How to touch a girl on a date and make her want you

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How to touch a girl on a date and make her want you

Touching a girl the right way can make her love you and fall in love with you on the first date. But do you really know how to touch a girl the right way?

Flirting and touching a girl is part of the great plan to impress her and make her like you.

But can you just touch a girl when you feel like it?

Are there any signs you need to watch out for if you want to touch a girl?

How to touch a girl on a date

Touching or flirting with a girl should be effortless when you’re dating her, whether it’s on the first date or on the tenth.

You can be a gentle guy who knows her moves, but if you try to gently touch her too soon you might end up crawling. [Read: How to make a girl like you ]

The best way to warm up a girl on your first contact is to use a two-part strategy.

Of course, you can skip a part if you want. But using the two-part approach to a date can help you build momentum for something more than just a touch.

And don’t all men appreciate good surprises at the end of a date ?!

Two-part date planning

Plan a date for dinner, and follow it up with a walk or other stop for dessert. This gives you enough time to warm her up and take a few chances without ever looking desperate.

Choose restaurant

Choosing a restaurant for a date isn’t just good food. Choose a restaurant where you can sit next to her, at a right angle. Avoid restaurants where you have to sit face to face, unless you have no choice. [Read: How to choose a restaurant for a date ]

A romantic setting with cozy little tables is perfect for a date. It can help you hit her easily and get the right buzz. Learning how to pick a good restaurant for a date that puts you both in a romantic mood and spends a lot of time between each course is half the job done.

At the restaurant

Have a pleasant conversation and don’t try to think of ways to touch her just yet. Instead, just lean in every now and then and come closer to her while talking about something. Sometimes soften your voice to a whisper, then she has to come close to hear you.

As the conversation progresses, if she leans towards you or you find her smiling, you’re ready for the next step.

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Warm her up with your conversations

There is nothing better than happy, naughty conversations to make sure she has a great time with you. And during the middle of the conversation, place your hand on the table “absent-mindedly”? Does she reciprocate every now and then by placing her own hand on the table?

Place your hand on the table to let her know you are reaching out to him. If she does the same, she’s obviously excited for a touch of hope too!

Discreet accidental touches

Low-key touches can be a huge sex spin if done the right way. Slide your feet towards her very slowly until you almost touch her feet. Discreetly try to get as close to her as possible without touching her or making her uncomfortable.

And if your foot is able to make even the slightest contact with her feet, stop squirming and seeing if she catches her foot back. The smallest bodily contact is always more exciting than obvious movement. Take your time and never rush through any of the steps. Remember, the more you keep the touches and rubbing low-key, the more you build sexual tension. [Read: Tips on using the sneaky affectionate touch]

Use your hands

Once you’re halfway through the date and see that she enjoys your contacts and happy conversations, touch her every now and then. Place your hands on her palm while emphasizing a point or complimenting her. It makes everything about the date so much more authentic and intimate.

Use stripping lines if you need to

The stripper lines still work, although it’s pretty obvious. Tell her you can read palms and reach out. Tell her she has pretty earrings and reach out to gently touch her ears. Tell her she has a nice ring … or a bracelet. Find something about her that you can compliment her on and use the excuse to touch her. Just stay away from her female parts! [Read: How to compliment a girl the beautiful way ]

Don’t molest her with your touches

Just because you have an excuse to touch her doesn’t mean you should constantly touch her. Touch her a few times during the date, but never overdo it, especially if she doesn’t return the favor. Build up the sexual tension with the little discreet touches and it will do all the magic.

And always remember that. Touch her a few times, she will want your touch. Touch her too often, and she’ll think you’re a scary pervert.

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The second part of the strategy – After the restaurant

If you have built up enough chemistry in the restaurant, she would look forward to spending some time with you. Take a walk with her or plan a drive to another restaurant for dessert.

You might have worked your magic at the restaurant, but there’s no way you could be delicate with her, even if you turned her on enough to want to kiss you there.

You need an excuse to find a quiet place for an emotional moment. And a walk or back to the car to another restaurant can make all the difference.

Walk out of the restaurant

When leaving the restaurant, let her take the lead. And while you stand by her side, place your hand on her back. That’s what a gentleman does, and she really shouldn’t care. And hey, you have a great excuse to touch her too!

Take a walk together

After exiting the restaurant, it’s time to push your luck. As you walk to another restaurant or to your car, approach her and, somewhere in the middle of a conversation, put your hand around her waist without making it seem serious.

If she snuggles closer to you, yeah, two thumbs up!

If she stiffens or acts awkwardly, slowly pull your hand away as if you haven’t realized something strange just happened. Recognizing an awkward moment only makes things more difficult. But if you’ve been working on sexual attraction in the restaurant, there’s no way she’s going away from you!

Find a secluded place

As you walk down the street, try to find a lonely path where it is not crowded. If you return to your car, great as there is nothing more private than a car on a first date.

Touch her again

When you get in the car, hold her palms or touch her shoulder and tell her that you are having a good time. Use the excuse of touching her shoulder to congratulate her again, whether it’s for her soft skin or the smooth fabric of her dress. Tell her how sweet it is, but never rush, because you really need to make her feel comfortable with your touch. [Read: Best things to talk about on the first date ]

Speak softly in a low tone

Do not start your car just yet. Talk to him. And speak softly in your manly voice!

Let her know how great you are having a good time with her, and all the other good things in the world. Calm the moment and build love.

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Make a bold move

Gently blow her cheek once and put your hand on her cheek as you tell her you’re really glad you met her. Only do this if you feel like the time is right. If she returns the favor by pulling you closer or touching you, what are you waiting for? Kiss her cheek or walk over and wait for a kiss.

On the other hand, if she blushes and doesn’t do anything after touching her cheek, gently remove your hand and start the car. It’s time for dessert and a second round to reheat her again.

It doesn’t matter if she returns the favor after dinner or after dessert. You would be able to warm her up and make sure you build the romantic connection anyway. But remember to never overdo your loving touches, especially if she doesn’t make you feel good.

Understanding how to touch a girl and build sexual tension at the same time can be a cinch if you play it safe and slow. But always wait for her to respond before making the next move. Click here to read how to kiss a girl on the first date .

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