How to offer to pay on a first date

Posted by John Anumba

For a man, you are not supposed to offer to pay for a date because, by standards, you are supposed to be the one to pay for the meal. A lady offering to pay seems right, but for an alpha male, it is against their ethics to allow ladies pay or first dates.

It is acceptable when both of you have become really close for your woman to take you out on some special days and pay for the date. If she earns more than you do and wants expensive dinners and she is willing to pay for it, it is also normal.

A relationship is supposed to be a union between two people that understands themselves and want to be with each other. If she has become acquainted with you, then who pays for a date is not supposed to be an argument between you both because you should have had an understanding that keeps you both going strong.

Should you offer to pay on a first date?

For a woman, if it’s the first date, you should allow the man pay for the meal not because you are too broke to pay for it, but because it is the “Bro Code”.

It is more like a tradition. You just have to allow him do it for the first time.

If you both have become close for a while and you think that the relationship is heading somewhere, then it is absolutely normal for you to make an excuse to take your man out on a date once in a while.

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Depending on the man, if he is doing it out of pride or a sense of responsibility, you can take out your card and pay for the meal before he realizes it.

You can pretend you are going to the restroom and give the waiter your card and ask him/her to charge the meal and drinks from it.

When your man decides to pay for the date, the waiter can simply tell him that he shouldn’t bother that the expenses of the day have been paid for.

You should also try to understand the man you are dealing with because to some men they might see it as an insult because of their ego and pride,

To some other men, they can only be impressed by your action.

If you try to openly offer to pay for the meal, the man might, out of pride, reject your offer and insist on paying.

But if you are really interested in paying for that date, you should make effort to take him by surprise.

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