In a relationship but attracted to another person: Reason and Action

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In a relationship, there may be times when you feel attracted to someone else, but that doesn’t necessarily mean ending your relationship.

Are you in a relationship but attracted to another? 

What does this mean about your feelings, and your love affair?

We’ll help you understand what you enjoy so much about this other person, and what you could change about your relationship.

In a relationship but attracted to another: what do you like most about this other person?

To ask yourself the right questions about your relationship, it is important to highlight what attracts you about this other person. 

That way, you can see what you are missing in your relationship, and what you need right now.

Among what attracts you about this other person, you might find the following:

The game of seduction

What you like about this other person is perhaps the game of seduction that has taken place between you. 

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, the feeling of having to please each other, and that tension of starting a relationship may be gone.

On the contrary, with this person whom you do not know, you could learn to discover yourself, and seduce yourself over the meetings. 

The fact that you are in a relationship could also add some tension to this game of seduction.

The key is to know how far you could go with this other person.

In a relationship but attracted to another

The way he treats you

You might also like this person because they treat you in a different way. In your relationship, there can be ups and downs. 

And the person you’re dating may not always be nice to you. She is going through a difficult period, she is tired …

If that other person cares about you and your feelings, you might start to feel drawn to them very quickly. You need to be taken care of.

His way of speaking

What you like the most could also be about the way he speaks. He may be a great speaker, or even a good talker, who will tell you what you expect. 

If he is a professional flirt, he will serve you long speeches, intended to charm you. And you will fall into his trap!

It can also highlight the lack of communication in your relationship. You don’t trade, at least not enough to your liking, and you miss that.

His physic

You might also simply fall in love with her physique. He is a very handsome man, and you find it hard to resist him. 

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On top of that, he gives the impression that he takes care of himself. He pays attention to his way of dressing, he smells good, he combs his hair… Does your companion do the same?

Maybe you find that your partner is letting go, and this is all the more glaring in comparison to this man.

It is quite normal to be physically attracted to other people when in a relationship. There are, however, different levels of attraction.

In a relationship but attracted to another

In a relationship but attracted to another: he makes you dream

He is a great traveler. He has traveled the world, and he can tell you stories of his stays in the most beautiful cities in the world. He’s passionate, and he can talk to you for hours about what he likes, until you feel that passion. 

Or, he has a very interesting job that inspires you and impresses you. These points may be enough to create an attraction in you.

It is the attraction for novelty, discovery. This person seems very far from your routine, she takes you elsewhere, makes you dream.

He is the opposite of your partner

Once again, it is its exoticism that strikes you. It is nothing like what you already know. He is the opposite of your partner. It can also mean that you need something new, to take your mind off things.

He reacts in a different way, he changes your habits, and that makes you feel good. It’s like a breath of fresh air! But could that be enough to make you want to develop a relationship with him?

You just might need a change, and it can be implemented in a number of ways.

In a relationship but attracted to another: what can this mean about you and your relationship?

When you feel drawn to another person, it definitely means that there is something wrong with your relationship. What could you change to improve your relationship? Can it still last?

You need to get some fresh air

You live together on a daily basis. You see each other every day, without exception. In the end, nothing disturbs your habits, and you feel almost oppressed in your relationship. You definitely need some fresh air.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t love yourself anymore, but you might need to take some time on your own to have some exciting things to talk about again. Go on vacation with friends, go out on your own, or get started in a new activity for example!

You could take the time to breathe, away from your relationship.

In a Relationship but attracted to another: your routine weighs on you

On a daily basis, everything is always the same. You eat at a specific time every day. You go to bed at the same time, your habits never change. 

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It is also possible that you do not go out often, you do not see many people and do not do anything exciting…

It could end up weighing you.

So, you need something new, a change in your life, an original proof of love . And this different person attracts you and makes you want elsewhere.

Perhaps changing your routine could be enough to make you want to get involved in your love affair again? Ask yourself what you need in your life.

Your feelings are not the same anymore

From the feelings you might have for that other person, you might understand that your feelings for the person you are in a relationship have changed. It’s simple, you don’t feel the same anymore. You are not as attracted as you once were.

It may mean that this person needs to make an effort to please you as before, or that you need something else to bring this to an end. It is better to realize this soon enough, than to stay in a relationship if you no longer have feelings for that person.

Your partner leaves you

This desire for another person can also mean that your partner is not taking care of you well enough. He leaves you behind, he doesn’t take care of you like he should. 

You don’t feel listened to, he never gives you compliments, and doesn’t seem to notice you…

He may need you to remind him that you are there, but that you are not taken for granted! You may well fall under the spell of another person, who will know how to take care of you! Perhaps that will be enough to make him question himself.

In a relationship but attracted to another man: ask yourself the right questions

Could you end your relationship for this other person? Ask yourself the right questions. You will need to take your time to think about your future, before making decisions that you may later regret.

What do you want with this man?

You know what pleases you about this other person. But what could you want with him? Would you like to spend more time with him, see him more often, and have a good time? Do you want to take the time to find out more about it?

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It could also just be a sexual attraction. You would like to spend a night with him, without asking for more. It’s running through your head, and you can’t think of anything else!

On the contrary, you could sometimes think about your future with him. Can you imagine living together, what life could be like if you were a couple… Maybe your story doesn’t bring you anything anymore?

Sexual attraction.

Are you in love?

It can be hard to determine the nature of your feelings, especially in such a murky and complicated situation. In addition, you might also retain feelings for your partner, however, the nature of those feelings have evolved, and it is no longer love but affection you feel for them.

On the contrary, when you see this other person, you get this weird sensation. You think about him all the time, so much so that you move further and further away from your partner. Maybe what you are feeling is stronger than you might imagine.

Would you be ready to end your story?

Could you leave your companion for this other person? Would you be willing to end this story, and put all your memories aside to start a story with someone else?

It is important to clear your mind, even if it is difficult. You have to differentiate between a simple romance that will last only a moment, and your love affair, with that person you love. You might just need to break the routine, and some new activities to do as a couple might help!

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