Men and radio silence: What effect does this technique have on guys?

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This is a question that has not ceased to be raised. Regardless of the era, men have always sought to know how to seduce women, and women how to please men. 

As human beings, we are “programmed” to live as a couple, with a person who looks like us, who makes us feel good every day. 

However, when you don’t already know yourself well, how do you know someone else, and know how to charm them? 

Do you know the effect of radio silence on humans? 

We will tell you about this technique, which can have a formidable effect on the men around you. 

How to get their attention? 

Not taking care of them could just be the solution!

We spend a lot of time wondering what these techniques are that could help us get a relationship off the ground. 

You’ve been talking for a few weeks, you feel an attraction, but nothing really evolves towards the story of a couple. 

Now is the time to step in, and try out different techniques to get together.

Although the best thing is that this phase of seduction happens naturally, using charming techniques is not prohibited! 

It might even allow you to create extra tension, to pull that man into your arms!

The behavior of men in love

Before talking about the effect of radio silence on men, we wanted to come back to the behavior of men in these beginnings of a relationship. 

Although every man or woman is different, and therefore can express themselves in a unique way, there are certain commonalities between men’s behavior. 

Knowing them could be useful if your goal is to seduce a particular person!

When a man sets out on the trail of seduction, this is what he can expect from his partner:

That we take care of him. First of all, a man in the phase of seduction likes to be taken care of. He wants the woman he likes to hear from him, to make sure everything is going well for him. He likes that she is concerned about his feelings and reactions to different events, but also that she gives him compliments, on thoughts or even on his dress. Primarily, he wants to be the center of your attention. For him, this means that you like him, which will reassure him to take the next step.

That we do not suffocate him. While men like to feel the center of the stage in front of you, you don’t have to let them suffocate. It could quickly tire them out, and bring your story, which had started so well, to a premature end. Don’t flood them with messages if they don’t get back to you within a minute. Do not spend your evenings on the phone taking up your time to say little or nothing. Let him enjoy his life and his friends, he will only be happier to come back in your wake.

Men and radio silence what effect does this technique have on guys

Let a natural bond appear. Nothing should be forced, and the man you like should not feel that you are trying to adapt to him and his reactions to create a bond between you. If the bond exists beautifully and well, it must be totally natural between you two. No one should force it, or over-play this complicity. Don’t pretend to laugh at his jokes, don’t invent commonalities that don’t actually exist. Be yourself, and if the current goes, your authenticity is blending perfectly with hers. No need to invent a way of being to make him feel good in your company.

Don’t force his hand. As you will have understood, naturalness takes precedence for men. They will therefore not want to feel that you are forcing their hand. They don’t have to feel locked into a relationship any faster than they would like. Do not push them to tell you “I love you” when you are only at the beginnings of your relationship. Take your time, learn from each other, and don’t make her make big decisions for you. Don’t force him to settle in with you after a month, allow time to do things, and make his own decisions, at his own pace. It’s the unfolding of a healthy relationship.

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Some physical signs. In addition to all these points, to know which you like, a man will look for some physical signs from you. He will like to see that you are making an effort to put yourself to your advantage in order to please him. He will also like to feel a physical closeness, your shoulders side by side, whether you touch his hand or arm, or the fact that you are standing close to him in public. This will show him without doubting that you like him, and that you want to go further with him!

Effect of radio silence on men: what can be your intention?

Do you want to implement this famous technique of radio silence on humans? 

What for? 

In what kind of cases could this technique prove to be useful? 

More often than you might imagine! 

To inspire you, we have collected the main situations in which it could be beneficial to use this technique to charm or win back the man of your desires. 

Do not hesitate to implement it if you are in one of the following cases!

Men and radio silence what effect does this technique have on guys-2

A beginning of a relationship that stalls

The main reason that could make you want to use this technique is when you start a relationship.

You two like each other. 

The current is going well, and when you see each other, everything seems to be going well between the two of you. 

However, the relationship does not really evolve, you turn around, without anyone daring to take the first step.

Often times, it can be out of fear of taking a refusal from the other person, but also a lack of desire to get out of this special moment in the relationship. 

Do you want to move further with this person? 

Setting up radio silence will allow you to see if it comes back to you, in order to move forward in your relationship together.

If this is the case, and he is indeed coming back to you, it is an indisputable sign that he likes you. 

Do not hesitate any longer and take the first step, he is only waiting for that if he has not already done so!

Test the reaction of a friend whom you would like more

There is this friend, whom you have known for a long time and who you like, but you dare not tell him. Or that person you just met as a friend, but who you would like more? 

But how do you get there?

In these cases, your goal might be to test their reaction. 

Surely you don’t want to take the first step and admit your attraction to this man, you want to probe his feelings, and see if he feels the same as what you feel towards him. 

If this is your goal, playing on silence might be an effective method.

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Stop talking to her for a few days, and watch her reaction. If he appreciates your company, he will certainly come back to you soon. 

Maybe he’ll even be closer than before, and try harder to keep you close. 

It will cost you little, and for all that, you will certainly observe a reaction that will help you determine his feelings towards you!

Men and radio silence: What effect does this technique have on guys-3

To win back your companion

Have you been in a relationship for a few years, and you don’t feel like much is happening between you? 

Do you see the spark diminishing day by day, and you don’t know what to do to turn the situation around?

You may need to miss each other. 

If so, offering a break in your relationship may be helpful. This will make you both realize whether or not you really miss each other.

During this break, practicing the radio silence technique will help you see your partner’s behavior. 

Is he doing everything to avoid you too? Or on the contrary, is he trying to come back to you? 

If this is the case, it can be a very good method to find some spice in your relationship, and start afresh in your romantic relationship!

What can a man’s reaction be to this radio silence?

Now that we have seen in what situations this radio silence can be implemented, let’s focus on the main reactions that men could have in the face of this situation. 

What effect could you expect from this technique? 

What could you observe and expect from this man you like?

In many cases, the reaction of this man could be quick and very quickly be noticed. 

To help you recognize it, we have made it a point to list the main reactions that a man could have when faced with this method of seduction.

He doesn’t care and doesn’t seem to notice your absence

Unfortunately, this technique does not always have positive effects. In some cases, the person you like might not come back to you. 

On the contrary, this man could maintain this distance, and no longer show you signs of his interest in you.

If this is the case, and this situation has been going on for weeks, don’t kid yourself. Chances are, he won’t test you too, but he doesn’t have a particular feeling for you.

You can then move on so as not to suffer more. You might not be meant to be together, and you will surely find someone who is more like you on your way! 

This technique can also save you time, seeing which man is genuinely interested because you could bring him. See this as a positive point, which keeps you both moving forward.

Men and radio silence: What effect does this technique have on guys-4

Effect of radio silence on men: he looks annoyed that you don’t notice him anymore

Some men don’t like the fact that you seem more distant, and don’t give them the attention they are used to. They might even have strong reactions to your silence.

He might get upset by this reaction from you, and make you feel it! 

This can be expressed through questions, misunderstandings, he can even come back suddenly to you, and demand that you explain to him why you have moved away.

This is not the reaction you should expect from a man you like. 

A man who reacts this way often doesn’t really care much about you. What matters is him. He likes to be the center of attention, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. 

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And if you don’t give him what he expects, he can be brutal, even dangerous. Go your way, he’s not a man for you. 

There is no doubt that you will find better on your way!

He comes back to you and seems closer

Compared to previous reactions, this is the very behavior you should expect from a man you like. If he likes you in return, you must feel that he misses you, and that he wants to find you. 

Not just because he likes to be the center of attention, but because he wants your presence by his side.

In these cases, you may notice that it tries to come back to you. He sends you messages, and worries about your health. 

He gently asks you if everything is going well, without overdoing it. 

And if you make the decision to answer him and come back to him, his reaction will not be long in coming. 

It is a good way to know how to recognize a man in love who hides his feelings .

Chances are, he’ll come closer to you, and try to keep you to himself. 

He will have understood the fact that you could leave at any time for someone else, and he will want to fight to keep you. 

This distance will have allowed him to see how important you are to him.

Men and radio silence: What effect does this technique have on guys-5

Effect of radio silence on humans: how to put it in place?

Have you seen the effects this radio silence could have on the man you like? What are you waiting for to implement this method, which will reveal the most secret feelings?

In fact, it is very easy to set up, since you will have to do everything to avoid this man for a while. If you are talking to each other by text, stop answering as soon as you receive a text from him. 

Take more time, or forget your answer. 

Keep it shorter, don’t detail these messages like before. 

He will have the feeling that these exchanges do not matter to you, and as these messages, he will certainly come back to you to try to conquer you in his turn.

If you see each other frequently, try not to be as considerate as you could. 

Stand more distant, without moving closer, look away from him. However, he should not feel that you are forcing yourself so that the effect of radio silence on men is positive! 

This technique, which works for sure, can give you many answers about the person you like.

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