Is being arrogant a bad thing and why you should not be arrogant

Posted by John Anumba

There are lots of reasons why you should not be arrogant. Being arrogant is not confidence even when most people confuse both for the same.

Is being arrogant a bad thing?

There is a difference between constantly being the center of attraction and doing all it takes to remain there. Confident people don’t feel this way because they know what they are worth.

In fact, while arrogant people can be loud about their achievements, confident people need no reinforcements.

The need for arrogant people to remain at the top of the ladder drives them to do so many things consciously and unconsciously. These actions affect them negatively without them knowing.

We are going to give you some of the reasons why you shouldn’t be arrogant and if you know you are, why you should take steps to change for the better.

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Arrogant

Now here is the meat of the whole story, here are some of the reasons why being arrogant might not be something that can be of favor to you and your relationship with others.

You lose friends and family members

One of the fastest ways to lose friends and family members is through arrogance. Arrogant people are selfish and think of themselves first.

They care less about other people’s feelings and thought. In fact, they have little or no empathy especially when it has to do with being the center of attraction in any setting.

Their exaggerated sense of importance drives them to act in ways the come off as a turnoff for the people around them. 

Because of their repulsive character, their friends and family members will choose to stay far away from them overspending a minute with them in a room.

You make fake friends

Arrogant people are only able to make two types of friends. The first set of friends are people that are like them. Arrogant people love spending time among themselves.

It makes them feel powerful that they are hanging around their fellow mistaken confident people.

The second set of friends arrogant people can have around them are people that are just pretending to be friends with them. 

It is probably because of what is to be gained from the relationship and not because they truly care about this person.

These are not real friends and take advantage of any opportunity to get back at this arrogant person.

The fake praises from these fake friends feeds their egos and makes them feel important and less threatened. It doesn’t make their friendship real.

You make lots of enemies

Arrogant people are not aware of the fact that they make a lot of enemies with this character. The act of pulling people down to rise is not one that can get you many friends in the process.

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When you are willing to sell out others in other to remain the nicest person in the room, you end up making lots of enemies on the way.

The act of taking credit alone for teamwork.

That can really be a turn-off and make your teammates hate you for a long time.

You are constantly living in fear

One characteristic of an arrogant person is to ensure that they remain at the top of affairs. They want to be the center of attraction and they love it. 

Whenever they feel that their position is being threatened, they go the extra mile to ensure that they do all it takes to ensure that they are not displaced.

This is a clear difference between arrogance and confidence.

Confident people are not scared of being replaced because they know their worth and will always learn from people that have achieved more than they have.

There is always something to learn when someone is able to come up with new ideas.

Arrogant people don’t feel this way, they feel threatened by someone that shows potential to displace them from the top position they occupy.

Developing confidence becomes difficult

If you refuse to realize that you are arrogant or know you are but refuse to take steps to make changes, then you will not understand what it takes to develop confidence.

There is a clear difference between arrogance and confidence and both have different approaches to life and situations around them.

If you are an arrogant person and have refused to admit the negativity that comes with this personality, then giving it up to become confident becomes a challenge.

You are constantly in need of validation

The only way an arrogant person can stop feeling tensed is when he gets open assurances that no one is trying to displace him from the top position they enjoy.

The fact that no one is challenging their ideas or coming up with ideas that are better than theirs gives them the assumption that their position is secured.

But when this is not the case, arrogant people are always in fear and constantly in need for validation on their exaggerated self of importance.

How to stop being arrogant

  • Try to understand the difference between arrogance and confidence

It is not possible to stop being ignorant when you don’t know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

If you have not come to terms with the fact that you are arrogant, you will never stop being one and will never work towards being more confident.

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The moment you understand that there is a difference and you come to terms that you are arrogant, then it becomes possible for you to make changes.

Until this realization is achieved, it might not be possible to stop being arrogant.

  • Trust in yourself more

The main issue arrogant people have is that they are always scared of being replaced as the center of attraction.

The fear of being replaced drives them to feel threatened by people that show potential.

It is very possible that an arrogant person might be talented and have what it takes to achieve his aim, but the lack of trust in his ability drives the fear he has – the fear of being replaced.

This fear brings about these possible reactions from him:

Firstly, he is always on the lookout for potential threats and goes the extra mile to shut down this person.

Secondly, he diminishes greater achievements because he is jealous of them and feels threatened by them.

Thirdly, he refuses to accept new ideas that are not his because he wants the credit of success to be his and his alone. Even when there is a failure, rather than accept responsibility he seeks ways to shift the blame.

The rejection of new ideas affects his ability to learn and grow because he is not open-minded and will not want to allow someone else to take his shine and glory.

The only way for a person like this to stop being arrogant is to trust himself more and be open to learning new ideas because he cannot know it all.

  • Work towards improving your confidence

When an arrogant person is able to realize that he possesses a repulsive personality, he can take steps to deal with this negativity and work towards being a better person.

This can help him become more confident and see less need to become the center of attraction and stop being jealous of other people’s achievements.

He will also stop feeling jealous of potentials – rather encourage them.

I am not saying that these steps will be easy but it gets easier as he begins to work on getting rid of his arrogant characters and starts working to become more confident.

Getting rid of arrogance doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of your drive to become successful or an achiever.

But if you understand the signs of arrogance and how it affects the people around you, then you can ensure that you strike a balance between having a winning mentality and stop being jealous and threatened by others.

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When arrogance is a good thing

There are certain situations where being arrogant becomes the right action to take. I am talking about a situation where there is a need to keep certain people at bay.

Arrogant people are not only feared but avoided.

If you find yourself in the midst of such people and you want to cut off access to yourself, then being arrogant might be just what you need.

I also understand that we are living in a competitive world and sometimes, it might be required for you to go the extra milie to become the winner in certain scenarios.

Being arrogant might be a handy tool when the quest for authority and power is demanded.

Ever wonder why most government leaders of the world are seen as arrogant. Forget about the media stunt on how nice they are, when it comes to doing what it takes, their arrogance springs up.

Might be in a good way or bad way; what is most important for these leaders is that there are able to keep their opposition at bay.

Arrogance also helps them get their staff under control. 

They don’t care about being liked – they have a job to do and if there is a failure in his staff lineup, it reflects on him and as you know arrogant people hate being associated with bad news.

What I am trying to say here is this – arrogance helps them get results.

Mind you, I am not saying arrogance is a good thing, I am only saying that there are certain times it might come in handy for some people.

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