Is arrogance a personality trait? (Explained)

Posted by John Anumba

Arrogance is a personality because it contains so many character traits that make up the behaviors we see in people like this.

It is also singled out as a trait of many negative personalities that can be talked about.

In the area of arrogance being a personality, some of its character traits are rudeness, being a sexist, a racist, thinking less of others, and always trying to be the center of attraction.

But if you are talking about other negative personalities like being proud, we will definitely list arrogance as one of its character traits.

So in my own opinion, I will always look at arrogance as a personality that has various traits that it is made up of and also single it out as a trait of other negative personalities.

Character Traits of an Arrogant Personality

They are greedy and self-centered

One character trait of an arrogant personality is greediness and self-centeredness. An example is if you come to a scenario where there is a pandemic or crisis and there is a need to ration food according to children, the sick, and the elderly, a greedy person will not mind taking care of himself first without thinking of what others will eat.

He has this exaggerated mentality that he is more important than the rest.

Arrogant people think of themselves first before anyone else. As a matter of fact, they don’t have the empathy to consider other people’s feelings because it is not in their person to do so.

They hate a healthy competition

Arrogant people love being at the center of everything.

They love being the shining star and will want to have all attention focused on them. This mentality of being the most important person in the room makes them feel threatened when they feel someone else is trying to take their shine.

They easily feel threatened and their desire to remain the most important person drives them to demean and diminish other people’s achievements most especially if that person is outshining them

They have an exaggerated sense of importance

From the two character traits explained above, one can tell that arrogant people act this way because they have come to believe that they are the most important person in their workplace, family, or society.

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The feeling of being too important drives most of their characters which affects their relationship with people.

They have no empathy

An arrogant person feels nothing for others because he thinks first of himself. They have no empathy and don’t know what it’s like to be in another person’s shoes.

An arrogant person will treat you with disdain if he understands that you are not like him.

If you don’t have that same mentality as it does and see things in his view, you tend to be seen as an enemy

They see their subordinates as weak

Because arrogant people have no empathy, they treat their subordinates with disdain.

They lack respect for people’s time and emotions which is also another reason why they come to meetings late.

They have this sense of royalty that fuels their mentality of being the most important person in the room.

Their subordinates should wait for them before the meeting commences. 

Their exaggerated sense of importance makes them think of others as weak especially when they are at the top of the ladder

They are hypocrites

Arrogant people are known to say one thing and do the direct opposite.

If you’re meeting them for the first time, they have this attitude of being unnecessarily nice. They can take it a step further by talking bad about their friends and family to you – just to portray themselves as the nice guy and make you believe other people are not to be trusted.

This is normal when they believe that you hold the power to decide who takes the center stage.

They are always scared

Because an arrogant person will not like to be displaced from the center stage, he is always in fear of losing the top spot.

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This is why he easily feels threatened when someone else in his workplace or community is achieving something greater than he can.

Rather than feel motivated and congratulate this person, they do a good job of demeaning and diminishing the person’s achievements.

This action is driven by their fear of being displaced from the top spot.

Don’t take responsibility for mistakes

Arrogant people don’t like being associated with bad news and errors. 

This is why they don’t like taking responsibility for their mistakes and actions. They’ll rather push the blame to someone else or something beyond anyone’s control.

Rather than take responsibility for their mistakes and apologize, they will always be looking out for successful achievements where they can share in the credits and success story.

It is common practice for them to brag about how the success story would not have been possible without their ultimate contribution.

Once again it is about dragging the limelight to themselves in order to feel important.

Bully opposition into silence and agreement

If someone tries to make an arrogant person take responsibility for his mistake or tries to voice an opposing view to his ideas, they have their way of barking that person into silence or into agreement with their views.

Arrogant people don’t like being challenged. They don’t listen to their teammates, rather they want the success stories to be more about them and their ideas.

This is why it is common practice for an arrogant person to take credit that belongs to a team. 

They barely appreciate the efforts of team members and admit the success to be a team effort because it spreads the limelight and takes them away from being the main center of attraction.

Is Arrogance an Inherited Trait

Arrogance is not a trait someone can inherit from his parents. It is not genetic and hereditary. It will be wrong to say that arrogance is in someone’s DNA

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People become arrogant due to several external reasons.

It can be as a result of childhood experiences that force someone to become self-righteous and judge others according to their standards.

Some people have an underlying fear and low self-esteem and use arrogance as a means of shielding their weakness 

But whichever reason causes someone to be arrogant, it has to do with some form of mental illness and not the transfer of genes from parents to a child.

Can an Arrogant Person Change and be Humble

The first step to changing any bad character or behavior you have is by admitting you have them. 

It is possible for an arrogant person to change and be humble but first he has to admit his arrogance and take serious steps towards making change and improving his relationship with the people you relate with on a daily basis.

Unless an arrogant person admits that there is a need for change in his life and sees the importance of showing empathy he might never change he will continue on his part of dominating the same putting down others in order to rise to disrespect people’s emotions and feelings because he thinks he’s very confident.

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