How to think like a woman and get the girl to like you

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How to think like a woman and get the girl to like you

Men and women don’t think along the same lines, especially during the courtesy game. Find out how to think like a woman and get the girl to like you.

Thinking like a woman can seem confusing, but it really isn’t.

If you can make her happy by thinking the way she wants you to think, and love her for it, isn’t it worth a try?

Understanding how to think like a woman is an easy winner to get a girl, but you really have to learn to think like a girl and not act like one!

You really don’t want her to think that you have an extremely feminine side.

Doing too much can make her believe that she is dating a girl, and not a guy.

To make a girl like you use these tips and it will definitely earn you a lot of points, as long as you think like her and behave like a man. 

How to think like a woman

Women and men may have a similar end goal in mind, but there are a few paths that change along the way.

In order to woo a girl, you have to start thinking like her and finding ways to please her.

Always put yourself in her shoes after considering her personality and asking yourself how she would like you to behave.

To get started, here are some tips that work well for all women. Use these tips and watch how the ball starts rolling around your yard in no time.

Beat around the bush

Men like to speak directly and get straight to the point. Women no, at least in love.

Women love a little bit of doubt and drama in their life. They might not tell you, but it’s true. Use this to your advantage and make a girl fall more deeply in love with you with each passing day. 

Don’t tell her that you love her immediately, and don’t be around and call her all the time. You are not her boyfriend yet.

Don’t ask her on a date or tell her you want to be in a relationship with her. At least not until I’m done with all of this advice. By taking it slowly, you won’t do it more than you want it to. Her friends may ask her about your relationship status and she may wonder too, and all of this will only make her more desirable. [Read: How to have a date with a girl making her laugh ]

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Women love attention

A guy doesn’t care about the attention or becoming the topic of the conversation, as long as he gets what he wants anyway. But women love a little attention, especially when it’s something romantic.

If you want to know how to think like a woman and get the girl, this is a perfect start that can land you at the top of her dating list. After your first date or meeting, send her flowers and small gifts. But don’t send it home. Have a professional pack it carefully and send it to their workplace.

When she receives the beautiful package at work, she will be the focal point of all her colleagues. They will want to know about the gift, and they will want to know about you. Her friends are going to talk about her and everyone will be talking about her in their workplace too, and all in a good way. 

This is a great way to let her know that you care about her, and to make her feel loved and popular at the same time. This one is a big winner that still works, although she’s (thankfully) embarrassed about it!

Women like to make their friends jealous

Now, that can make women mean and mean, but in a very subtle way, it’s completely true. Men can get jealous of other men when it comes to success and career, but they don’t care about getting the upper hand in romance, as long as the girl looks sexy.

On the other hand, women love romance and fairy tales. All women love to be courted and all women want the best guy in the world to be their own guy, especially when it comes to romance and the magic in the air.

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When you are with the girl you love, treat her like a princess. Don’t worry about being nerdy or silly, just as long as she’s having fun. Create romantic dates, compliment her and make her feel beautiful and have a good time with her. 

When her friends get to know her magical date with you, they can’t help but feel jealous of the girl you love. And when she hears that her friends envy her, she will fall more in love with you because it is you who make her life so magical and envious all of a sudden! [Read: How to compliment a girl ]

Women love romance

A man might not care about all the flirtations and jokes as long as he knows a girl loves him. But for a woman, there is nothing like a little romance to increase the affection and love she has for you. 

Make her feel special whenever she’s with you, and have a little surprise in your pocket every now and then. Get yourself a cheap gift or a bouquet of flowers every now and then, but don’t make it a habit every day because it won’t make you look like a fake.

Court the girl you like in style, and try to keep each date unique, especially for the first few times. By creating a wonderful experience for her every time, you will only make her want to be with you all the time. [Read: How to charm a girl ]

Women need a little comfort

Men don’t care whether their friends like a girl or not. If you think a girl is awesome and sexy, then no friend can stop you dating her. But women don’t think along the same lines.

Women need to be reassured, and not bad. When you start wooing a girl, you can be sure that she will talk to a few of her girlfriends about you. Now, how she reacts to your progress will also depend on what her friends think of you. 

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While being chivalrous and charming on dates can be a certain winner, you should also impress and charm his friends if you ever meet them. [Read: How to be a chivalrous guy ]

If her friends like you, she’ll like you even more. If her friends think she’s lucky to have found such a wonderful and romantic guy as you, then you are definitely someone she will want to keep. 

Always behave well around friends and have warm conversations with them. Plus, treat the girl you’re dating like a princess when her friends are around. This will only make her friends more envious, which will obviously work in your favor!

Now that you know how to think like a woman, use these five steps and make a lasting impression on any girl you meet. But always remember to think like a girl while trying to impress her and behave like a man when you are around her.[Read: What women want in a man]

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