Is Having A Strong Personality A Bad Thing?

Posted by John Anumba
Is Having A Strong Personality A Bad Thing?

There was never a time that having a strong personality has been a bad thing.

Confusing a strong personality with being a bully is the main reason why people think it’s bad.

Also, there’s this correlation between having a strong personality and having a dominant personality 

When you have a dominant personality, how you choose to express it can differentiate being positive or negative about it 

For you to be successful in any field of life, you need to have a strong personality because, from my end, there are so many positive aspects of being a strong person, for having a strong mind.

Achieving anything great in this life has never been easy.

Life itself has so many distractions on its own there are so many ups and downs, there are so many challenges to be faced

How then is it possible for you to achieve something great in your life when you are not mentally strong and fit to pass through the hurdles 

Strong Personality And Failures In Life 

Before you can fly, you need to run. But prior to that, you have to learn to walk.

Walking is not possible if you have not crawled. And before you would have developed strong legs be able to stand on your own, you would have fallen many times.

What am I trying to say here, failing is part of life and part of the process of becoming who you will be.

If you don’t have a strong personality or in other words a strong mind, it is not possible for you to succeed in anything.

How then will it be if you don’t develop that mental capacity to overcome the failures you experienced 

I am making reference to this topic because of the assumption that having a strong personality is wrong or bad 

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Finding a balance between developing mental strength and not imposing your will on people that are not as mentally strong as you are is the key.

Mental strength is not a particular stage of life because there is no endpoint to how strong someone can be

As you grow in life and overcome the challenges you meet on a daily basis, your mental strength develops and grows stronger.

Never for once assume that developing that mental strength you need to become successful is wrong or bad and if you’re thinking of developing a strong mentality do not quit or stop because someone says is bad

I believe that people that call strong mentality a bad thing are people that are confusing a bully to being a strong person.

People that bully you in your workplace cannot be said to have a strong personality because there is a distinct difference between developing mental strength and using it to put others down 

Bringing others down is not a sign of mental strength rather is a sign of weakness. 

The need to show dominance at all times proves that there are underlying psychological issues that need to be dealt with.

If you understand the mentality of bullies, especially in your elementary school days, you will know that people that take joy in dominating others have childhood experiences that are imprinted into their subconscious and which direct their actions 

Comparing them to a strong personality will be wrong because in a world where you need all the energy you can gather to scale through hurdles, developing traits of a strong personality becomes very necessary.

Having A Strong Personality Is A Good Thing 

To further encourage you to develop a strong personality here are some of the things you can achieve with them 

  • You learn to overcome failures and downsides 
  • You learn to care less about what other people think or say about you
  • You learn to build confidence and self-esteem in yourself
  • This helps you walk boldly and you stay comfortable in your own skin
  • You cannot develop leadership without having a strong personality
  • You will always set a goal for yourself and stay focused enough to achieve it 
  • A strong personality will help you develop a winning mentality
  • Your lifestyle begins to inspire people around you.
  • You become better parents to your children 
  • A strong personality will help you develop an open mind 
  • A strong personality help to develop empathy for people that are unable to stand up for themselves
  • You begin to see life from a unique angle and perspective 
  • With a strong personality, you are able to work effectively alone and as part of a team 
  • A strong personality is what you need to build a successful business 
  • If you have chosen a career path, a strong personality is what you need to get to the top of the ladder 
  • There has never been any great leader in history that has not shown, probably, all qualities of a strong personality 
  • You become the best version of yourself with a strong personality.
  • You can never stop growing because you’re always learning new things 
  • You stay humble the moment you discover that you have never known it all and can never know it all

The list goes on and on and on and I can keep going but I believe that you get the idea.

Rather than think that a strong personality is a bad thing, it is in fact what you need to survive in this modern-day world.

The truth about a strong personality is that everyone has the capability to develop it but it is not everyone that will be able to develop it 

So much has been said about personal development motivational speeches and self-improvement steps.

That said, as easy as it is to write or talk about them, it is not as easy to put into practice.

But for the very few that are able to stick with the process, these are the ones that become the leaders that set the pace and standard for others to follow

There are tons of books and articles online that can help you develop a strong personality.

As you digest them, do not allow your mind to be overcome by the information overload on how to become a better version of yourself. Do not overburden your mind with these resources.

What you have to do is identify your weaknesses and start taking small daily steps on how to improve them 

Take one step at a time and you will improve your capabilities to develop a strong personality.

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