How to tell a girl you love her and conquer her heart

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How to tell a girl you love her and conquer her heart

Are you wondering how to tell her you love her without being rejected? Use these 12 tips to confess your feelings, and get the girl to like you back.

“The advice in this article can just as easily be from men and women to confess their feelings, but since this seduction blog is all about men, it will be about how to tell a girl you love her. . “

Want to tell a girl you love her without actually saying a word to her about it?

Sometimes you aren’t going to realize you’re in love with a girl until it’s too late.

And all of a sudden, one fine day, you may just wake up and realize that you are in a relationship with this girl.

Do you want to tell this girl that you are interested in having a romantic date with her?

Or do you want to keep your feelings to yourself and wait for a miracle?

How to tell a girl you love her

No matter where you are, love can blossom when you least expect it.

You might fall in love with a good friend, or even a girl you just exchanged glances with for a while.

And that’s the easy part.

But expressing your feelings to her isn’t that easy.

Even if you are a wonderful person who has already had a decent romantic relationship with this girl, you need to ease your way into her heart without encountering a harsh shock. 

Read her mind before you reveal your feelings

Most people say that you shouldn’t hold onto your emotions when you start loving someone, and that you should reveal the feelings in your heart immediately. 

But that’s not always the most effective way to win someone’s heart, especially a girl, and make them love you.

Never reveal your feelings immediately. Always try to read that person’s mind and know the answer even before you ask the question. This will save you from painful rejection and the chance of ruining a friendship.

If you realize that you are in love with a friend and want to invite her on a date, play slow and don’t reveal your intention during the dating date until you are sure that girl is on a date. already interested in you too.

Take your time to express yourself

This is especially important if you already know that person you like well enough. If you don’t know that person you like or haven’t been introduced yet, try to make a good impression when they notice you. The first step in telling someone you love them is to impress them with a potential date. 

Wait for reciprocity

Whatever move you make, don’t rush. This is the biggest mistake most people who experience denial make. They’re either too impatient or too cocky, and they end up ruining any chance of dating the girl they love, even if they had a great chance initially.

You have nothing to lose by waiting a few weeks to make sure you don’t misinterpret the signs. Always be sure that this girl exhibits some reciprocity before you ask her or say that you like her.

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12 Ways to tell her you love her without expressing your feelings

12 Ways to tell her you love her without expressing your feelings

If you want to win a girl’s heart without ever letting her know you’ve already fallen in love with her, use these 12 steps and wait until you see the reciprocating motion.

But at the same time, if these measures aren’t reciprocated, you’ll end up looking scary. So take your time, build the right storyline, and you’ll really figure out how to tell her I love her, and in all probability win her heart in no time. 

# 1 The show of excitement.

Every time you see this girl, your heart is probably skipping a beat with excitement. Instead of hiding how you feel, express it. Make it obvious to this girl that you are happy to see her. Show a big sign, flash a big smile, and sparkle with pleasure. A happy expression is always contagious, and within a few days this girl can start to feel your excitement too.

# 2 Smile and look.

Have you ever wanted to look at the person you love * especially when they are busy and can’t notice you are looking at them *? Use this to your advantage. A dreamy smile and a few glances. It’s even better if you’re caught red-handed, as long as you immediately turn away as soon as the person sees you.

By building loving eye contact, you make it curious, and before you know it that person may start looking at you every now and then too. 

# 3 Compliment her.

If you want a girl to know that you are interested in dating, you need to make her realize that you see her as a potential date. If you find something appealing about her, whether it’s her smile, the way she talks, or the dress, compliment her on it. 

Complimenting someone is the best way to start flirting without showing that you’re going too hard. When you compliment someone on something, it always lets the person think of your compliment fondly. And that means she will think of you too!

# 4 Flirt with her.

Whenever the two of you are, and no one around, say something cute or flirty. You can start with compliments. But always remember to avoid flirting with her when there are people around. 

This will make the girl feel uncomfortable, which will push her away from you instead of closer.

Flirt only when she is alone with you. This will give her a chance to flirt with you too without worrying about someone overhearing the conversation.

# 5 Use the power of touch.

The feeling of touch has the power to make anyone feel fragile with sexual attraction, and almost always impossible to help. The next time you are with this person, do not pat them on the back in an aggressive manner.

If you want to touch her, gently place your palm on hers. If you want to take a look at something she’s showing you, casually put your arm around your lower back. These are just a few places that are sure to send a thrill of sexual arousal down her spine. 

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# 6 Start talking on the phone.

If you want to tell someone you love them and make them love you first, you need to bond more closely with them. Call this friend on the phone from time to time, preferably in the evening. After a few days and having had a lot of interesting conversations with each other, that person will start to get addicted to talking with you even without realizing it!

# 7 Send SMS

Send occasional text messages to say goodnight or hello to begin with, and wait for your friend to respond to your text. Once you are both comfortable texting each other often, stretch the game over by texting. 

When the two of you bond while texting each other, this girl will start to like you and even look at you as a potential date. 

# 8 I miss you.

If you aren’t meeting this girl on a particular day, or she can’t be with your group of friends, text her to let her know that you miss her and that you will have liked her to be with you now when you talk on the phone. 

It will definitely make your friend feel extra special, and she will feel closer to you too.

# 9 Your full attention

Give this friend your undivided attention when she is with you. It will make your friend feel more special and dependent on you. And when you’re not with her, she can miss your company dearly because no one makes her feel so special and secure as much as you do. 

And the best part, seeing you all the time together can also make all of your friends think that the two of you are already in a relationship. And if your friends think so, it’s only a matter of time before one of your friends voices it in front of the person you love.

# 10 Persistent goodbye.

It’s a perfect way to build romance in your budding relationship. Whenever you kiss that friend to say goodbye to her, don’t let yourself go immediately. 

Let your hands linger a little longer before sliding them onto her back. Even if no one realizes he’s staying, your friend will definitely notice the difference in the way you hang out with her to say goodbye. And she will surely feel good about it. 

# 11 Drop a few hints.

Each time when you are flirting or just hanging out with each other, say something sweet. Talk to that person that you love being with them, or tell them that you had a wonderful time when you were together.

But as soon as you say it, change the conversation and talk about something else. Don’t wait for a response right away or you can put that person in an embarrassing situation. Instead, let her think about what you said.

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# 12 Invite that person out.

Hopefully, and you’ve used these steps on how to tell her I love her, your friend will already start to like you very much. Now all you need to do is turn the friendship into a romantic relationship.

Invite your friend over for coffee or watch a movie one night. Make it seem like it’s not a big deal and that you just want to hang out because you don’t have anything better to do. And at the end of the date, express your feelings without using overly sentimental words. 

Saying something like “I really had a good time with you today” or “We should be doing this more often” will surely lead to more romantic dates, even if the two of them are still friends.

Say out loud at the right time

Once the two of you start dating often, you two are already dating, even if you haven’t given the relationship a name yet. If your friend doesn’t love you romantically, she’ll probably always start to pull away from you in the early stages. So make sure you pay attention to all the steps and use them the right way.

And once the two of you start going on dates often, the two of you are already going to feel like a couple, even if neither of you talks about it. So when the right opportunity presents itself after a particularly romantic date, tell that special someone exactly how you feel.

Use these 12 steps on how to tell her I love her, and you will definitely be able to win her heart and make this girl love you back. But remember to play it safe and go slow and expect reciprocity with each step…

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