Is arrogance positive or negative?

Posted by John Anumba

Arrogance can both be negative and positive depending on how you look at it and how you apply it.

Of course, there’s confusion between differentiating arrogance and confidence. That is to say that despite the bad sides of arrogance there are still some good sides and things to be benefited from this negative personality.

Arrogance can be seen as a positive because when you see someone that believes in himself enough to value his importance.

You can say that arrogance helps this person feel more confident. Even when their sense of importance is exaggerated, we can agree that they believe in their self-worth and demand it from the people around them.

No matter how much we want to hate arrogant people one thing is clear, they, most times, come out as winners and as leaders.

The drive to retain their role at the center stage and be at the helm of affairs keeps them motivated to stay ahead of their game.

I can understand that arrogant personalities are known to put others down to rise and keep their subordinates subdued. But we can agree with one fact about power and retaining it: you have to keep the people behind you in line or else someone will teach you how to do it.

Arrogant people understand the politics of success and what it takes to stay favorable to Kings and powerful men.

They don’t like being associated with bad news which is why they always refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes rather they push it or blame someone else for it.

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We can all agree that taking responsibility for your mistakes and actions is a positive way to learn from them and grow but one of the rules of power states that you should never associate yourself with bad news – you shouldn’t be the one to deliver the bad news to the King.

If you understand how this game is being played then you understand why arrogant people never want to have a dent on their name and record.

That is why I say that there are positive and negative aspects of being arrogant, it all depends on the angle you look at it.

Not taking responsibility for your action is bad but trying to dissociate yourself from bad news and negativity is also a way to retain your position as part of the winning team.

That said, I would not want to pass off arrogance as being a positive personality because there are more negative aspects of being arrogant than the positives.

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