How to miss a man: 8 Essential points to provoke his desire

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Love and relationships are not always easy to grasp and understand. In some cases, you might seek help elsewhere to develop a stable and strong relationship. 

One of the most well-known tricks for keeping a man in your grip is to use withdrawal. 

Of all time, indifference is the best weapon, the one that can very often reveal a man in love with a man you do not interest.

Yes but, how to put in place this lack? 

How can a man be missed? 

We give you 8 points that should be able to help you stir up his lack, so that he will come back to you more in love than ever.

Why seek to induce withdrawal in a man?

When you want to please someone, different techniques can be implemented. 

In some cases, you won’t have to do anything in particular, and chemistry can be created naturally. 

In other cases, however, you will have to find the sweet spots of the person you are interested in, in order to please them in return. 

You should also learn to understand these gestures, to detect the physical signs of a man in love ! 

This will help you adjust your behavior, depending on his.

Playing on the lack can be a great idea when you want to get a partner’s attention. 

If you talk on a daily basis, and your discussions suddenly stop, he could greatly regret these exchanges, and come back to you in a very short time. 

He will thus realize the lack that you cause, your worth, and his feelings could appear to him. Use that to make him fall under your spell! 

But how to create this lack? 

To miss someone, they will first have to know you. 

Thus, you will have to make sure to please him enough so that he notices the lack of your presence, and that he wants to find you again.

How to miss a man in 8 points

In order to help you create this feeling of lack, we have listed a few points that should be able to help you. If despite these points, the man you do not miss, go your way without delay!

How to miss a man: 8 Essential points to provoke his desire
  1. Install physical tension.
  2. Share common passions.
  3. Confide and let him confide while keeping a mystery.
  4. Carry on with your life on your own.
  5. Let him keep his independence.
  6. Show her that you are unique and desirable.
  7. Develop memories together.
  8. Slow down your story.

How to miss a man: build up physical tension

Our first trick for missing a man is to build physical tension between the two of you. 

It is a very simple and often very effective way when you want to attract the interest of a particular man. 

When you are in his presence, provoke contact. 

Touch his arms, his hair, show affection at the right times, while staying in control. 

In this way, you will be able to make him understand that you are there for him and that he interests you, but that he must respond to your interest so that you can pay him more attention.

Some people use sex to miss a man, although that isn’t always a good tip. It is often much more effective to suggest what might happen if this man were to declare his love to you. 

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Thus, when he is far from you, he will certainly be able to feel a lack of you. 

He will have acquired the habit of your caresses, of touching you, he will perhaps even want more, and he will often not be able to refrain from seeing you again. 

However, this technique must be implemented with other techniques presented here, to ensure that the relationship is genuine.

Share common passions

A man’s passions can be very important to him. In some cases, they can even take up a lot of space in that person’s life. In order to induce a withdrawal, you could play on these popular passions. 

Meet up, participate in its activities, whatever pleases it. Develop common passions together. 

So when he resumes his passions without your presence, he might miss you, and those times might suddenly become duller and sadder. 

If you develop new passions together, the lack could be felt even more! Engage in new activities with them.

Confide and let him confide, while keeping a mystery

To get a man’s attention, it’s important to learn to confide, and let him speak back to you. 

He must feel that you are listening, that he can tell you everything without any judgment on your part. 

In this way, he will feel reassured and at ease to entrust you with anything that may come to his mind. It will become a habit for him to talk to you on a daily basis. 

So, it could be difficult to give up, and the withdrawal could quickly be felt if you stop giving your news as usual.

How to miss a man: 8 Essential points to provoke his desire-2

In addition to that, you too must make sure to give him information about yourself. However, sparingly! Make sure to keep the mystery to arouse his interest. 

It is very important not to tell him everything about you in one conversation. Give him time to get to know you, meeting or message after message. 

In this way, he will want to know the rest of your story, and a lack may be created if you cut the contact. 

He will be intrigued and want to know more about you. It’s a trick used since the dawn of time to miss a man!

How to miss a man: carry on with your life on your own

When you are not with this man, do not be afraid to move on with your life on your own. Instead, make sure you show him that you don’t need him to be happy and to have fun. 

He should be able to see that you are independent, that you have your life with your activities and your own friends. 

It is not the center of your world, you too can have a life without it. In most cases, seeing yourself having fun without it will be enough to create a lack! 

This man will want to be there, so he can make you laugh and share these moments with you.

It also allows her to see that other people appreciate your presence and find you desirable. If you want to push him towards you, then this attitude will be very useful! 

Also, when you meet again, if you each went on with your life on your own, you will certainly have a lot more to talk about. 

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This exchange and these discoveries will nourish your story, so that the dialogue remains lively. 

If you give him the impression that you might forget him, he will certainly feel a lack that will make him come back to you.

Let him keep his independence

For him to feel a lack, he must also be able to go about his business. 

It is important that you keep a social life apart from the couple, both for them and for you. This is often the key to longest lasting couples. 

Thus, make sure that he can continue his various activities, push him into his passions, and encourage him to go see his friends or other people around him. In this way, he will take time for himself to come back to you better.

This will also help him know that you are letting him breathe, and that he will not suffocate by your side. 

By moving away from you, he will be able to take a distance and think about his feelings. If he is in love, the lack should appear very quickly. 

In addition, if he is having a good time in the company of other people, he should also feel the urge to have you with him, to share these moments with you.

 Next time, he’ll definitely make sure to include you in his plans to keep you with him! If he doesn’t feel a lack on the contrary, it is certainly because you are not made to live a story together.

How to miss a man: 8 Essential points to provoke his desire-3

Show her that you are unique and desirable

To miss someone, you have to show them how unique you are. If you look like everyone else, why do you choose yourself more than anyone else? 

You’ll need to put your finger on your strengths and what pleases her about you, to keep her attention on you. 

Make sure to wear clothes that she likes, to discuss topics for which you can show your different knowledge. Show him what you can do, what you can do for him.

If you showcase everything he expects from a woman, he can only miss him, it’s natural. For that, get to know him, and let him discover you in return. 

Awaken his desire and show him who you are, and what he would lose without you. Who can fight against a physical attraction or against a unique personality?

Despite his research, he will never be able to find someone like you again. Each person is unique, but you should be even more so in their eyes. 

In this way, it will be impossible for him to move on, and if you have to move away, the lack can only be felt concerning him. It is a track to work on to help you!

How to miss a man: develop memories together

To miss someone, it’s also important that they get the opportunity to think about you frequently. 

For that, there is nothing better than the fact of creating memories together. 

We certainly said earlier that it is important for you to be able to spend time on your own, but in order to forge bonds and memories, you will also need to feel connected by moments. 

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If you’ve known each other for a long time, these memories can be good or bad times in your respective lives that you shared. 

Milestones to pass, trials where you were there for him. It can also be outings, vacations in your company, or even innocuous dates, without anything extraordinary.

To create even stronger memories, you could develop a sort of habit that he couldn’t forget, and that would become almost natural to him. 

Like going to the market together every Sunday, or drinking coffee on a specific day, etc. 

You could also invite them to go on vacation with you, to create unforgettable memories for two. 

When he finds himself alone, the thought of these memories will surely come to his mind, and he can only wish to relive them with you. 

These memories will shape your story, they will be the glue of your bond.

How to miss a man: 8 Essential points to provoke his desire-4

Slow down your story to trigger a withdrawal

When everything seems to be moving too fast, your story might have a tendency to unravel. Strangely enough, if all goes “too well” things could turn sour very quickly. 

In order to avoid this, and to fight against the routine that could set in quickly, slow down your story. Going back might even do you good. 

Do you remember the tension of the first few moments, or no one knows what the other person thinks of yourself? 

The first gestures, the first kiss, all these moments are often full of excitement for both parts of the couple.

Take some distance, and don’t jump into this story too quickly. Slow down, take the time to discover yourself, to feel an attraction again. 

For this, it may be necessary to move away, and take back your space. If you love each other, the lack should be born very quickly on both sides.

To feel a lack, in some cases, is however not significant that there is still love between two people. Indeed, we may miss someone out of habit. 

Because of shared moments, routines, but not because we miss the individual as such. You will need to determine this to continue your story.

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