Learn to compliment a man, the ultimate technique to charm him

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Ladies, you are not the only ones who like to be told that your ramage relates to your plumage

Men love compliments too! And for those who know how to speak like the fox of this famous fable, it is a formidable weapon of seduction

Even Mr. Lonely and Mr. Mysterious won’t be oblivious to a well-placed remark that swells the ego a little and warms the heart. But here’s the problem, complimenting a man is an art! 

Do not worry, in reality it is not complicated. With these few tips and a little practice, you will be the queen of the compliment!

Compliment a man: words that please men.

Women know that not all compliments have the same effect. Some make you smile and even blush, while others simply make you want to run away

Suddenly, when it comes to complimenting a man, it’s doubtful: would we be on the verge of becoming a heavy heavyweight? 

And then of course, paying a man a compliment also means showing off a little. Something that is not easy for everyone. 

Even less for women who are used to passive seduction…

Learn to compliment a man, the ultimate technique to charm him

The sincere compliment.

The best way to compliment a man is to simply give him a sincere compliment. The one that arises spontaneously, naturally and truly. 

It’s the “I love this sweater, it looks great on you ”That we say like that, without warning, while we say hello. It is also the one that we could tell him every time we see him “you’re beautiful today”. 

Or the one that translates a situation“ you make me have a very good evening. ”In short, it is quite simply a question of saying out loud what we think in a whisper.

The advantage is that you won’t need to remember a list of pre-made compliments. Even if it’s practical and the web contains Top 100 of the best compliments for men.

If you are shy and introverted by nature, start with compliments on clothing, style of hair, perfume. It’s a great way to compliment a man without showing off too much. 

For those who fully assume their feelings, do not hesitate to be a little more specific. Women who get straight to the point are rare and that’s why you won’t sound like a big heavy no matter what you say.

The little detail that makes it unique.

But the icing on the cake of the compliment is still the personalized compliment. The one that makes it unique and special. 

There are two ways to do this. And it will depend on a given: whether you know it or not.

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If you know him pretty well, you normally won’t have a hard time complimenting that little something of his own. 

It could be a mole, a facial expression, an attitude, a character trait…

In short, you will find this detail that only a woman under the spell can see. 

And in this case, you remain in the category of the sincere compliment with the added bonus, a personalized compliment. 

Suffice to say that it is a winning combo.

On the other hand, if you do not know it yet, it can be a bit complicated. Unless you are a keen observer. 

Otherwise, you can resort to a little trick. It is a question of resorting to the “ arnum effect”. 

This is not a sleight of hand, it is a subjective validation technique.

Roughly speaking, you are saying something vague that gives the impression of perfectly describing a person. 

Example “ Under your somewhat rough air, I know very well that you are a sensitive and caring person. You must be one of those men who reserve themselves for the right person. “And it also works for the timid “Behind this shyness hides a strong and resourceful man, it shows“. 

Do you understand the trick?

How to compliment a man: what attitude to adopt?

Finding the right words is within reach of most of us. 

The problem is the transition from the imagination to the verbal. It’s about knowing how to compliment a man, in a really tangible way. 

We agree, neither can we stand in front of him point blank and recite a compliment like a robot…

Learn to compliment a man, the ultimate technique to charm him-2

The subtle approach.

If you are shy or introverted by nature and complimenting a man is really not your cup of tea, then you better stay subtle. 

First of all because it would be a little strange for a shy woman to exclaim “wow, you’re one of those buttocks!“. 

And then because there is no point in forcing yourself to be what you are not.

First of all, favor intimate moments, or when you are alone with him. You will surely be more comfortable. 

Then, focus on compliments that relate to the situation at the time. 

Let him know that you are having a good time with him or that he makes you laugh.

These are rather soft compliments in the sense that they are similar to simple politeness. Except it’s not a courtesy, it’s what you really think! 

All your body language will make him understand it! Whether you like it or not, your look, your smile and all your attitude will make him understand that “you’re funny” is actually “you’re the funniest guy on earth”. 

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Don’t worry, men are much more receptive than they want to appear.

The “fit inside”.

On the contrary, if you are the kind of chick who doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket, well take advantage ! As I told you a little earlier, confident women don’t run the streets!

And yes, the “fit” has its small effect on the male gender. Quite simply because they are not used to it. 

Don’t fall for the vulgar, but one unequivocal remark about a pretty butt doesn’t hurt anyone. And then, while you’re at it, take the opportunity to destabilize him a bit.

There is nothing better than teasing to engage in the game of seduction. 

For example, you can say to him ” You always have dirty hair, that’s what I like about you ” or ” This t-shirt is ugly, it hides the most interesting “…

It’s the famous fake technique -real-compliment. To be handled with delicacy because it should not fall into the attack. 

And then, expect to receive a few pointed remarks if Mr. is a little touchy…

5 tips to make your compliment work!

# 1. Don’t forget the body language!

Of course, to enhance your compliment, whether subtle or not, don’t forget to use and abuse your charms

The best way to compliment a man is to smile at him again. And if you have mastered the art of sidelining, then you’ve won it all. But most likely you don’t even have to think about it! Your face will light up on its own. 

What you can try to do, however, is touch him when you give him a compliment. A simple hand on his shoulder and you will have his undivided attention.

# 2. Compliment a man… sparingly.

To make your compliment work, try not to get carried away. Compliment a man more than once in the same night, it gets a little fishy or a little heavy if you – really go overboard. Better a good real compliment than beat yourself around the bush and give her a whole bunch of little hints.

Learn to compliment a man, the ultimate technique to charm him-3

# 3. Place it in the center!

Everyone has a little egocentric side and we are all used to starting our sentences with “ I ” or “ for my part ” or even “ me I ”. 

This is not necessarily a fault, moreover it is done so naturally that most people do not even notice it.

On the other hand, if all of a sudden you start your compliment with “ you ” or “ your ” or “ you ” then it’s a little as if you put your remark in bold: it attracts attention

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And then as a bonus, it flatters Mr’s ego a bit, which isn’t bad either. So, instead of saying “ I like your sweater ”, say instead “ your sweater looks great on you, I like it a lot ”.

# 4. Surprise him.

When you’re more comfortable complimenting a guy, you can start having a little fun. That is to say, no longer having to wait for the perfect moment. 

For example, you could cut it full in a sentence to say “have you changed your hairstyle? it looks great on you! So I wasn’t listening at all to what you were telling me, sorry “. 

Or “ wait wait, put your flirtatious gaze away because I can’t concentrate on what you’re telling me ”.

# 5. The little attention that is fine.

Finally, the last way to compliment a man, and well it is also by making small gestures towards him. 

For example, you can show up with his favorite pastry and say “ you have an irresistible smile when you see a chocolate eclair ”. 

And more simply, be attentive to the changes, because like you, men like to be noticed their new cut, even if it is only 2 cm less…

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