and brilliant personalities with a strong temper, attract employers more than oppressed executive gray mice.

Whereas moderately arrogant isn’t necessarily a rude person who walks over the top, then arrogance is a quality of character that many insecure people lack. 

After all, an arrogant person is above all a self-confident person who knows the value of their own work and won’t work for a penny and settle for little. 

As for arrogant women, these representatives are usually successful with the opposite sex and do well in their careers.

Is arrogance good: Arrogance as a means of achieving goals

If we look at arrogance from a positive perspective, it should be noted that a quality with that many dislikes is not so common. 

Quite a number of women suffer from excessive insecurity and uncertainty. It’s no secret that women sometimes need to be assertive and arrogant, both in relationships with men and in everyday life. 

To develop this quality, first of all, rhetorical skills are needed. 

As you know, the art of persuasion does not necessarily require intellectual knowledge. In this case, the accents are placed in favor of a person’s inner strength and his ability to influence another person’s opinion.

Therefore, you need to practice your speech regularly. Learn to speak, observe how your words affect others, and draw appropriate conclusions.

Also, a quality such as self-confidence makes it possible to achieve the objective set in the conditions of the most fierce competition with which representatives are constantly confronted both on the “personal front” and in the professional field.

An insecure person is not a problem for others, but a problem that primarily concerns the person directly.

Another, second characteristic that distinguishes an arrogant person is courage. 

If you have met such arrogant people, you have probably noticed that these people are not afraid of hardships and a part of risk in any business, and that anyone who does not take risks, as you know, does drink.

Based on the above, we can conclude that arrogant people are not only the owners of the second happiness, but also the very real first, to which each person strives in this way. 

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Therefore, impudence is the quality of character in which the main thing is not to cross the line, where assertiveness borders on rudeness, the ability to stand up – with rudeness and bad manners.

So imagine, a half-empty minibus slowly weaves its way through the city streets. At the bus stop, a very pretty woman in her early thirties, in my opinion, enters. I will not describe her in detail, I will say briefly – everything is with her.

And after her, a man about the same age jumps up with a large, apparently heavy bag. The minibus gave an abrupt start and, by inertia, this man leaned forward towards the woman herself and stepped on her foot.

“Well, how are you like an elephant, actually,” she said, “can’t you be more careful.” The man looked at her with guilty eyes and apologized. But she didn’t let go, “she had to hold on”.

And then this man uttered words in which he tried to put the maximum of pain and sorrow – “Woman, but you saw that I was not on purpose, especially since I apologized to you, what else can I do to calm you down? “

Personally, at that point, I expected a response from her, but even for me, with my innate cynicism and soldierly rudeness, I couldn’t realize what a woman’s mind is. able.

So are you ready?

“What, what, marry me.”

The driver stopped the bus by surprise and there was dead silence in the cabin. Even the five-year-old, who was sitting behind me and mumbling something all the way, fell silent.

It probably lasted about a minute. (I want to note that there wasn’t even a hint of a joke on the woman’s face at that time).

And then I couldn’t take it (well, how can it be without me), I say:

– “Hey, man, you’re answering something, look, the audience is waiting.”

He looked at me, then at all of us, looked at the woman and said:

– “I’m going out on the next one, are you with me?”

“Yes,” she replied in a firm voice.

“Well done” – I shouted, and the whole minibus, without any orders, started to clap.

They really got off at the next stop and I heard how, giving her a hand at the exit, she said, “My name is Lyudmila.”

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