How to respond to a guy who felt he used you

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Sometimes guys can be funny and stupid at the same time especially when they feel they used a girl.

Trying to come up with something constructive to say to them or how to handle your feeling can be a challenge.

The most difficult feeling has to do with the assumption that you lost your dignity but it doesn’t have to be so.

It might not be as difficult as you think to get your dignity back especially when you have something constructive to say to him.

Figuring out what to say might be tricky because different people treat these situations differently.

But in this post, will help you with some ideas on the best way to handle such a situation.

What to say to a guy when he feels he has used you

One of the reasons why ladies are defensive is because of the popular assumption that men want only one thing from them.

I cannot blame you ladies because guys will say anything they feel will entice the ladies to do what they want.

It can be heartbreaking to find out that your assumption of what your relationship is going to be like was not true.

In a situation like this, here are some of the things you can say to such a person.

What to say to a guy if you really like him

“There is more to just sleeping with me if only you try”

It is very possible that even if what the guy wants is just to sleep with you, that there’s some form of chemistry between you both.

If you feel it and you believe that he felt it too,  it is possible to make him understand that you can bring much more to the table.

Saying this to him or sending it to him in a text message might make him change his mind and consider taking you seriously.

It will also help him reflect on the times both of you shared outside bed except if it was a one-night stand.

If he’s a reasonable person, these memories will help him understand what he’s missing out on.

It can also convince him to come back and consider having a serious relationship with you.

I like you enough to tell you that I want you to grow up

Sometimes, guys are not aware of how much they’re missing out on nice girls.

Their daily mission is to conquer as many ladies as possible without realizing that maturity pays.

Helping him understand that he has to look beyond his youthful drive and focus on being more of a matured man might make him consider seeing you as someone he is supposed to be with.

Sometimes, men are looking for someone to point them in the right direction and help them become a better version of themselves.

If you really like this guy and want something serious with me then this is a line you should speak for you

What do you think of your friend being a father recently?

This is something you said to a guy you have been constantly sleeping with and you understand that is financially capable enough to handle a scenario where a child becomes part of the story.

The ability not to run away from pregnancy means that he’s matured enough mentally and emotionally to go through with it.

You need to ensure that you understand the person you’re sending this to because if it is someone that is shallow-minded, it might turn him off and push him further away from you for a long time.

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The thought of being a father just scares the sh*t out of some guys.

But if you know and you’re sure that you’re dealing with someone that is matured in mind, he might appreciate this message and gives it a thought.

What to say if you don’t want to date him

A doll might be just what you need

The events of 21st century have made it easy for dolls to be available and some men not seeing the need to get a real human to spend time with.

For someone you know is childish and you don’t see yourself having a future with this person, this might be a way should dissuade him from thinking that he has scored points by sleeping with you.

If he is wise enough to process this information, then he will know that he is just being childish with this act.

You should be ashamed of yourself for not being able to master me all these while

Men love feeling powerful as human beings and the winner of the marathon race in the bedroom.

If you feel you’re being used, then this is what to tell him – that you’ve not been impressed all this while.

You might succeed in getting him to feel like he is not man enough to satisfy a woman.

If getting me to your bedroom is all you desire then I’m sorry I’ll have to decline

The guy might be celebrating that he has scored points with you but this message will make him understand that you are the one rejecting him.

The aim here is to win your integrity back and not seem like the loser in the whole game that is being played.

Making him understand that if taking you to bed is all he has to offer means then he’s less of a man you’ll want to spend time with.

When you are used as a rebound by the guy

Most guys have this misconception that for them to succeed in getting their ex jealous, entering into a new relationship becomes the best option.

But like you already know, this is a rebound relationship and it is not known to last long.

Trying to get into a new relationship doesn’t mean they really like their new partners.

With time, everything turns sour and the real reason why they want to do with you becomes clear.

If you find yourself to be the lady in this situation, it is left for you to decide if to stay or leave.

Here are a few words for you to him.

When you still want to date him not minding being the rebound

Have you succeeded in getting over your ex?

If it is clear that the guy used you as a rebound to recover from a breakup, you can use this line to ask him if he is now over his ex or is looking for more ladies to deal with his breakup.

The question will give him good reasons to think about himself and consider whether to go ahead with you or stay alone for a while.

This way it doesn’t feel like he used you rather you made him feel like he has issues with himself and needs to work on them.

I understand that you’re hung up on someone

This is one of the perfect lines to use on a guy when you feel that his actions were the result of a rebound.

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You make him feel like you’re the one that did in a favor to help him get over his ex.

Help him understand that you won’t hold his actions against him because you feel like he needs someone to help him and that you are glad to be of help.

This deals with any thought of being used.

It is also possible for him to come back to you with a clear mind so as to start afresh as friends first before migrating to a new relationship.

A guy that feels that you understand his position will be very comfortable expressing himself to you and you might end up having a wonderful relationship with him in the future.

Your ex will remain in the past, obviously, I am the future.

Sometimes what guys need is someone to help them understand where they are and look forward to what’s ahead.

It takes a line like this to make it clear that you are not used rather you are here to help him become a better person.

Words like this can put things into perspective and make him see reasons to choose you.

When he doesn’t want to get over his ex

There are situations that where some guys are so hung up on their ex that you don’t know how to move on with their lives after break up.

If you find yourself in this situation then makes no sense to continue forcing yourself for him because obviously, he is not over his ex.

If you find yourself in this situation here are some words for him.

It’s obvious you like you getting your heartbroken, well that is your cup of tea

This is a line that helps him understand that there is nothing to do to help someone that is stuck in their past and unable to move to the future.

You’re letting him know that you cannot be part of this ring of heartbreak and you’re better off moving on into the future than getting stuck to the past.

Make him understand that you have exes in the past and yet you moved on with your life.

You are better now and it’s not your fault that he hasn’t grown as a person.

Not my fault you lost an opportunity

You can use this line if you want to make him understand that you’re not willing to be used as a rebound.

Just making him understand that you are not a loser in this situation but he is and there is nothing you can do about it.

I’ve only been thinking of how to get rid of you

You let him understand that when you were with him, you understand that he was stuck to his ex and you have been looking for a way to end the relationship.

Now that he has left you because he felt he has used you, make him understand that you are happy that he left and you are better off without him because you are moving forward.

When he is with you to pass time

Some guys are in the habit of hanging out with ladies because they need someone to pass time with while waiting to see if someone better or their ex will come back.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are ways you can handle it depending on if you really like this guy and want to be with him or not.

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When you want to be with him not minding the time wastage

It is possible you already know what he is about and doesn’t mind that he’s using you to pass time.

Hear some few lines to use on him

Did you not enjoy our time together

You know that he’s wasting time, you should at least try to make the time you spent together as memorable as possible.

He might consider these wonderful moments and begin to see you as someone who really wants to be with you and not just to kill time.

Like I said earlier, some guys just need to be woken up from the situation surrounding them

I don’t regret a single thing

This line helps him understand that even as he used you as a company to kill time, that you don’t regret the time you spent with him.

You also let him understand that believe in the possibility of both of you building something that is real.

If he takes time to think about the whole scenario, it is possible that he might begin to see things clearly with you.

You can always make it up to me

Some guys are totally enough to know that I have bought you and want you to forgive them.

If you’re faced with a situation and you realize that is a girl that you really like and want to be with you can always let him understand that he has a lifetime to make it up to you.

You helping him understand that you don’t mind spending a little bit more time with him and you willing to forgive and move on.

It is now left for him to decide whether to move on with you or not.

Let me know what you think

It is my assumption that you can now come up with a few lines on how to deal with a guy that feels that he has used you.

What you want from him and how you feel will determine how you handle the situation and what to say to him.

From this post, you shouldn’t be short of words to use to either encourage him to come back or maintain your integrity if you don’t want to spend time with him anymore.

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