How to tell a girl that you love her without losing her

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How to tell a girl that you love her without losing her

Worried that she would refuse you when you would tell her that you love her? Use these tips on how to tell a girl you love her to make sure you get the right answer.

Have you ever had the feeling of floating in the clouds just thinking of a special girl?

Do you dream of spending time with her and going out with her?

Do you think you are in love?

Well the chances are high, you probably are. 

Falling in love looks great no matter if you are a man or a girl.

It’s one of those times when everything around you becomes beautiful and joyful.

But at the same time, losing the one you love or being rejected by a young girl is just as intense and painful.

How do you tell a girl that you love her?

So do you love a girl, but don’t know how to tell her you love her?

There are two circumstances here.

First of all, you love her, but you’re not dating her.

In the second case, you are dating, but you want to let her know that you are really serious about the relationship.

If you are already dating a girl and are only confused about those three special sync words, don’t worry a little. Just use the lines mentioned in this article and you will do it just fine!

How to tell a girl you love her when you aren’t dating her

As scary as showing your love to a girl may seem, it’s actually the easy part. Getting the girl to love you and fall in love with you is actually the hardest part.

Contrary to what most of your friends might say, if you like a girl, don’t just ask her on a date. You submit your hopes to fate and chance. And that’s the wrong way to make a move. 

After all, why leave your heart in the streets purely waiting for luck to smile on you when there are better ways to go about it?

If you want to tell a girl that you love her, make sure you know she loves you already and will likely respond in your favor.

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Use these tips to get her to let you into her heart first, and then make your statement.

# 1 Be her special friend

You are probably already her friend and are just confused at the idea of ​​revealing your real intentions to her. So your first move should be to put yourself in a special place of her heart. 

Be a special friend to her, help her when she needs a share, hang out with her when you can, and have conversations with her that are both intellectual and fun.

Don’t behave like a bad boy or a guy who throws his importance aside. It works well with girls you don’t know, not with friends. If you ignore a girl who’s already your friend, she’ll think you’re a jerk or she’ll likely walk away from you. Your only concern should be to avoid becoming a best friend instead of a lover. 

# 2 Talk late at night

If you’re wondering how to tell a girl you love her, talking late into the night with her can do wonders for your budding relationship. 

Find reasons and excuses to talk to her when she is already in bed. The relaxed pace of a long conversation late at night almost always leads to something more personal and intimate, even if one of you is just talking funny at the start of the conversation.

If you haven’t already, add a few personal questions to those conversations that will steer the conversation into relationships. Themes such as relationships, personal stories, and what she likes about a guy will create the perfect setting for your intentions. 

# 3 Invite her on dates

You’re just a friend now, but if you find ways to hang out with her and talk to her often, you’ll start to see that you’ve already held a special place in her heart.

If you feel like she enjoys your company, it’s time to take the next step. Tell her about a great place you’ve experienced or a new movie that’s in town and ask her to come with you. You’re still a friend, so you can urge her to come with you, even if she thinks twice!

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Once you’re with her, treat her like a date and behave like you’re on a date. 

But now that she enjoys your company, don’t be a cinch or be too readily available to her. She loves spending time with you already, so you need to make sure that she misses it when you’re not with her so that she can’t wait to spend time with you.

# 4 Flirt with her subtly

You talk to her late at night, you are an important part of her life, and you go on dates with her. If you have done these first steps correctly, you are already in the right area. But now you have to make it pretty obvious that you are attracted to her. 

Look for opportunities to flirt with her. If you’re worried about making this obvious, start flirting in a subtle way via texting. It is safe and even if she thinks you are acting weird, you can still make it sound like a joke.

# 5 You see reciprocating motion

You have practically already had romantic dates! But are you the only one calling and scheduling every date or does she do that too? 

Sometimes the girl you love can just be shy and reserved. Or at other times, she may just be too easygoing to show you this. Find out if she is interested in you too.

If she doesn’t call you or ask you out as often as you do, ignore her for a few days or reduce the number of calls you make. 

By ignoring her for a few days, she will inevitably start to think about you or realize how addicted she is to you. [Read: How do you get a girl to kiss you and turn her on? ]

# 6 Make her love you

Now you’ve done whatever you can to warm her up, and set the stage to tell her that you love her. But are you sure she loves you too? Use these tips to make a girl like you without asking her on a date to make sure she’s already in love with you.

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And once you’re sure she enjoys being with you, tell her what’s on your mind on a special date with a few lines similar to the ones mentioned below.

“You know, there is something that I just realized in the last few weeks where we spent time together. I don’t know if this is the right way to put it… but I really enjoy spending time with you… I think I fell in love with you, during the days that have passed… and more than that, I think I’m really in love with you… ”

Understanding how to tell a girl you love her is easy, but knowing the answer before you even reveal your love to her is not. Take your time, plan things out, and you will never go wrong! Use these different tips to tell a girl you love her next time.

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