Mean Personality Traits and Characteristics

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Mean personality is not about being too serious with everything and not loosening up. I am a mean personality myself and can confidently tell you that we loosen up but don’t let ourselves get carried away in the moment.

Most times, our ability to stop when stuff is getting out of hand can make people around us see us as being too tight with our emotions.

If you understand what it takes to become a successful person then you can be able to better understand someone that is said to be mean.

And as for you reading this post now, what are your assumptions of a mean personality?

What are the characteristics you see in people that are said to be mean?

There are good and bad sides to being a mean person. When you are mean, the choice of being a good person and a bad person is yours.

There is the good beast and the bad beast in you. The one you decide to feed is the one that will grow.

I will help you with some character traits possessed by personalities you call mean.

If you want to know more about yourself or someone, then this is the post for you. Always remember, the beast you feed is the one that will grow.

The basics of this personality are what we are going to be talking about here to let us dive in.

Character Traits Of A Mean Personality

  1. They are focused

If you have ever had the time to spend with someone that is said to be mean, you will understand that people like this are very focused.

The specifics of being focused is dependent on what a person like this calls normal. A mean personality is all about having standards and drawing a line that cannot be crossed by anyone.

This focus is how they are able to switch from being a fun person to being mean all of a sudden. It is just who they are – getting carried away is not just their style.

  1. They don’t play around

In a more defensive zone, a mean personality takes the fun out of the picture which brings us back to their focused mindset. When it is time for business, everything should remain business and nothing more.

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Getting them to lose guard of what is at stake can be very difficult.

  1. No time for small talks

People with a mean personality understand that small talk does not yield anything profitable. Their time is better spent on something worthwhile, which is why if you are not talking about something that interests them, it might be very difficult for you to get their attention.

Small talks are for people that have little control over their lives and what they want to do with it. If you are focused on something that is important for you to achieve, you will not have time for small talks.

That is how it is with a mean personality which is why they most times seem tight. It is not that they don’t loosen up, they just have something more important occupying their minds.

  1. Always looks at the bigger picture

An effective manager would always want someone with a mean personality to be on his team. You want people that want to be part of your team and keep their eyes on the bigger picture.

This is a combination of being focused, not getting distracted and avoiding small talk is a telltale sign of something clear, you can only give you time to something worthwhile.

If it is not towards a bigger picture, an ultimate goal, then you are not interested. 

That said, have it in mind that how helpful this goal might be is not guaranteed in this post. It can either be good or bad.

  1. Let their emotions get in the way sometimes

One downside of a mean personality is that they sometimes, if not most, allow their emotions get in the way. Their shortfuse affects the decisions they make which drives how violent they can be when things are not going their way.

If you are joking with someone with a mean personality, if he says “stop” i am not interested, you better stop. He might not be patient for long.

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You either stop and give him his space or live with what comes next.

  1. Less forgiving

Another negative aspect of a mean personality is that they can be less forgiving. When they have a beef with you, they make it known immediately.

Pretending and putting up a hypocritical face is not their style and payback is something they live for. That said, it is also possible to find some mean personalities that can let things go under the right conditions.

It is all about understanding the person you are dealing with and how to calm their temper.

  1. Needs love and understanding

It is almost impossible to get along with someone that has character traits of a mean personality if you can’t love and understand them on a personal level.

Patience is the key to understanding that they can react in an unpleasant way sometimes. Having this at the back of your mind can help you control yourself and not get into a chain of counter aggression.

This can only mess up the situation. That said, it is not always advisable to stay in a relationship with someone that is not willing to work on their shortcomings. 

  1. Reacting from past experiences

It is quite easy for you to interact with a mean personality when you have an understanding of the underlying cause of their character.

People like this are most of the time reacting from past experience and history. They get better by changing their strict view and mindste about life.

Changing this mindset can be somewhat of a challenge with willingness and determination on their part for that change to happen.

  1. See life from a serious point of view

Accumulated bad experiences can cause someone to react to scenarios with a strict point of view. Diversity is an important part of understanding life in general and the world around you.

When you have a mean personality, you have to understand that diversity is the only way we can grow. You have to be willing to work on yourself .

  1. Less patient
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People with a mean personality are not the patient type. They easily get frustrated when things are not going their way. This can cause them to respond verbally or physically in a negative way.

People like this can do well with an anger management class. It is all about helping them understand their emotions and how to better handle and express them in a positive way.

What’s Your Take?

I hope this post has not disappointed you with the qualities you are seeing here. Even if a mean person can be either good or bad in the way they handle situations in life and people they relate with, the characters here are the basics you will find when you come close to them.

As a mean person, it is left for you to decide the positives of your life that deserve your attention and the negatives you can work to get rid of.

Always remember that there is no perfect person out there and we can only work towards perfection. Admitting your weakness is the first step towards becoming a better version of yourself.

Leave me a comment on your thoughts as I would love to read your opinion.

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